how U/i = Left/Righting down-2-EARTH U/X guide 4 VU error Lines 2 tackle the man-cave w/ portion CTRL


2/7/23> last nite i/U was wRiting a U/X guide 4 «VU» errorLines ... a User eXperience guide about what the terrain X flight # flew over (@ X moment in time over unCHartered airea dat = difficult 2 naviG8 (Darien Gap?)) s0 U/i felt i/U needed 2 B down there on the ground 2 get it rite > U/i had bin gayzing intently out th wind0w + now sat back in ℝ seat 2 rest ℝ i's (knowing i/U'd already lost the thRead in continuity + would halve 2 come back L8er > onely then did U/i notice Leo Rude sitting next 2 us, so i/U said «that's strange, eYe just happen 2 B writing a user guide 4 your b&'s errorLine, VU error» > L/R looked out of iT, said «i din't kn0w my b& had an errorLine» in a way that wasn't acting cool + non-chalant, but more apologetic + embareassed that they oned the errorLine we were flying on + din't kn0w it > what U/i din't tell Rou Leed was dat i/U was writing the U/X guide freeLance + iT crossed ℝ mined dat they might B able 2 help us get U/X published, but i/U din't want to come off az a self-serving opportunist, not 2 mention not professional > U/i started 2 X-plane how we just passed over sum difficult terrain 2 doↃument but R/L seemed off in another whirled + i/U din't want 2 bother them > U/i didn't even n0 how 2 Đ-scribe what we were writing N-E-way, we foked us on how th 5ky = Cobalt blu + th L&scape devast8ed by climbit change, how the very pLane we flu in caused ∀LL thi5 + we were ∀LL part of X hippoↃrazy

> we halven't bin wrting down ℝ dreams L8ly in part b/c we dig the idea of leaving 'em there in the Collective unConscious where they B-long but als0 cuz it innerfears w/ ℝ sleep 2 have 2 get up + write them down > i. ℝ.L. U/i = working on bit 011–011 (#27 in st&ard decimal #ing, Core-Responding 2 Cobalt on the periodic table)

2/10> our S/O (a.k.a. bedder-½ or sole m8) went 2 NYC this morning for 10 dayz.. originally we planned 2 go (got the ticket + everything), but decided 2 stay 2 take care of things on the homefront... a few dayz ago met w/ the agent who we decided on az ℝ agent (same ℝeel est8 agent that sold us the house), so we have a plan now + they want to list it (privately) in a few weeks so got 2 get things up to snuff... B-sides, we'll probly be taking plenty of trips to NYC in coming months, when the Columbia housing committee meats + offers us a place we got 2 be ready 2 run up there on a dime 2 check it out. Yesterday already started w/ cleaning/ overhauling the backyard, cleaning out the shed which is barely st&ing @ this point, full of rat poop (near the garbage cans in alley), had to refinforce the hinges + put a new floor 2 cover up the holes the rats chewed, no fun. The plants + yard stuff we'll wait a few weeks in case it freezes again.

Also figured we'd take the opportunity to really make an effort to control our diet for these next 10 days alone... az the last few posts can attest 2, our Ménière's/Vestibular migraines have been acting up these past few months... ever since last Oct/Nov when we had a bad episode + we've been 99% deaf in our right ear ever since...+ after coming back from Italy in January had a "damp" January (after 2 weeks dry we started drinking a bit on weekends) + it didn't seem to help (tho the nights we have 1 too many definitely exacerbates it). Problem is, we're also trying to lose weight (we've been below 165 lb the past few days... lost ~9 lbs since beginning of January)... it's pretty easy 4 us to not eat breakfast, 2 do the intermittent fasting thing where we don't eat for 18 hrs (if we eat dinner before 6 pm + don't eat again til 12 pm next day), but these big swings in our metabolism/blood sugar might be exacerb8ing our menieres... hard 2 mitig8 both @ once. Dinner has always been a meal we enjoy w/ our S/O + perhaps we go a bit crazy overeating + drinking to compensate for starving ourself all day... so since S/O is gone for 10 days we're gonna try eating more moderately throughout the day + less @ dinner + try to do the same thing every day to see if we get in a manageable groove. We tried 2 go baↄk on 5cense + look @ posts from this time last year 2 see what we did (when we felt bedder), but it's hard to read as we use weird language... how come nobody tells us this is hard to read! Not to mention we're shooting ourself in the foot far az SEO, hard to search as we use weird + inconsistent spellings like calling Ménière's "mineareyes" ... so that's why we're using "normal" language now (we're trying), so we can go back + learn/self-diagnose... what journals = 4, rite? We complained here + there last year of diz-Z spells + vestibular migraines, but the 1 thing that really bothers us is that our right ear was fine (far as we remember) 4 the year or 2 leading up to that episode on Oct 22, 2022 + we've been deaf in the right ear ever since + well, it sucks being ½-deaf! Not only can we only hear ½ as good but we can't use parallax 2 triangulate 2 sounds 2 figure out where they're coming from, like how a bat uses sonar. It's disorienting, especially when we're already diz-Z + off balance b/c of our fucked up inner ear + it feels ½ swollen ½ the time so our head feels lop-sided. And of course it sucks for music appreciation, not hearing things in stereo. Only advantage is that if we roll over on our Left side w/ Left ear buried in the pillow we can't hear anything... might come in handy for noisy neighbors in NYC. This disconnect between R + L might also eXplane Y we had the above dream about Lou Reed, in an "error" plane, where ears get pressurized (we had also been listening to Metal Machine Music + also started to watch Song for Drella, but wasn't in2 it).

