5cense 564> Tracking Kalahari lions in red sands + leafing behind books

16 Dec | Kalahari Game Lodge, Namibia> From Mariental, further into the Kalahari, near the Mata-Mata border. More remote + insanely hot. A little relief from thunderstorms, tho still dint amount to more then sprinkles. Lightning did knock the power out tho, wich made for a miserable nite sleeping w/ no AC or fan in stifling pitch blacknest, 'fraid to leaf the door ajar for fear of cobras, scorpions, etc. Not menny utters here, hanging mostly w/ some Kiwi cupple reminds us of Justin Theroux + Carrie Coon in The Leftovers. After they googled us + discovered our identity, left 'em w/ a copy of The Becoming. O, also left a copy of A Raft Manifest in Fish River Canyon under stacks of naturalist guides (in German) for sum unsuspecting soul...

blue-headed agama


red-breasted shrike


ostrich dust devil

17 Dec> Aft'r breakfest wint on a «lion tracking» safari... again, a reserve, but massive + self-sustaining so lions are truly «wild». Cheated a bit as they gots tracking collars that help locate 'em... tho they was malfunctioning so had to do hit old school + follow paw prints... but dat dint work neither so our tracker radio'd the lodge + had 'em get GPS coordinates. Finally found 2 brothers hanging out + then 2 females w/ 4 cubs. All sleeping in tree shade off corse. Also saw a few meerkats, but they was afraid of cars so dint git to observ 'em much. Later on our own saw a giant monitor lizard 2-3 feet long but dint get a decent photo.

tracking lions


2 brothers lazing under a tree


Kalahari lion brothers


the dominant male w/ black mane characteristic of Kalahari lion (+ blood on his chin)


blonde beta brother


females + cubs hanging under tree




mother lion


yawning cub


dead springbok


mating millipedes


Oryx in the dunes

[still mustering to ketch up... posting this in chunks. Everywhere we go rilly shitty Inurnet... probly the worst place for Inurnet innywhere weave bin, kinda refreshing actually]


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