513> Surfacing from scratch w/ wolf teeth adrift in hidden water

Dear Inurnet,

1° post of 2017 .. for continuity sake (to bridge 2016 con 2017) wheel inkloot here pg 143 of A Raft Manifest sints last post we finish'd w/ pg 142:

.. up to pg 152 now .. casi 2/3 th weigh. Keep thinkin' shell come e/fastier + moss comprehendobull bud to th contrairy ends up b-coming moss y maze complex. Like Robert Walser we seem to git mo + mo ILLegible (th above pg bigger then act. size) as tempo progresses to th point u folks wheel need a magnifine glass to read our riding.. small wonder our eyes gong to sheeeet!. ∃NT.ring a new yr temptid to say fuckit .. xcuse to «turn o'er a new leaf» + ride normule. Pain in th ass aft'r ∀ll like there we jus had to find th charactor for upside-down A. Bud shoont we think w/ everee palebra we putt on a leaf? Knot that u, dear Inurnet, have leafy pages .. bud u do halve posts. Yes, fence posts of sort. See like there—temptid to use th word «like» bud we hate when we hear ± see her, same how we dont dig th word «it» + think in glish landgauge = sexist (unlike Romants landgauges) where by d-fault we use masculine tents. This = our feeble f-fort to balints th scales. Not that inny 1 reads this cept for our fewchair self .. y we ride this aft'r ∀ll + y we persist to ride th way we do cuz sooner or later shell beecomb 2° naychair. Y we practiss ere—rehearsing for A Raft Manifest, make b-leaf we reriding in th back of a black station wagon, named from French herce ‘harrow, frame,’ from Latin hirpex ‘a kind of large rake,’ from Oscan hirpus ‘wolf’ (w/ refrents to teeth) .. th primering OBJective (method acting for A Raft Manifest). Bud also dogumeating w'happens in ℝeel moondough in tandumb. Lost our train of thawed out __________. In french they say «train of reading» how we say train of thawt. Most words = skeumorphs spose u stop to think. Mos folk dont. We prefer sayng «folk» sted of peepole aft'r thinking ∫um about folk-tails + music a few posts ago ( #511). Knot that weave sed ∀ll we want'd to say on th subject, we never do. Weave = apt for wah we due in fact yeserday (on pg 150) we inklooted a loom—a spinning jenny (tho we call her a spinning genie) that we repurposed w/ a 12-pronged steering wheel simlure to th 1 tattoo'd on th back of our neck (hents we ne'er see). Weed show her but she spans cross th spine (not th tattoo but th spinning genie.. th tatoo (also on our spine) we showd already).

We rote ∫um utter palabras then deleted them. Abra cadaver. Dont mean we dint think them. A form of journihilism. Mean 1 thing + dicebat an udder. Get my drift? Aint genetic. If so, recessive. Put 'er in a book. What else? Our bedder-½'s off in East Timor again. We wint w/her last time, but too much of a pain in th ass to git there. In sted holding down th fort guess u cd say. We go int a sort of hibernation under such cunditions. Specially when this cold. We did git a new «fireplace» .. 1 of them fake gas 1s but still, burns cleaner then wood .. sitting in front of her rite now. We say hibernation cuz we enter a dreamlike state where we minimize body activity + channel riding. Take breaks only to exorcise + eat + even then usually just pasta strait out of th pot or black bean tacos. Reading Frank Stanfords Hidden Water .. sort of outtaktes to that mega new collection also put out last year (wich we havent red). Inkloots all sorts of ephemera from his archive: drafts, doodles, pages from his notebooks, photos of characters that inhabited his poems, letters to th likes of Allen Ginsberg, correospondance from «Frank Stanford, Land Surveyor» w/ various hotels as return addresses, kind rejections from Gordon Lish, etc:

Tancredi? Intrigued now. Havent red inny short fiction of his. Dont madder to me wah u call her tho like St Francis + the Wolf (wich also we havent red) he calls this a poem fragment looks like text to us unadulterated by granmar:

Also intrested now to read th cumplete version of St Francis + th Wolf ¿in What About This? Spose we just need to cave in + git her (holding out for paperback). For now tho happily hibernating w/ Hidden Water. See how such things got written strait from th horses mouth.



hibernating w/ Hidden Water in front of our new faux-fire

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