> com&-line prompts 2/4 U th Ǝnd-User 2 print absurdi-Ts on ever-$p∞ling Möbius $crolls 2 D-val-U bit¢oin


> i.e. ℝ «Dog 8 homework» X-cuse az 2 Y/how U ↄompiled po5t #1006 + how iT ℝeal-8s 2 events in U-craning meatspace + @ thi5 X-act pt in d'rafting iSBN 978-1-940853-22-2, in-D-zine cra5hes / rite after U ⌘+C / ⌘+V umlaut dots in2 th word «Möbius» (th0 thi5 alone din't in-deus th cra5h) + U g0 down rabbit hole / contempL8 how if 1 holds ap-L in rite hand + 5trolls along 5urface of Möbius 5trip by th time 1 makes 1 revolution round th ap-L = in LEFT hand! how can thi5 bee?

> THEN contempL8 iF/how 1 can publi5h verE pgs of iSBN on Möbius 5croll + U actualE cut 5trips of paper + taped 'eM in2 Möbius l∞ps 2 test derive pr∞f of con¢ept , butt put iT on back burner tel 1 can corrobor8 results

2D objet traver5ing 360° round Möbius l∞p returns in merrored 4m
(R maps L w/o ɟlᴉddᴉuƃ ndsᴉdǝ doʍu) 4 ever w/ diminishing RE:turns

@ 3:30 a.m. on 3/22/22 U wake 2 parse ↄode / tides U-turns 180° 2 edits, ATTN turns in pertickler 2 hand-writ-10 note-2-self in margin (when U pr∞f-red hard copE on train 2 NYC): «u5e cut-up method» + U contempL8 how2 a-ply thi5 com&/prompt / what 2 cut up? + then U ⌘+C + ⌘+V «∞» 2 turn tube in2 t∞b (az in b∞b-covering t∞b top) + dat's th X-act m0ment i-D cra5hes + everE time U a-tempt edits aftr thi5 in D-zine keeps cra5hing over + over az iF both litteruley + 4 ℝeəl U ÷ by ∞ (= 1 ÷ 0) > onely weigh 2 circumnavig8 i55ue = ⌘+X pre-V-us 2 pgs + redo 'eM + hear U ℝ now back 2 ℝeəli-T

¶ current thinking = dat iSBN wheel = USER GUiDE of sorts + naught ju5t 4 N-E ol' User but ƎND-User > we (anon I'm us) 5till type + cumpile i5BN but we cumpile iT 4 fewchair end-U5er ∴ 1 shd type thi5 po5t #1006 along 5elf-same lines, az practi5e, 5hifting perspectiv from 1st persun plural 10ce to 2nd/3rd (i.e 2/4 U th User) ⊕ hybrid vari8ion > 2 read/write 4 lap Dog in lap p∞ls, crunching #s + sp∞ling 5crolling l∞ps, D-liber8 tidal 5hifts > what iF, what iF > watt iF polar fields flip'd 180° sew North B-comes South (geeillogical reↄords indic8 thi5 ha5 o-cured in pa5t) in-deus-ing who nose watt seismic disurbances + global D-struction wiping out ∀ll humuns halve billt in 1 fell 5w∞p? may-B U = in 0-pen field + survive + mayB u even halve laptop ⊕ phone but they'd onely la5t s0 long az there wood B n0 electrici-T (Xcept 4 backup gener8ors), nada... wood there B backup copE of Inurnet ∫um whəre in E-ther? ain't so far-fetched, thi5 cd al5o happen in current st8 of affairs w/ cyber warfare, hackers crip-Ling ∀ll systems down, baysickly what'5 happening in U-crane on globe-L 5cale > what's th point of N-E-thing then? ∀ll watt humuns worked 4 2 cre8? ∫um 5tuff cd B 5alvaged from ruins... thi5 = beauty of b∞ks + analog visual art, no deepend-a-C on electrici-T > shd we print ∀ll 21,087 pgs (estim8 az of 2/20/22) of 5cense.com? perhaps thi5 = Y UbuWeb printed out th hole Inurnet? shd backup copE Ǝxist in liebury of ©ongress? in ca5e ∀ll systems g0 down? problem = most of Inurnet = no bedder then junk male now + there's th Nviron-mental impact 2 consider

