NOTHiNG iS WHAT iT iS on thi5 TiME I-L& where litteruley every 1's tocking abt «no 1 is talking abt this»


4/14/22 | NYC> by virtue of reading thi5 U B-come 1 of us, anon I'm us > 5wit¢hed hoteLs from th Standard 2 Moxy (b/c it = on ℝ dime) on 11th > ¢ircel jərks show = ¢ancelled b/c keith got covid, s0 instead walked 2 Bklyn w/ bedder-½, across maphattan bridge thru cobbel hill + up 2 windsor terrace 2 meat L + M @ dub-L windsor 2 naught eat MiNCE meat pie > phone died urlier in th week s0 U din't have 5tep ¢ounter (nor way 2 communic8 w/ no 1), but probly 8+ miles > then 5ubway back, naught far from ware th 5ubway 5hooting took place a few dayz b4 > the5e ≠ PPV 5ubstax

4/15> walked 2 Penn err, Moynihan stn, packd train back 2 DC > @ ∫um pt on ℝ trip U went w/ bedder-½ up 2 morningside + wile they had meating U went 2 Labyrinth b∞ks + got No One Is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood 2 ¢ what th hype = ∀ll a bout, but U don't get it... eye mene, iT's OK, but worthy of all those accolades? randum blathering abt Inurnet 5hit, precious tongue + CHEEK > she eveN re#s Mark Baumer's 5tory, it's 1 thing 2 refrence ∫umping ± even fold in (≈ how U-jean Lim folds in 5tory of person who peed themself @ dat poetry reading). .. can't N-E-1 cum up w/ ∫umping nu in-sted of re#ing same ol' ℝeel world POPular culture 5tories over + over? actually CRE8 ∫umping nu? when U read b∞k ± ⌚ movie U wand 2 travel 2 place U nvr bin, ≈ i-land/invention of MorelMt AnalogueBush of Ghosts

> also red/admired visuals in Canyons by James Belflower + Matthew Klane (5ame duo who collabor8ed on th 4thcoming Hist) witch travels back in time 2 Amerikin west > ⌚'d Until the End of the World (★★) ... can't B-lieve we watched all 5 hrs of it > think U tried watching iT in theatres (3 hr version) when iT came out + walked out ± fell asleep... really don't get what the hype is w/ Wim Wenders, so pretentious, everything spelled out w/ annoying V.O. > Wenders calls iT th ultim8 roadtrip movie but U think iT has more in commun w/ Bourne franchise than roadtripping

> th roadtrip = dead b/c th mixtape = dead ... shure, we have playlists now but iT just ain't th same, th linear medium of tape matters, th message = medium + vice-versa, just like how Aborigines in Until the End of the World recount «dreamtime» feetsures of land5cape az they travel 2 remember th way (∫umping Wenders neglected 2 mention)

4/16> woke up pondering th concept of TiME I-L&s... naught geographical but TEMPOral, parcel of time cut off from rest of th fl0w... guess dat's what = BEAT > thi5 ¢oupled w/ above thinking abt cre8ing nu worlds in b∞ks indeused U 2 upd8 yr 52 dessert I-Land b∞ks list dat U haven't upd8ed in abt ~10 yrs

amos tutuola ... Frank Stanford ... anti-oedipus ... joe campbell

> went 4 long walk up thru Mt Pleasant + we were l∞king @ a flyer + ∫um posters 4 Lucian Perkins ph0t0s + th persun putting th posters up 5tarts talking 2 us + then Ian MacKaye walks up + joins the convers8ion! U tried 2 act naught 2 geeked out > th other person left but we stood around shooting the shit w/ Ian 4 like ~½ hr , talking abt friends we had in commun (Becky Wreck, Steve Eye, Zege Zagar) + bay area shows from early '80s... he has N insane memary, remembers every name + D-tail > 5hit like dat makes U feel a bit bedder abt living in D.C. > continued up thru Rock Creek + up Reservation 630 trail + back down Klingle Valley 4 AMPLE exorcise

> 5peaking of Ian MacKaye (th 1 who in5pired U 2 B str8 edge tel U ≈ 25), U + bedder-½ R trying 2 drink less these days, 2-3 bottles of wine per week B-tween U, on fri/sat ... of course it's hard when U're in NYC + meating ppl socially + thi5 weak bedder-½ = on stayc8ion, but @ least @ home trying 2 stick 2 dat regiment, iF N-E-thing 2 lose belly fat > we din't drink nun in dry January + U lost ~5 lbs rite away + @ 1st onely drinking on weekends when we 5tarted back up but then by March we = drinking almost nightly again > U started January @ 177 lbs + had dipped below 170 a few times in Feb + March but U'd always bounce back up over 170 > thi5 past week U've bin consistently B-low 170, yesterday 167... now gonna C iF U can lose 5-10 more + also 5leep bedder + have clearer head

> ⌚'d Beyond Rangoon (★★★★) for 2nd ± 3rd time... Patricia Arquette is nice 2 l∞k at, even hot + sweaty w/ no make up > then ⌚'d Licorice Pizza (★★★)... din't know ℝeely what 2 think, spose it had yr intrest D-spite having no plot ℝeely, just super-stylized '70s period piece w/ intresting charactors + Phillip Seymour Hoffman's son = fine actor in his one rite > 5peaking of Licorice Pizza, we also 5potted Paul Thomas Anderson when we were in NYC, 5tanding on 12th st, but didn't say N-E-thing... az usual U walked rite by him + then yr bedder-½ told U U walked by him + U turned around + 5aw him, az U nvr recognize famous ppl

4/18> ⌚'d In the Shadow of the Moon (★★★) ... entering 5tage where we ⌚ TiME-reL8ed movies ... Sound ƒuries considering calling next album ƎMiT TiME + halving iT B ∀ll abt TiME > 5ame backwords + 4words, ≈ ƎDiT TiDE > islet chain = FLAiR

4/19> moved in2 thi5 house 3 yrs ago 2day > halven't bin remembering dreams ± they just ain't ∫umping U can articuL8 in words ± word-Ls, s0 iF U rite 'em down mayB U'll get back in th habit > last nite lots of travelling + 5taying @ places away from home az usual .... checking in2 h0tel they b8 + 5witched, s0 by th time clerk helped u5 iT ≠ hotel but ∫um sorta govt office + they D-ny ever taking ℝ b∞king s0 U explore halls + FOYER + iT l∞ks ∀ll janky ≈ hit by torn8o, n0 free beds ± place 2 keep bags > then trying 2 navig8 ∫um city in rental car whose clutch = FUBAR, in a nut5hell nothing = what iT =

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