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[25 June 2017 | DC] Dear estranged inurnet, is it me or are you not what you used to be? There, we got that out of the way. Not only did I speak in 1° person but i used the verb to be for the first time in ~5 years here on 5cense + in our works. Does this mean we are back to being Derek White + not method-acting as Rem + Rom? Not sure yet. But for now this (5cense) is an outlet to test the waters.

∫umtimes to see change 1 needs to xtend th surface intervals, put some distance in th ∆eltas b-tween posts. We I haven't been blogging on here much because i've been busy wrapping up A Raft Manifest... i keep saying we (speaking on b-½ of Rem+Rom) are fast approaching the end—at times it does feel like that hallway that keeps expanding at the same rate as 1 can walk or run—but i do think we are in the final sprint of a marathon, the last days of a 2-3 year descent underwater (the dreamstate where this books takes place). It just remains to finish edits on the last 4 pages (still dont know how it will end) + then rewrite the first 2-3 pages accordingly, or accordionly as Rem+Rom wd say. Half the pages we've been typing by hand, or "hard-coding" them probly cuz it forces us to finish them, staying within the limits of our 233-pg pg count (yes.. we know books have to have an even #, but we start counting with 0 .. or end counting with 0, as Rem+Rom learned to read + write backwords or "backwoods") .. ∫um habits + misspellings mite stick cuz in riding things in earhorror this hole wile weave lost th no-how how-to right things th write way, the carwreck way as dictated by the populus, the same populus that voted for Trump. So may-b we shd ride that palabra as populnotus? The same populnotus that controls the no-longer-so-dear Inurnet. See, this is what happens.. we think of ∫umping + feel inklined to go back into A Raft Manifest + change instances before, which reakwires us to go back + change what we rode b4 but it aint so ez.. just do a global search + replace? u aks. Well, for starters we aint cunsistent in our inconsistency + this incunsistency b-comes us, part of our shtick + since we typed by hand or hard-coded there aint no going back (hence the self-imposed cunstraint) + even if we did find a spot to change unless it was a simple letter for letter swap it would throw the whole page off.. what people in the typewriter age had to contend with. Funny thing is at first we I started to use tyepwriters as a sort of retro kitschy shtick.. but more + more these days i wonder whether i'd be better off using a typewriter rather than a computer (+ listening to music on vinyl or casette) .. partly because our machine is hobbling along running an OS so outdated (still feline in nature) that software updates won't run + half our time we spend staring at that dam beach ball from hell spinning around + around cuz of shitty ass background processes we got no control over..

.. which looks a lot like the Chrome logo, how we axess th Inurnet (+ that also sucks imho, but what's the alternative?) .. nada aint what is used to be. So back to our original qwestshun .. is it just me..? My better-½ aint no dinosaur like me, she dont wait in line overnite @ the apple store, but she readily adopts new technology. She has to, she needs to funkshun in the real moondough. But she complains about the same shit, waiting for yo machine to ketch up. They give you more memory + processing power but with that more overhead junk to process + store. They (apple, adobe, comcast, etc..) give you just enough that you wont call their customer service lines to complain, but they also want to leave you slightly unhappy so you'll want to upgrade, get a new version, etc. In the end all that matters is optimizing revenue + the rest of us non-billionaires are just pawns in their vain game to win the most chips. As we already quoted Whitehead as saying: «The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur.» May-b wheel upgrade or get a new machine aft'r we finish A Raft Manifest but we dont want to switch versions (of InDesign, which we ride in directly) midstream, cuz who nose what consickwinds that mite cause. Or who nose, may-b will forsake computers alltogether + only use type writers, and go back to hand-writing our journel, writing postcards by hand.

On our way to Vegas now (speaking of this capitalistic trend of giving the masses the bare minimum, plane travel epitomises how low we've stoop'd as a culture). Read Babysitter at Rest by Jen George .. one of those guilty pleasures you're ashamed to admit you like, like reading Mark Leyner or Stacey Richter. Funny and perverse, but in sort of sad cheap way .. seem'd every story was about compromised (underage, retarded, dying) women readily given into kinky sex w/ creepy guys. B-sides a good laugh not sure what this new breed of feminism accomplishes besides giving fratboy types the wrong idea that there are willing nymphos out there eager to reciprocate such messygymnist pantyseas. Or may-b such sickos abound out there in th real moondough? sinickle satire i know, but not sure most folks in this day + age git the ∆iiffrence tween fact + fiction.

Vegas] 1° thing we did upon arrival is find a good Mexikin restraunt, some dive (El Dorado) next door to a strip club in a strip mall. West coast rocks mexikin so much better than east. Then sat out by the pool in 110° weather watching all the douchebaggery going on. Forgot how bad the water tastes.

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