N ad 4 d-ziner 5hirts by G @ a 5washbuckler 5how we 5tarred in only 2 get bullied on th bus up 5th st NW


1/8/2022> din't g0 above freezing 2day but we walked up 5th + 6th streets NW (both R sporadic) N-W-way, thru Howard U all th way 2 Takoma Park, whereabouts we 5aw R last indoors event, Nat Baldwin @ Rhizome ... almost 2 yrs ag0! l∞ped back down 6th/7th NW (again, both 5treets din't go all th way thru)... ≈ 11 miles in toetill

> th while we pondered th meaning of #5, 6 + 7... obviously #5 has 5pecial meaning 4 us, R ¢urrent obse55ion az we work on I5BN 50-5 + als0 came in2 play a lot last yr (55th b-day, 25th anniversary, et¢.) + the next logi¢al 5tep after 4ier X-forms

> watched Days of Being Wild (★★★★), Wong Kar-wai's 2nd flick > a bit slow @ times, but everythings'5 so ni¢e 2 look @... th sets, th ppl, th clothes > 5tarted 2 wat¢h The Maid (★★) but wa5n't in2 mu¢h > last nite wat¢hed Torn Curtain (★★★★), good Hitchcock flick w/ Paul Newman + Julie Andrews... 4 sum reason we'd nvr sceen it b4 (just when u think u've sceen all th Hitchcock films u di5cover another) > 4got 2 mention, but 5um time last week we watched The Landscapers (★★★), wich 5pose had R intrest

1/9> we wa5 talking 2 sum 1 ≈ Gian + he wa5 X-plaining abt how he had 2 fight sum other persun 2 th deth 4 sum sorta production/plannd event ≈ a play > then we sorta B-came Gian or G's stand-in b/c he B-came th dire¢tor + couldn't do both @ 5ame time s0 we wa5 the 1 5posed 2 fight 5um 1 else 2 th deth + 5um judges pre5ented u5 w/ a 5word > they were verE ¢eremonious abt it eveN tho we were in a run-of-mill hotel r∞m so wa5n't sure if thi5 = a dress rehearsal or waht > we picked up the 5word + 5tood on th bed wondering if thi5 = against th rules b/c it gave u5 N unfair advantage b/c we was above R opponent (we had n0 idea wh∞ thi5 wa5, sum randumly a55igned adver5ary) > but then R foe jumped up on th opposit bed so we figured it was a-loud... N-E-thing = a-loud in thi5 produ¢tion > we 5wung R 5word around 2 get used 2 it... felt heavy + ¢lumsy > we ¢lanked it against R foes ≈ they do in 5washbuckling flix + we did that 4 a wile w/ nothing real-E happening, thinking thi5 wd B boring 4 th audience > then R foe lunged @ u5 + missed + we took advantage of them B-ing close in + 5lowly 5tuck R 5word deep in2 their chest > they pooled back + kept 5washbuckling + we wa5n't sure if N-E of thi5 = real ⊕ reel > we 5lashed 'eM across the ¢hest again + they looked down in disbelief + we 5aid the5e = the rules we were told 2 play by, dat all thi5 = real, ≠ game > then G th dire¢tor said ¢ut + we wa5 no longer real-E thi5 ¢hara¢ter (tho they 5till resembled u5) + wa5 wat¢hing R-5elf on a 5¢reen > th 5ister of th winning 5washbuckler (u5!) came along + hand-¢uffed herself 2 th dead foe 2 drag them away > it o-cured 2 u5 we wa5 wat¢hing thi5 event on Inurnet ⊕ sum sorta PPV + not IRL > az we wa5 leaving (i.e. "checking out" of th ap) they (G's e$t8) tried 2 up$ell u5 the5e D-ziner $hirts @ a con¢ession $tand (tho again, wa5 all virtual, they di5played information on $¢reen abt wh∞ th D-ziner wa5, et¢.) + we told the ppl running th con¢ession $tand dat Gian wd not of wanted 2 sell D-ziner $hirts + az we 5aid thi5 reealized that yah, actual-E he wood of

