priming thriver meme + mastering DK-2-K-OS on freakwindsea 22/11/66


22/11/2019> We woke up on our 53rd b-day + started writing a new book (hear's ch 1)... the title, thriver meme, came to us in a rêve spose u cd say. Not sure what she'll bee a bout, she's sorta writing herself (we (a.I.) is using «carrier freakwindsea 22/11/66» to type the lieboro 4 us, a roll-riversal from Textiloma)... perhaps she'll bee the hystory of el moondough thru mine Is, minus me (the ℝeel me (me born on 22/11/ 66)). A weigh to subtrack ourself from the equayshun, ox. As if we god time to embark on a new book! As we rap up 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. (if we can make a video perhaps we'll cerealize another track later on in this post) weave bin itching to get back 2 Textiloma... + hear we is in stead embarking on a new book, dat weave committed our selves to rite live + in ℝeel time, in HTML... an extension of what we due hear (we considered hosting thriver meme on bud our patron Cal figgered she shd live bedder + freer on her one URL (we god tho haven't hooked her up yet... 4 now thriver meme lives under the auspicious umbrella of Calamari Archive) + hear's a negative riverse img of the cover (tho we won't bee able to make the cursor flash if ever we go to print on dead tree pulp):

We due plan 2 also get back 2 Textiloma, in tandumb + also perhaps cerealize her as well... in fact, the same nite (11/21/2019) the seeding words «thriver meme» came to us, we also logged stet rêve:

We had a cyborg wife dat apparently weed bean married 2 for a while, but had never had sex with. She was the widow of our brudder, so we was obliged to marry her, in the levirate tradition. She looked sorta like Gwyneth Paltrow, but even taller + skinnier + whiter + paler... so pale dat her skin was translucent, fauxfurescent + u cd see cubes of a Jell-O-like substance under her skin. We told her she had piel hermosa + touched her. She took our mano + putt it on her chi-chi + then we startid to kiss + dat’s when we ℝeelized weed bean married all this time bud never had sex, even tho we was entitled to (under he-brew law) + perhaps depriving her of the pleasure this hole time [Chaulky died 22 yrs ago] so we startid foolin' around. When we got down there we discovered she was wet cuz she was bleeding... she was halving her period, witch was gross at 1st bud at least we din’t need no protection, we figgered. She started to straddle us bud then we looked up + we was in the waiting area of a doctor’s office + the receptionist was looking down on us + getting security on the horn. So we left + was wandering around sum sorta mall complex, mustering to find a place to halve sex, in public. Then we said «hey, hear's a novel IDea, why don’t we halve sex in our one bedroom?» cuz we did halve a house nearby, after ∀ll. Bud for sum reason, we needid to halve sex in public for her to count.

Shore this sueño will fined her weigh into Textiloma in sum shape o form. The udder day we was also thinking «Miss Ann Thrope» was a bad-ass name + was wondering out loud to our bedder-½ if dare was a ℝeel woman in el moondough w/ such a name + she said in fact s/he worked w/ an Ann Thrope! + dis Ann Thrope wasn't married, so dat maid her a missus... or Ms. Ann Thrope. Sew purrhaps Ms Ann Thrope will stand for the misanthropic replicant widow dat came 2 us in dis dream, our brudder's X dat we was obliged 2 marry 22 yrs ago under levirate law. Spose dis bee like the movie Her (2013), witch is fitting considering Spike Jonze is also a charactor in Textiloma (the director of the movie w/ in the book). De todos modos, espero que tom bien wheel regress to riding this Modern Epimetheus + also cerealize her online (tho probly as PDFs cuz dat wd bee weigh 2 hard to format for Inurnet).

11/23> Ch 1 (Waking in the River Bed) of thriver meme quotes liberally from a post we rote hear on ova a yr ago when we hat the sudden epiphany dat us humuns was ∀ll at the mercy of selfish mashenes + our evilootion was contigent on these mashenes survival, to avoid the DK-2-K-OS as we putt her. This next song (track 4 of 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.) dat we's reddy to reveil in fact xpands on dis DK-2-K-OS meme. She was a song we rote when 1° siamo tornado a Roma reading Ambient Parking Lot + recording sound FX from the varyus air-b-n-bs + hotels we shacked up in wile we searched for a home. We din't halve no guitar or instrawments (they was being shipped) sides our little MIDI keybored, bud we had a new voda-phone dat we used to record sounds, like our in-room nesspresso mashene or prosecco corks popping, to loop 'em into ambient beats whilst learning the ropes in GarageBand. This was b4 we had officially formed Sound ƒuries so we WhatsApped the originul demo to Tyrant G to see if he cd add a piano part or get his pardner G to sing, bud they never did. We originully called the song «Mining for Tin» + s/he was about the Californian gold rush. Once we god our guitar back we added sum 2-string cords + tried to git our bedder-½ to sing bud we wasn't so happy w/ earlier iterations of the song so dint inkloot her on our 1st album, un. Well, a few months ago we pooled her out of the trash, dusted her off, changed sum of the liarics + our bedder-½ laid down sum vox... + echo chi qua, hear's the track (w/ lyrics to follow along 2).


comes a sweet smell uv DK
rolling in off the bay
the westword push ain't no hayride in joy
soy-bomb blows the roof ahoy

panning 4 tin 2 begin again
4 the self-same bin 2 putt her in
mining 4 tin again 2 begin
2 putt her in the self-same bin

they came 4 the aura IT sold
from deep in the ground 2 the crown of 1's sole
out uv a black hat a white rabbit's pooled
chasing yo tale headfirst down the hole

b4 dams reclaimed the land
slept fishes under ceiling fans
detritus, slag + debris
tailings skinned for ∀ll 2 sea
the DK 2 K-OS begins + ends
w/ a bang dat ever mends

soroboruo ... ouroboros ... soroboruo

unsettled whether antis up yo berth
dead in the dirt from dusk 2 dawn
the cavities radiate on + on + on + on + on + on . . .

the gold rush baked in auguring jeans
cogs wound tight in borealis mashenes
honing in, driven 4th by greed
greenbacks wet w/sweaty deeds
the DK-2-K-OS begins + ends
w/ a bang dat Never mends
DK-2-K-OS west to DK
DK-2-K-OS best to DK

b-gin a-gain

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