521> a coyotl laid out in b-bomb-o genesis B-to-E-Timor

14 Mar 2017 | Baltimore> Fell's pt, looking out o'er th harbor. They predict'd ∫um sorta big bombogenesis storm bud so far a dud .. may-b an inch ± 2 .. to cap off a dud of a winter, not that we cumplaining, we dont like cold, dont mind snow tho + we like how everything dies in winter, barren trees where u kin actually see stuff + lite kin filter thru unobstructed.

vu from our room o'er last 12 hours

we come to Baltimore mondays to maximize time w/ our bedder-½ + eat raw shellfish + 4 th change of pace .... not sure today if we kin git home, everything shuts down here w/1-2 inches of snow so we bunkering, working on text of A Raft Manifest crossing th ¾-way mark, tho text-wise only ½-way so we have to cut/distill remaining text in ½ ..






roof of Penn St





16 March | Georgetown> last few shots from th train so obviously made it out of B-Tmor in D.C. now still cold tho, milting then freezing snow forming slabs of cornices spilling off our roof. Not much snow but did git ∫um sleet/freezing rain whatever u call her. Our bedder-½ off in E. Timor again, actually on her way to NYC as we speak, but then Timor + then Barcelona. Wanted to go bud too xpensive/decadent so insted bunkerd now watching March Madness wile ketching up w/ blogging .. bin slacking here on 5cense, focusing mo on A Raft Manifest, hoping to git a lot done in next 2 weeks if not finish by end of April @ least close cuz come May who knows if wheel have axess to our mothership of a computer th 1 w/ InDesign + monitor plenty big we kin see waht we doing, did we mention we going blind? probly caused by ∀ll this tedious riding of unreadable texts.

where we riding from (our desk sandwich'd tween these 2 windows) w/ slabs of ice dangling precariously overhed


vu from th inside

big slab just slid off + crash'd as we speak, not quite th glaciers we saw calving in Patagonia a few yrs ago, bud still. A few posts ago we talk'd about ∫um chapbooks we pick'd up in AWP, we also pick'd up ∫um journals in wich weve placed xcerpts from A Raft Manifest, in Puerto Del Sol + th Among Margins anthology. Online, xcerpts from A Raft Manifest have also found their way in th past few weeks in Fanzine, The Map ≠ Territory + Cosmonauts Avenue .. for those curious what we building in here .. «I'll tell you 1 thing, he's not building a playhouse for th children» .. nor did we use to halve a cunsulting busyness in Indonesia ..





Reading Coyote America by Dan Flores, about th rise of coyotes in ∀merika + her historickle mythistory most notably as trickster in most Native American mythology, in fact coyote reigns supreme as creator. Coyote wint thru a ruff patch tho when european folk came here but now she makes a comeback, colonizing ∀ll ∀merikin cities inklewding th big apple. Haven't seen a coyotl in our hood but we did see 1 in Arlington cemetary last winter + a few weeks ago saw a fox not from our house, felt like a sine out of a dream. No luck w/ raccoons yet tho sposedly lots of them here .. did see some vultures eating what looked like a raccoon th other day in nearby Dunbarton park .. rite near th pet cemetary .. + also a shrew critter .. + rats of corse, lodes of them in DC, but we havent seen 1 in our living space, but our neighbors ∀ll have them + even capture them on video in their kitchens but cant seem to ketch them udderwise from breeding neath our cunnected floorbords + chewing thru our electrickle wires so we jury-rig'd chicken-wire to keep them out in th cold.

8 for 8 so far on our bracket .. yeah, we call'd 12th seedid Middle Tennessee aft'r waht they did last yr. We got 3 #2 seeds + a #4 seed in th finel four, of corse our alma mater Arizona taking th cake. Vamos a ver.

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