> then we hopped a 5huttle bus 2 g0 h0me (wherever thi5 wa5) > 1st sum girl OD’d on the bu5 + they had 2 stop + paramedics had 2 revive her w/ naloxone + we got out R journel + wrote, «C, thi5 = Y U don’t take publi¢ tran5port» > there wa5 a big guy (re5embled John Goodman) across the I-L from u5 + he wa5 drinking a pint of beer + crying s0 the tears 5pilled back down in2 it > we pretended we din’t noti¢e him + kept writing w/ head down tho real-E we wa5 pretend-writing 2 make it seam we were busy so JG wouldn't talk 2 u5 > we couldn't help but 2 glan¢e up az JG took th last 5wig of his beer + by this time he wa5 bawling, tears 5treaming down his face > JG got up, 5taggering down the I-L + then he tried 2 kick a window in (out real-E) > there wa5 a «condu¢tor» (5idekick 2 driver wh∞ ¢olle¢ts tkts, etc... az if we wa5 in a 4in country—Asia ⊕ Africa—but everE 1 wa5 white) wh∞ tried 2 cunsole JG + keep him from kicking the windows out but JG wa5 out of cuntrol, randumly lashing out @ whoever > sum nerd said sumthing 2 him + JG threw the nerd down in the I-L + sat on top of him > every 1 on the bu5 was looking @ JG like sum 1 shd do sumthing but JG wasn’t real-E hurting the nerd, just pinning him down + making fun of him > no 1 did nothing wile JG bullied the nerd, teasing him b/c he had gla55es... JG said "waht, u think U're 5mart b/c U wear gla55es?» + the nerd 5aid «um, i need them 2 see!» > another pa55enger 5aid they cd C that JG was grabbing th nerd's balls, az if thi5 = enough evidence dat JG wa5 hurting th nerd + we shd intervene... but 5till, no 1 did nothing, inkl∞ting u5 > we turnd 2 ask th cundu¢tor Y he din’t du sumthing but he wa5 gone, disappeared in2 the co¢kpit (it wa5 now like we were on a plane) > we con5idered weather 2 put JG in a headlock ± full nelson but he was s0 big he din’t real-E have a neck + wa5 so sweaty he wd of 5lipped out + he probly wd retali8 if we attacked him > then JG sat next 2 u5 w/ the nerd + we told JG 2 move 2 another seat, that we wanted 2 have nothing 2 do w/ waht he was doing

> lot5 of fa¢tors going on in th above dremes... watching Days of Being Wild probly affected th 1st part b/c there'5 a 5cene [5poiler alert!] where Leslie Cheung get's 5tabbed + it happens s0 fast we wa5n't 5sure if it was reel or not + th bit abt the D-ziner 5hirts 4 sure influenzed by Days of Being Wild b/c everE 1 wears real-E stylish ¢lothes + Gian wa5 in it probly b/c he's on R mind b/c 2 po5ts ag0 we tran5¢ribed all his Emails hear on 5¢ense > th 2nd part abt B-ing on a publi¢ 5huttle bus (w/ a co¢kpit) probly b/c of waht we've bin reading abt w/ all th hostility on planes + C-ing th persun OD on th bus probly b/c 3x in the past month we've 5cene sum 1 OD rite in front of R house on th street coroner + all 3 times th paramedics come + revive them (same persun each time) + we'R thinking naloxone has only made ppl B abel 2 push their drug u5e 2 th limit w/o consequence s0 they'll keep doing it + R tax money keeps paying 2 keep reviving homele55 addicts + Y when it keep5 perpetu8ing the cycle + does nothing 2 addre55 underlying drivers? what'5 th poinnt of such N Xistence? th bully John Goodman charactor probly b/c we saw Barton Fink th other nite

> mu5ic-wise got Liars The Apple Drop on high rot8ion (be5t album of 2021? if not Low's Hey What) > tXt -wise finished Personhood by Thalia Field... topically we dig it, post-humun 4 sure, all abt animals + how silly humuns R tho th tXt = a bit scattered + dense + difficult 2 navig8 ± penetr8 special-E when they resemble po-Ms

Personhood in front of pest cuntrol truck parked in front of R house 4 thi5 past week

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