1/f (pink) posthumunusic 4 deeper white horses 2 blockchain me anonymous, 4 the [●]


1/8/2024> 2 celebr8 iTs 10th B-day, Br&on Hobson's Deep Ellum is now available az print-on-dem& (+ that means folks abroad can get it on Amazon.xx w/out halving 2 pay an arm + a leg 4 shipping) w/ a nu cover (mayB we shd of called it Deeper Ellum?):

Brandon Hobson's Deep Ellum

+ we sent zzz ><((°> XX off 2 B printed

Sleepingfish XX

[alternet zzz ><((°> XX cover, art-officially cre8ed w/ Open Ai's DALL·E ]

> input-wise (5ince az 1 said 2 posts ago, 1 = ∆ i/O), 1 bin reading the nu 1 by Erika T. Wurth: White Horse, witch = more main5tream/genre fiction (horror) than her other books (Buckskin Cocaine + Crazy Horse's Girlfriend ... funny Macmillan shd call WH her «debut» when she's had 2 other books w/ Astrophil? WTF! big 5 need 2 eggknowledge the 5mall presses that give the likes of Wurth their 1st shots), but 5till has grit, in fact remineds 1 of an amped-up Deep Ellum (minus the L-ements of whore)

White Horse by Erika T. Wurth

> ear-wise, ill nostro amico ꟻr from Rome dayz sent us his b& (Vonneumann)'s nu [●] (on orange vinyl), JOHNiAC ... or 1 shd say [●]S az ꟻr also inklooted Blockchain Me Anonymous by gFꟻr (another project ꟻr = involved in, w/ gF, who combined 4m sum sorta Ai B-ing)

JOHNIAC by Vonneumann + Blockchain me anonymous by gFFr

> B-sides muzic, ꟻr shares a lot in commun w/ 1, geeked-out computer/math nerd (who else wd name their b& after John von Neumann? whose math chops = in5truMental 2 the 4muL8ion of quantum mechanix, computer sighence + the A-bomb (naught sure Y he wasnt in the recent Oppenheimer movie az JvN was buds w/ Oppie + his role @ Los Alamos pivotal)) > JOHNiAC (an acronym st&ing 4: JOHn von Neumann Numerical integr8or + Automatic Computer, an early dinosaur uv a computer now housed in a museum in Mtn View, where 1 gradu8ed high shcool, FYi) = [●]ed live in 1 take, no overdubs! ... an a5tonishing feet for 3 carbon-based B-ings 2 pool off (they had the hlpe of machines 1'm sure)

> Blockchain Me Anonymous = result of Terabytes Xchanged B-tween gF + Fr’s machines, however they then disclose that X machines develipped an art-official life 4ce of their one, called «Verena Becker (maybe)» ... perhaps the 1st posthumun pop 5tar? X god 1 2 wondering if «posthuman» wd 1-day soon B-come a genre? Ai-pop 2 surplant K-pop? 2 give machines sumping 2 lis-10 to after humuns annihiL8 themselves > 5peaking of Mtn View, we member in the '80s 1 was wandering around the backwoods of Stanford + on the 5hores of Lake Laguita 5tumbled across CCRMA (Center 4 Computer Research in Music + Acoustics) ... baↄk in the day when ppl = chill + therƎ = LAX security + CCRMA was just a bunch of hippies w/ electronic gadgets everyware who impromp2 showed 1 sum of what they were up 2, namely gener8ing muzic w/ Ai/machines ... @ the time 1 wondered how the hell does 1 get a job ≈ X?!?! X also = baↄk when lake Lag = acutal lake where weed swim az kids > the other memary of lake Lag that popped 2 mined = 1 summer therƎ = an infestation of tiny frogs that we cot by the bucketful + then let loose in R gr&ma's pull + years L8er she complained she 5till found these frogs everywhere

> a few yrs L8er in 1989 (after 1 gradu8ed Mtn Vu high shcool) 1 went 2 UC Santa Cruz + a'tempted 2 write hack code 2 gener8 computer music based on fractalian geometry + 1/f (pink) noize ... hear's 1 pg from iT (the fool program is inklooted in a4mentioned post in case u want 2 try coding it @ home):

> w/ X all in mined, 1 leave u w/ X posthumun mixtape/[▶]List... naught sew much machine-maid muzic but man-maid 2ns edging in2 posthumanities (dozen't inkloot the above 2 albums b/c they're naught on Tidal)

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