523> taxiing our own dubble-entry to reconcile forword progress

3 April 2017 | B-Timor> our brother-½ Chaulky (above) died 20 yrs ago today .. need to git back to vol 2 of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' but 1° need to finish A Raft Manifest .. inching closer .. pg x pg .. day x day .. cant force th river to flow fast'r then she flows unless u use a motor .. had to take a brake this past weekend to do tax shit, also took Calamari inventory + reconciled losses, etc.. nada new from last year, now in our 13° year (as always, for inny 1 curious about th ℝealities of running an independent press) .. perhaps th definition of insanity:

.. spent $4,238 to make $3,393 of it back .. counting just direct xpenditures to print + mail books .. paid out another $1271 dollars to authors, so @ least they gittin a little ∫umping + 1110 more books ∃xist in el moondough .. worth more than th paper they printed on .. in total weve brot 24,150 books into el moondough .... + dbooks who knows how menny, stop'd counting (th «pay what u want 1s» .. 1000s per month + may-b 1-2 ppl donated a few buck$) .. obviously slowing down since going into archivel mode (in 2014) .. seems ∀ll we muster these days = 1 book per year .. last yr J'Lyn Chapman's Beastlife + this yr Nat Baldwin's The Red Barn, wich altho not even officially released has already gone thru its 1° printing + had to order more so may-b thinks will look up mo in 2017:

4 April> .. reading Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry .. a peculiar little book by B.S. Johnson about an accountant who feels wrong'd by society (UK, ~70s) + needs to even th score .. to balance th books to git what's owed to him .. had my intrest @ 1° but not sure th book paid off in th end ... so we'll fold it in to our own balance sheet ..

.. appropriate enough read in lite of our tax situation .. also reading Hank by Abraham Smith cuz he blew our mind @ th infamous AWP marathon reading where someone peed themselves .. not sure has th same effect on th pg tho, 1 of th rare cases where hearing th words better then reading, but still, good stuff .... mustering to channel that non-stop lyrickle auctioneer rant sort of quality for our own Raft Manifest ...

Hank looking out over th Enoch Pratt Free Library

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