5having OXiDE head 2 wipe 5late clean of iNERT CARGO 2 PLANT OLiVE tree


4/20/22> 5eries of images from la5t nite:

  • our mom wanted 2 go out5ide + we said we all were ordered 2 shelter in5ide b/c Godzilla was on the loose + she was like «i'll show him!» + went out5ide az a D-coy 2 distract Godzilla 5o the rest of us cd get away
  • sum 1 gave us this 5culpture 2 «hold on 2» (much in th same way Clemenza tells Robert Deniro 2 hold on2 th sack of guns) of Gian hugging horse, dog, llama + ostrich heads that were very lifelike, we cd see th fur up close + was wondering how they got the animals 2 cooper8 > we brot it back 2 thi5 swanky pad we were crashing in + put it in bed + Gian 5tarted tossing + turning + we were thinking he'd trip out waking up in this bed w/ satin sheets + furs wondering how th hell he got there
  • a tree that in stead of leaves had 4x4 by Rubik's cubes

4/22> felt 2day was high time 2 shave our head... 5tarting 2 get hot + hair grossing us out, we do this every few years, th0 last year only 5haved th back + time before dat we snipped off th pony tail > most of th hair we cut off has grown during th pandemic


4 a few seconds considered 5topping + going 4 th Prodigy look



«hot heads under silent wigs /fall guys tumble on the cutting room floor»

> last time we saved our head was ~5 yrs ago, rite b4 Trump got elected

> feel clean, like thi5 is a sorta purging of CARGO...

4/24 > 5truggled 2 do 2day's INERT word-L ... 4 reasuns we won't get in2 rite now, suffice 2 say la5t nite wa5 a ℝeality cheↄk > feel thi5 post = STOP GAP... everything hence-4th will B diffrent, hitting RESET > stay t∞ned...

1011 <(current)> 1013 > U-BiN D-tox 000: D-programming 1's 5elf ⅛ of th weigh 2 halving th str8 edge
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