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Guanajuato panorama (higher res)

13 Sept 2017 | Guanajuato> As our grayshus adopter Cal (who's halving us, Anon, blog here on his b-½)—said in th last post, rather then give a boring ol chronologic foto/travel essay, he divided his pics INT. subterranean (wich he show'd last post) + above grnd wich wheel show here, now (for a description of th walking routes they took, see last post). They dint do mush in pertickler th few dayz in Guanajuato, they dint go to dat dam kissing alley, nor did they follow them pinche callejoneadas... when last Cal was in GTO (c. 1995) las callejoneadas era a spontaneous thang where ppl (typickly borracho) wd follow these street musicians dress'd in weird renaissance getups as they serenaded unsuspecting casas. Now u gots to buy tickets, in ∫um lame organized tour. Only time u paid bfor was if u hired callejoneadas to serenade, say, yo novia. Every1 wd gather neath her ventana + surprise! She'd open her window + see th callejoneadas + her suitor, along w/ a motley crew of drunkards, ∀ll singing her a song. + once done they'd move onto to ∫um utter unsuspectin' house. Not sure what hits like now, but we dint want to pony up for no ticket to fined out. Nor did we see th inside of dat teatro Juarez... we had a chants to, but hit involved seeing ∫um moohares symphony, wich soundid sorta painful, specially on an empty stomick. + how many dam "Casas de Diego Riviera" hay? Ya fuimos al uno in DF. De todos modos, hicimos what we normally do... dar la vuelta por el pueblo + surrounding hills in search of th perfect enchilada.

la presa de olla

paisaje sobre Guanajuato

Guanajuato from above

panorama (detail)

equinine landscape

bovine landsacpe

mistletoe + bromeliads parasiting an acacia tree

Aztec Sun God

boxspring cactus wall

back down to GTO

casa presa

victorian abandonato


pigeon moohare


Sept 14 | GTO> When not flâneuring, Cal laid around th pool reading Jesus's Son by Denis Johnson. Bear w/ us dear Inurnet... ova th next few months we mite be reading a bunch of junky books... background research for volume II of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY'. Cal red hit yrs ago in th '90s, but then he saw th movie wich sorta clouded his memory... reading now we realized how good hit is. Nada gainst Billy Crudup, we heart him, but dont think a movie kin pull off th subtleties of th txt... th subtle insecurities + self-deprecating demeanor, of most junkies hit seams, beating themselves up ova petty liddle shit. The collection looses a bit of steam tho twards th end, or we just tired of his antics w/ no arc.

Sept 15 | DC> Got back to DC late last nite + when we turn'd on our laptop we got dat folder icon w/ a question mark + wdn't reboot... wich googlin' around means u be fuck'd, ese. We try'd macOS recovery but th disk utility thang dont even redjester no hardrive to fix... hits like our hardrive fell outta our laptop ∫umwhere b-tween akey + Guanajuato ... good thing we post'd a d'raft of dis post + th pics so we cd just pull hit from Inurnet to dis 'ere mother mashene... + hear we thawt dis cumpooter wd crap out b4 our laptop as hits a few yrs older + also on her knees. Time to git off cumpooters altogether?

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