512> ℝeelcapitchulating ∀ hypernormalized + journihlistic means to m ∃nd

Dear Inurnet, finul post of 2016. D-sided to go nowhere for th hollowdayz bud 'ere in Georgetown .. last day of 2016, chillin' in da house aft'r a yr not quiet dra-nomadic as 2015 (wherein we traveled 85,000 miles + slept in 65 beds)—by ruff count we slept in ~50 ∆iffrent beds this yr on 4 continents + red 44 books .. travel'd to 3 new countrys weed never bin to b4 (Myanmar, Sweden + Belgium (tho just Brussels for 1 day)) .. also spint @ least a month of 2016 in France, più tempo in Italy + UK .. Roma x3 volte, London x3-4, wint to northern Kenya, Mexico x2, NYC x4-5 + to th west coast x2. Only publiched 1 book this yr, anutter on th weigh .. + our own Raft Manifest we laybored on ∀ll yr off corso, now 61% dun (on pg 142 (of 233)—sea b-lo). 1° cumpleat yr liv' in DC yo, tho shiftid to Georgetown 66% th wayz thru. On X-mas (our anniversary, #20 no less!) we ate sushi of corse. Udder big milestones: we turned 50 on th river of hour berth + rote post #500 ere on 5¢ense .... bud ∀ll this got trump'd by Trump + campain crap to make 2016 th wurst yr ever in el moondough. Sints most DC-ites split town for Xmas + not so menny touristas figgerd good tempo to hit ∫um Smithsonians .. Natl Archives + Museum of ∀merikin Hystery .. an udder day we hoof'd 12 miles up th tow path along th C&O canal to Maryland where we help'd lite candles on a menorah .. bud mossly we veg'd out + watch'd stuff (Black Mirror th soul thing worth menshunning .. also, In Jackson Heights (2015) .. amazing just for th sound + landgauge even if u dont no ½ wah they sayne .. oh + also Adam Curtis's new 1 (Hypernormalization) .. xcellent as always + e-specially timely, slef-foolfilling profitsea making ¢ents of wh'appen'd to us in 2016 (+ how th decades b4 her led to such a cunvergence of factors leadin' to Trump gitting electid (th dogumentary got ℝeeleased b4 they counted th votes actshoally) + th shit gong down in Syria + Russia ∀ll comin' fool circul as we speak, th n-tired moondough hypernormalized on knees + paralyzed by th cumplexity of IT ∀ll + how such fakeness beecombs status quo, every 1 + them mudders slef-cunsoomed takin' selfies of themslæves eating + shittin + sewerside bombin'— feeding back cum ants milling INT.0 selfoolfillling profitsea + ∃nd of day no hay moss to d-say, nada 1 bean rollin' down a stone-shocked hill kin do to stop jugglernautickle wheels ya set in moshun xcept to dadastream riding herself as a means to m ∃nd .. meaning keep on ridin' b'way, stay th corse off corso .. need to take an ontographic a-proach + let oursleves b-com just cogs, happy as clams on a 2-d page refleckin' self-simhilarity form w/in ..

i.e. rather than generate novel content to fuel mo fires, foke us on making ¢ents of th flood of misinformation to beecomb 1 w/ th sistem in order to undermine IT need us blend in 2 ∫um x-tent (meaning purhaps our riding style e-volves mo' hypernormalized + journihilistic + this (5cense) comes INT.egrated w/ A Raft Manifest til los DOS = 1 + in same .... wad Ls (as we ℝeelcap 2016)—Post-humanism a theme a'rising this yr startin' w/ vampire squids from hell:

+ y she appeals to us, posthumanism a motif we aims to carry ova int' 2017 as well as our cuntinude nosedive INT.0 archivel mode as hour river floods ∆elta in cascading style, 3 sheets to th wind til we cant ∆extinguish from sea + where B-leafing = C-ing (not udder weigh a'round) + ℝe: how # gits tag as cashed w/ no dayz numberd in this day + age, knot no petting zoo of tweetin' dumbos ∀ll th wild maintaining oridgenull n-tent (stet = n «autobiopsychogeographical hippocrisis of riflexivity» aft'r ∀ll) + ∀ll B-dam'd if our mind dont git blown still round evree bend in rever (we even saw a navegable awkworduck + ate buck rarebit in 2016! + kippers for breakfast) + keeps a'running th wile cum-rat-on-wheel stoppin to smell th coffee (but not wake up form ½-sleep) + we red th riding on th wall .. saw elephants bath' in a rêver + thawt of buddhy's Rome-antics ever in nomadic mode ..

> th highlite tho of 2016 if we had to frame her in 1 second = walkin' w/ th Somali goatherd girl + her shoats shootin thru th cliffy split canyon down INT. th salt-filled Magado crater, dont git mo' ℝeel:

+ that, dear Inurnet = ∀ll she rode, 2 ∫um up 1 yr in 1 post (callus a backwoods scooby-diving Dr. Awkward) to diegnoose pane in kind, in wet dog rust + w/ our bow to seamlistly integrate 5cense w/ A Raft Manifest in ℝeel time we leaf u th most resent page (#142) we d'rafted on th last day of 2016 that in sense (com every utter pg) recapitchulates th hole book-cum-halograph (as we (@ age 8) go thru custombs in GoDaLahaha):

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