509> chaosmic ∆iffrents + retipitition 'tween Brussels + Stockholm dada-streaming Deleuze

7 Dec, 2016 | Brussels, Belgium> woke up on Tiber ∆elta (above) in Rome where rever inters see, nearby where Pasolini got murderd R.I.P. aline of fishin' bots Q'd up a'long th quay oudsite our window gone by 5 a.m. Drop'd car off—th black 500 (of corse) w/ a dent + doorlock that dint work nun, coont lock up our stuff or th machina herself, in Naples no less. Thankfully they dint blame us.

flying o'er th Alps

Thru the chaos of fuminchino, plane to Brussels, to our frends place near th big basillica—our Belgian frends w/ a toddler, not that we need mo' berth cuntrol but we got us a helthy dose for reconfirmation. Subway'd downtown, walk'd around ∫um saw th sites, inklooting that statchew of th boy pissing (Manneken Pis)—evidently th most famous attraxion in Brussels? Mussels + rabbit for dinner, wash'd down w/ Belgian beer off corse.

Brussels basilica

On th way reading Difference + Repetition by Gilles Deleuze .. @ least ½ th time o'er our hed but herein we inkloot dadastream'd passedges that stood out, interspearsed w/ our visual impressions of Brussels.

«Infinite comprehension is the correlate of an extension = 1.»

«Words possess a comprehension which is necessarily finite, since they are by nature the objects of a merely normal definition. We have here a reason why the comprehension of the concept cannot extend to infinite: we define a word by only a finite number of words.»

> in regards to Lishian consecution:

«This generalisation can proceed in two ways: either a word taken in two senses ensures a resemblance or a paradoxical identity between the two senses; or a word taken in one sense exercises an attractive force on its neighbours, communicating an extraordinary gravity to them until one of the neighboring words takes up the baton and becomes in turn a centre of repetition.»

+ in lite of of th 4 stages of un/conchuus in/competence (@ th heart of our Raft Manifest), competence comes w/ repetition:

«We must discover what Nietzsche means by noble: he borrows the language of energy physics and calls noble that energy which is capable of transforming itself. When Nietzsche says that hubris is the real problem of every Heraclitan, or that hierarchy is the problem of free spirits, he means one—and only one—thing: that it is in hubris that everyone finds the being which makes him return, along with that sort of crowned anarchy, that overturned anarchy which, in order to ensure the selection of difference, begins by subordinating the identical to the different.»

+ as relates to chaosmos and Vico/Joyce (also + th core of A Raft Manifest):

«Eternal return relates to a world of differences implicated one in the other, to a complicated, properly chaotic world without identity. Joyce presented the vicus of recirculation as causing a chaosmos to turn; and Nietzsche had already said that chaos and eternal return were not two distinct things ut a single and same affirmation

«The totality of circles and series is a formless ungrounded chaos which has no law other than its own repetition, its own reproduction in the development of that which diverges and decentres.»

«If it is true that representation has identity as its element and similarity as its unit of measure, then pure presence such as it appears in the simulacrum has the 'disparate' as its unit of measure—in other words, always a difference of difference as its immediate element.»

i.e th segund deepriverdiver, d2/dt2, as relates to ∆ifferential calculus ..

«In what sense, however, should we understand 'ultimate origin'? In this same sense, while the opposition between thought and all forms of common sense remains stronger than ever, Ideas must be called 'differentials' of thought, or the 'Unconscious' of pure thought. Ideas, therefore, are related not to a Cogito which functions as ground or as a proposition of consciousness, but to the ungrounding which characterises thought as a faculty in its transcendental exercise.»

City Hall @ nite


«For us, it is from this linguistic point of view that non-being finds the confirmation of its necessary dissociation: on the one hand, in a NE that we have called 'discordant', disparate or differential rather than negative, a problematic NE which should be written as (non)-being or ?-being; on the other hand, but which indicates in the engendered proposition only the result of the preceding process.»



Difference + Repetition now out our Stockholm window

8 Dec | Stockholm> went to th airport early 6 am heavy traffic + cuz of th recent incident @ Brussels airport they dont let u drop passengers off out front so had to figger out where to go ended up droppin us off in some parkin garage, clusterflock of ppl tryng to find their way in th airport + then security just to git in th airport + then again to git to gate .. arrived Stockholm, driver there to greet us in official Noble Prize car .. + no, we aint here cuz our bedder-½ got a Noble prize, but she did git invited to speak .. unfortunately Dylan aint here, tho guess Patti Smith gunna x-cept his prize for him .. staying @ th Grand Hotel, pertty posh .. ∀ll sorts of Nobel laureates milling about they make quite a big deal of themselves ..

∆ a'proaching Stockholm

> we gots mo to stay bout Stockholm + Dylin (+ his lack thereof) + th Nobel pagentry but wheel save that for th next post ..

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