@ N-E r8, let's see if we get into a more consistent routine + get our hearing back, at least so we can mix the new Sound Furies album (when we recorded it last year our ears were fine, but we didn't mix it (still don't have vocals)). We won't go as crazy as we were last few posts, documenting exactly what we eat (as we've discovered repeatedly, there seems to be no rhyme or reason), but just generally, as it's hard to document portion sizes N-E way, which is what we're talking about now (WHAT we eat or drink doesn't seem to matter so much as HOW MUCH). Today had 1 piece of toast for breakfast (even tho not really hungry), then cereal (small bowl) w/ blueberries around 12 pm + it goes without saying that we eat nuts pretty much all day long, go thru a bag or 2 per week, of thai-spiced almost or ½-salted P-nuts. And coffee... a whole pot, ~8 cups. The coffee + nuts always makes us feel bedder, not that that means anything, mayB it just creates bigger swings 2 overcome. But in Italy for the month of December we weren't drinking so much coffee (dare we say we don't like Italian coffee (i.e. esspresso)?... gasp!) + no nuts + we din't feel bedder then. But yah, we'll try 2 drink less coffee 2 see if that helps. 4 dinner had pozole (vegetarian... 1 bowl, a lot less than we normally might eat), w/ 1 beer + 1 glass of red wine. Walked 7 or 8 miles for exercise. Not sure we watched any movies this past week, just more of the first season of Midnight Diner + we started to watch Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities... we dug the 1st 2 because the violence was justified since the characters were such assholes, but the last few not az good.

2/11> Slept OK + feel OK. Finished a draft of bit 011–101 (chapter 29 of 64) of U/X... almost ½–way. On the homefront, tackled D-basement, what is supposed to be the dining room that we use as our gym. Dismantled our electronic drum set + straps + rubber strength bands hanging from the ceiling (1 houseguest thought it was an S + M parlor) + other stuff down there, 2 make it look less man-cavey. Hopefully we don't need drums any more 4 our new album.

Everything in the above photo gone or tucked away, including the pylo box + Pink Floyd poster... but the Floyd poster was there to cover up some holes, so we had to spackle those + other holes, then get some paint to touch shit up + of course the paint (Duron Feather #5633) is discontinued b/c Sherman Williams bought Duron decades ago (the previous tenants were fuddy duddies), so had to get it matched which is easy 2 do in this day + age (back when we used to paint a lot of houses (before computer programs could match a paint w/ the click of a button) it wasn't EZ/cheap). Even still, helps to use a rag (rather than a brush) to blend it in, kind of like you're cleaning the walls w/ paint... we mention these things as tips, 4 other home-owners/sellers + casalingos.

2/12> Az we do this, we're reflecting on this house we've lived in for almost 4 yrs (perhaps the longest we've lived in 1 place, except from age 4–11 when we lived in Portland), the house we dub "Swann's Way," the only house we've ever owned. We'll probably look back on it az the place we spent the pandemic + we're grateful for that. As we did when we 1st moved in, perhaps we'll go floor by floor, starting w/ D-basement... i.e. the ground floor #0. The problem w/ the ground floor (far az resale-ability) is that the kitchen is in the ground floor, which is weird 4 some ppl. The previous tenants had their dining room down there too, but we thought it was too dark + dank + a better place to have a gym. Which means our "dining room" is on the 2nd floor, so we got 2 carry everything upstairs 4 dinner. It's worked for us, but as real estate agents have pointed out, gonna be hard for potential buyers to visualize (the dining room where the gym is). At least in the 1st phase (private listing) we're gonna keep everything as is, just purge + clean it up best as we can, make closets ½-empty + orderly. The kitchen is in good shape, the granite counter around the sink (or kitschen synch) cracked + broke last year but we fixed it + it's holding up well. We love the kitchen, we just like kitchens that have seamless continuity w/ the dining room as folks tend 2 congreg8 in kitchens + as the cook we like company when we're @ the stove. We'll miss this kitchen, the kitchen that served us well during the pandemic + where a CNN crew shot some footage of our S/O cooking cicadas. There's also some shots of our living room in that post, where they did the sit-down interview, but the living room (on 2nd floor) will be the subject of next post...

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