520> from cow-horn'd Wolfgang Motes-art to hero-twin monkey scribes

1 Mar 2017 | Cuernavaca, MX> our bedder-½ got invited to ∫um conference akey + never we pass up inny chants to hit-up Mexico specielly as this = our 1° time in this Cowhorn town .... we had this imedge of Cuernavaca as an xclusive place where rich chilangos + gringos hung out perhaps based on that Under th Volcano book (wich we loathed), but seems a rather ordinary place .. guess folks like her for th weather .. sposedly (according to wikipedia) Cuernavaca gots th 2° most swimming pools per capita then inny other ciudad in el moondough .. but not much of a walking city/ we wanderd round tryng to incounter algo of intrest .. th muzeum (housed in a big fortress) had a hodge-podge of histerical stuff from Aztec to colonial tempo inklooting dogumeats x-lated from Aztec pictographs int' spañole .. not crowdid con turistas, supongo que s.o.s. algo .. + Emiliano Zapata hails from these parts .... we let ourselves git lost walking round @ 1 punto thru th main mercado, quite massive + bustling .. so much product changing hands .... always awed by th enterprising productivity of Mexikins .... got back + our bedder-½ got dun earlier than x-pectid so went back out walking round into town + making muck of savory stuff .. not sure they got their own distinck coozine here, lots of foods from nearby, moles (from Oaxaca) ± pozole (from Jalisco/Michoacan) or pepian (yucatan), etc. but hard to go rong innywhere in Mexico, cant help oursleves from eating todo in site ..





cowhorn'd calamari




flying buttress


Aztec to spanish rosetta



codex Moctezuma (detail)






2 Mar> dreamt we rememberd riding an untitled pome as a kid about dust-atoms dancing in a slant of light + now 40 yrs later we realized th title—Motes-art—but digging thru our old notebooks we coont find th original pome to give th name to .. in ℝeel waking life hung round n-joying our hotel for th most part, wint int' el zocalo for early dinner ..

3 Mar | Condesa, D.F.> back to Mexico City, to th Condesa barrio, coont check in so drop'd off bags + wint strait to Contramar .. coont git a rez there o'er Inurnet but we got good luck just showin up, like we did last time .. had th notorious tuna tostadas, aguachilis de camaron + sea urchin ceviche .. ∀ll amazing, quite possibly our favorite restraunt in el moondough in our opinion—perfect storm of ∀ll we like—spicy + raw + limey. Walk'd around Roma/Condesa aft'r, weed totally live here if we had an xcuse to .. like Brooklyn or hip hoods of L.A. but moss tranquilo, lots of vegetation + ∀ll walks of life, including muchos perros .. feel more @ home in D.F. then D.C. ..





6 Mar | Baltimore> The Story of My Teeth dint take us long to read on th way to Mexico, but fortunately we also brought our copy of th Popul Vuh to re-read .. we red her last wile riding ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos so had an influenze on that chap + now riding A Raft Manifest th Popul Vu still got us undr her spell .... like menny udder Native ∀merikin creation myths, Popol Vuh starts w/ a pair of hero-twins .. 2 pairs actually, th 1° pair (One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu) die bud knot b4 fathering (th skull of their ded dad spit in th hand of their mutter) Hunahpu and Xbalanque .. they also halve a pair of ½-brothers (One Monkey + One Artisan) that they turn into howler monkey scribes + banish them to th treetops .... Popul Vuh not only = authorless/written anonymous, bud «anyone who reads and asseses it has a hidden identity» ....+ Popol Vuh integrates txt + img like no other book en el moondough (tho version we read, translated by Dennis Tedock, = a mostly textual translation in glish .. need to git a better version side by side w/ th original glyphs say of Dresden Codex.. if such a thing ∃xists)

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