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4 Nov 2017 | Greenpoint, Bklyn> ∀'rived by plane a few daze ago (mush as we hate flying, cheaper + fastr then train) on the weigh led our eyes scan cross pgs of A Night of Serious Drinking by René Daumal but edmit we werent INT. hit mush too mucho, mas macho, generuley knot into storys dat take place in bars... reckon we shd of none bedder by the title, but we dug Daumal's Mt. Analogue (même type of livre, bud takes place on the side of a mtn sted of in a pub). Diffrent story when youre privy party to the ½-sloshed dialog, bud for most part we cringe when we ovahear drunk folk yack in a bar or restraunt ou partout public espace comme dans da plane here annoying folk who cant keep them traps shut, we just dont find dialog so intresting, specially whens they sauced, need to bring headphones + crank sumping loud + rocking @ lvl 11 + speakin' of Daumal (a devout «follower» of G. I. Gurdjieff) also resently mustard to read Meetings with Remarkable Men + dat also rub'd us rong, sumping creepily cultish about Gurdjieff, not a far cry from scientology if u aks us, wanna-be mystic men's club crap cant quiet put hour finger on hit dat bothers us bout such books bud rather than articulate in concise glish wad rubbed us wrongly bout Gurdjieff ± Daumal wheel tock mo' generule (in offshooting pata/dada style) bout concepts of judgment + decision making, weather we be tocking bout manly authors ± musicians ± athletes ± actors ± hollywood execs, not to menshun places (DC vs NYC vs Rome vs London) ± big d-cisions weave made or r making in our hone lives ± edvising uttters on, etc. etc. shit on our mined past few daze dat we cant shake, wakes us up @ night a'thinking, wich in a cense = the purpoise of dis hear journel, 2 think shit thru, quimosabe? Este indecision me molesta as da Clash say.


Boris @ Warsaw

1° night here in Greenpoint we wint + saw Boris at Warsaw. Unfortunately we missed the opening act (Endon, another Japanese Metal band) but we did unfortunately see the 2° act, Mutoid Man... talented ok, but came off as a bunch of douchebag bras. Weave sed this before about NewYorkers, bud sumtimes we wish audiences wd boo bands off the stage when they suck to make way for the next act, gong-show style. Weave suffered thru a lof of bands where hardly innyone seems into hit bud just stand hands in pockets + clap out of xpectation. Funny tradition how we just stand dar watchin' rockstars make noise. If we was in a band + sensed folks werent into hit, weed feel awfooly bad + make an early ∃xit stage left to not further waste inny 1s time. But dat Mutoid Man dint take no hint + kept playin' song aft'r a song (inklooting a cringy cover of the Ghostbusters themesong) while a room fool of hipster/metal-head zombees zoned out + watched 'em passive + polite. We feel the same about poetry readings... nice thing about books is dat if u dont dig it u can always put it down, or a film u can flip off, not so w/ shows + readings w/ opening acts. Quite d-manding to xpect folk to jus stand dare listning attentively if u aks us. Next nite we saw Swans (the main purpose of dis trip, to catch 1 of dare last shows of this amazing 7 yr ressurection b4 the current incarnation (Thor even!) takes a brake) who were viscerally eviscerating as ever for ~3 solid hrs. Probly the best ressurection/2nd wind of inny band in rock'n'roll history imho. Bud w/ ∀ll this stuff in the news about Weinstein + Spacey, we got to thinking about Michael Gira + past allegations brought against him, witch we member reading about then + chalking hit up to he said/she said... weather dat be a lame rationalization or whether we be passing non-judgment, or not. Next nite saw Grizzly Bear (to make hit a trifecta—3 nites in a row of shows) no skeletons in Grizzzly Bear's closet far as we no, far from hit probly—precious untouchable critic darlings—bud we just stood dare a'thinkin whats missin' bout Grizzzly Bears (sides the show being in a mega-big venue, Brooklyn Steel, wich we aint so keen on)... we want to like dem Grizzzlies, we dig their sound + they gots amazing voxes, but they just aint so intresting live + dont lay no hooks into us + no doubt weave given 'em ample opportunity, got ∀ll dare albums + saw 'em a decade ago + came to same cunclusion. Is it ok to just not like a band without a reason? Not to say wheel never not come around... in a anutter time + place we mite think diffrent, or if we knew the hole story. Like the band Television we never halve rilly liked 'em xcept in this past year—almost 40 yrs aft'r dare heyday—we's finally coming round to appreciate dem. W/ artists comes mo complicated, how day b-have in ℝeel moondough vs. dare art... take Spacey for example, every1 loves (or loved) him cuz he cd act the part of the creepy pervert so well, but then they find out he's like dat in ℝeel life + act appalled? Or jocks like Tyson, bred like pitbulls to maim + kill + then when they behave badly in el ℝeel moondough folks act shocked + judge 'em for hit. Suddenly ∀ll these folks comin' outta the woodworks to condemn Spacey, how come they dint say nuttin 20 yrs ago? These folks aint stupid, takes 2 to tango, u mess w/ the bull u might ketch a horn, however the sayin' goes. Its the culture that creates these monsters dat's to blame... how we idolize 'em + aspiring wanna-bes suck up to 'em to git ahead knowing fool well the consickwences theys selling their soul to the devil + those so quick to judge, what's in dare backyards? Hits a vast hypocrisy, look @ the elected leader of this fucked country th biggest chauvinist slimebucket ever setting the president. But mo generally—we wont name no more specific names, ppl or places—in thinking about judgment or making decisions + whatknot, u need to gather info, hear out ∀ll sides of da story, b4 u jump to cunclusions... or do u? Is hit a waste of time to hear every side out (specially since the power hungry attn seekers = the 1s making the most noise) specially in this day + age of information overload? Not sure what we getting @ w/ ∀ll this, bud in the end seams best to not make no judgments ± decisions, but let the decision make u, not molest ya, overwhelm u tell hits a no-brainer. ∫umtime the best action = inaction. Or knot, who nose, evree story = diffrent...

Newton Creek


Green Pt














5 Nov | JFK> got up @ 3:30 AM got car to airport b4 marathon mayhem stop'd 1st @ terminal 1 to drop our bedder-½ off @ Air Maroc + now we @ terminal 4, no TSA or Clear here so Q'd up w/ rest of cattle, thru seguridad, they tell u take off belt + shoes + then u step into dat mashine + they tell u «put hands ova yo head» + then when yo pants fall down they tell u to pull yo pants up! Surely must be a SNL skit about this conundrum? Literally bootstrapping yo way thru security, way early, but figgered we'd plan our flight back to maximize time w/ bedder-½ whose off now on another worldwind trip to Abidjan (Ivory Coast in case u like us + never herd of hit), Bangkok + Khatmandu + we's waiting to head back to far less exotic DC + theys playin' Grizzzly Bear over loudspeakers, what dose dat say? Aiport muzac. Like our last trip to Brooklyn, dint set a single foot in Maphattan, tho did hit up LIC for some excellent sushi (Hibino) last nite.

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