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20 Sept 2017> Spent the weekend in Brooklyn, but since our laptop kick'd bucket on th ways back from Mexico we cant blog ℝeeltime in meatspace. Flew int. JFK since we lug'd a ream of books + dint want to hump 'em on th train + then thru Penn stn + on th subway to bklyn, etc. Juggalos + nazi trump-supporters was rallying on th mall so we split early for th airport. Waitin' @ DCA saw Patrick Ewing + then 2 seconds later Ben Carson @ his security detail. Red Jm Carroll's Basketball Diaries in transit... warn'd u we was gonna be reading junkie books this next cupple of months. Aint red hit b4, tho we saw th moovie. ∫um classic chronicling about NYC street culture in th 60s, dat utterwise mite of gone undocumentid. Th writing aint so good, but guess dats to be xpected, lends mo street cred.

On arrival found ourselfs in BroLo's hood (Ft Green) so txted 'im + 2 minits later was sittin' having a cerveza w/ hymn. Or 2, or 3. Then walk'd across Park Slope + met M + L @ Double Windsor amidst sad news (speakin' of "∀ll th ppl who died, died") so drown'd sorrows then ate @ Talde then onword to Commonwealth.



Next day bookfair... nada nwavo to riport, same as previus yrs xcept mo' face-painting-4-kid type of non-lit shit, self-help authors manning booths giving out free books, panels of Oprah-approved "writers" sittin' smug w/ legs crossed in front of bored folks fanning themselves... only ½ a dozen truly small literary presses left. Bud got to hang w/ ol friends, shared a table w/ Black Sun, ∫um of th usual suspects stop'd by to chat, nice weather, cant cumplain. Met BroLo + his new s.o. for sushi (Taro)... endid up not setting foot in Manhattan (by desine)... an ∀ll Bklyn weekend.




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