> 5peaking of Nviron-mental impact, bit¢oin + other 4ms of crypt-0-¢urrent-¢ epit0mise th sheər stupidi-T of humani-T + al50 valid8 ℝ thriver meme postuL8 @ heart of iSBN: N ƎND-USER GUiDE, how ma-chenes Use humuns 2 contin-U 2 propag8 their tecknowledgE + Ǝxis-10-ce > it'5 s0 absurd iT makes ℝ head 5pin.... hear U halve bit¢oin mines w/ wherehou5es fool of computers running fool steam a-head 2 calcuL8 N ∞ # of calcul8ions 2 complex 4 N-E 1 ma-chene 2 underst& ± per4m alone, burning coal, gener8ing noise + pollution + K-os, sucking ∀ll ℝ re-sour¢es + power, ∀ll 4 watt? 2 crunch #s endlessly 2 cre8 intangible/«non-fungible» N-tit-Ts who's val-U = purely specuL8ive > @ Ǝnd of day watt do U one? unless U ca$h 'eM in 4 pork-bell-Es

> IMG dat cums 2 mined = ants farming A-phids whəre humuns = A-phids + ants ℝ ma-chenes (who ≠ 5elf-aware, ≈ $ocial insex), them$elves $laves 2 th Queen /witch = C.P.U. (tho w/ crypt-0-¢urrent-¢ thi5 ha5 bin D-¢entralized pier-2-pier) > we A-phids think we'ℝ milking plants 4 ℝ one sus-10-ance ⊕ pleasure when in fact ants ℝ milking u5 + 5lipping in¢entivs in2 th mix 2 drug /brainwash u5

> th ab5tract art world = sillE in s0 men-E respects but U underst& how val-U can B a-sined (th0 of-10 rather arbitrarily) 2 work of art... iT's Unique cumoddity > 5ure, N art objet can B forged ⊕ replic8ed + th more N objet gets replic8ed it'$ val-U dimini$hes, ain't thi$ th law of diminishing return$? th I-D-a of NFT$ + bit¢oin ℝ N-uff 2 make 1 wand 2 $lit their wrist$

@ N-E r8, Y make art ⊕ keep the5e persun-L reↄords if th world's going 2 hell in handbasket? who will B around B-sides A-liens + &droids 2 parse thru th code-X? no 1 Xcept U th Ǝnd-User (who's N &droid F.Y.I.)... who U ↄompile thi5 4 + U type this 2 method act 4 iSBN > honing in on ℝ vox/POV, identi-T of reader/writer > ¢urrent thinking = 2 think along lines of COM& line prompt (⊕ «-line prompt» on ma-chenes)... this = ℝ writing prompt

> ℝ tech-writing/IA/UX dayz prep'd u5 well 4 thi5, 5cribing in strait-FWD jargon w/ Ǝnd-User always in mined > @ 5ame time wheel keep N a-¢ount of day-2-day 4 prosperi-T sake > on 3/18/22 U ⌚ Drive Your Car (★★★★★), 1 of those films whəre when U finish iT U want 2 re-wind + re-⌚ iT again (even th0 iT's 3 hrs long), th0 U feel U shd read ⊕ ⌚ Chekov's Uncle Vanya b4 U do, ⊕ mayB U shd just read th Murakami b∞k? on 3/19 U Windfall (★★)... cd of bin good, but falls way flat > then Y Tu Mama Tambien (★★★★★) 4 mayB th 4th ⊕ 5th time... ≈ Cuarón's Roma, U kin reL8 in ∫um wayz, coming of age in mexic0... tho th 5ecret beaches we X-plored we'ℝ in jalisc0 st8 > la5t nite @ 8:38 p.m. we noticed Squid wa5 playing @ Black Cat + just th day b4 we were lis-10-ing to «The Cleaner» (on ℝ «do iT clean» mixtape, dat we lis-10 2 wile doing housechores) + dug th lyric:

I'm th cleaner‚ but u don't eveN know my name

> naught 2 mention the cephalopodic connot8ions, s0 on a whim we went 2 Black Cat 2 C 'eM (after all, it's ½ block away) but boy did they suck, we bailed after ~5-6 songs, Shirley naught worth getting COViD over > in ∫um, hear's how U a-rived 2 th uni4m word-Ls th in-glish 5peaking worLd Unites on 4 @ lea5t 1 day, witch in ∫um ways ∫ummarizes ℝ pa5t dayz 4 lack of play-by-play a-counting 2 5losh the 5lushpile 2 + fro, baↄk + 4th

1005 <(current)> 1007 > 2 R-bitr8 64-bit-r8 iSBN bracketology + ⌂-improvement epoxy 2 eat nymph tongue in kitsch-N synch
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