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Seville Mosaic

˘ More Songs About Buildings and Memes: Street Art of Granada and Seville

Rather than stuff our faces with turkey this thanksgiving, we decided to stuff our faces with the sights of southern Spain (a polite way of saying their food and associated customs of when you can eat it, truly sucks--granted the olives and Manchego cheese [ ... ]

Dog Luchador

˘ Halloween Doggie Style: The 16th Annual Tompkins Square Dog Run Halloween Parade

I didn't stick around for the judgment, but if you ask me, Nacho Libre takes the cake. With the Pug Spider a close second. Though the Cherokee boxer and the lion dog were up there too. They're all winners. Even if it's a little mean. [ ... ]

Revisionist by Miranda Mellis

˘ 10 images inspired and for The Revisionist by Miranda Mellis

Been working on some images for the next Calamari book, The Revisionist by Miranda Mellis. Some of these depend on the con-text so you'll just have to get the book to see what they mean, hehe [ ... ]

Oui, Up Dress

˘ Curied Cell Culture of Paris: The Street Memeology of Oui

Went to Paris this past Columbus Day weekend. On Air India, overnight flight, arrived in the morning in delirium, got the train into the cité. The rest of the plane continued onto Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay). [ ... ]

battlefield where the moon says I love you

˘ Cover of the first edition of Frank Stanford's battlefield where the moon says I love you

I am fortunate enough to have in my possession a copy of the first edition of Frank Stanford's epic the battlefield where the moon says I love you, from it's 1977 printing. The most coveted book-object I own without a doubt.  [ ... ]

Degeneration in the Fiction of Mario Bellatin

˘ Degeneration in the Fiction of Mario Bellatin: A review of Chinese Checkers by Norman Lock

“No symbols where none intended,” Beckett admonishes all who would hope to wrest from a fictional text a meaning laid down, deliberately or not, in its images. Written by Mexican author Mario Bellatin and transparently rendered into English by Cooper  [ ... ]

Whale Shark Eye

˘ Images of Yucatán 1. Islas Mujeres Revisited Post Hurricane Gilberto, 2. The Shanty Hole Boxes of Holbox

3. Beachcombing for the Origin, 4. Swimming with Whale Sharks, 5. Onward to Mérida (a.k.a. Ti'ho)

6. Moldy Architextures of the Off-White City.

Peter Markus: Good, Brother

˘ Some muddy and rusty images inspired by and for Peter Markus' Good, Brother

As an editor and pu(bli)sher, I try to heed Scarface's infamous words of wisdom, "don't get high off the supply," but sometimes I can't help myself. The following are images created to fill in some blank pages of Peter Markus' Good, Brother, which [ ... ]

Jenny Boully: [one love affair]*

˘ The Necessity of Ripening and Ingesting: On Jenny Boully’s [one love affair]*

Halfway through her new book, [one love affair]*, Jenny Boully informs us that the reading of a novel takes place outside of the novel, extending a motif she started in her first book, The Body (Slope Editions, 2002, now out of print) in which the writing [ ... ]

Concrete Poetry

˘ "Concrete Poetry" : Giving it back to the Streets of NYC

[ ... ]

Chicago &Now

˘ &Now Unread To-Reads :  recent acquisitions from the presses and people at the &Now/Lake Forest Literary Festival

Went to the &Now Lake Forest Literary Festival last week. I came home with a lot of questions, like is the forest named after the lake or the lake after the forest? Seriously, lots of academic rhetoric went around that flew over my head, and I suppose this [ ... ]

James Tate

˘ Inverse Anthropomorphisms and Animistic Animals in Recent Literaturewith reviews of James Tate, Aase Berg and Lara Glenum. 

Speaking of flora and Kathryn Rantala's The Plant Waterer, I have had fauna on my mind a lot lately--not that I have [ ... ]

Christian Peet: The Nines

This is the first sketch for a cover that Christian Peet asked me to do for his book The Nines, now available from Palm Press. [ ... ]

Kathryn Rantala: The Plant Waterer

˘ A Beautiful Compression: Unifying a Fractured World: An Appreciation of Kathryn Rantala’s The Plant Waterer by Norman Lock

Kathryn Rantala is a poet of small events and inconsequential moments or so one may be tempted to observe, initially, [ ... ]

James Joyce Statue

˘ EIRE DUB : Photo Essay of Dublin

[ ... ]

Faruk Ulay: Beneath the Shadow of Perpetual Defeat

˘ Faruk Ulay : Beneath the Shadow of Perpetual Defeat  

Is it human nature to perpetually strive to stave off entropy? If you're anything like me, your desk is piled with books and manuscripts, CDs, to-do lists, event reminders, random post-its, unfinished stories, unpaid invoices and notes you wrote to [ ... ]

Earth: Hex : Or Printing In the Infernal Method

˘ Earth from 35,000 feet : Hex : Or Printing In the Infernal Method

I seem to only get reading done lately while traveling, and while I recently praised the allure of train travel, airplane travel is also an opportune time to get reading done (though not nearly as romantic as it used to be). Air time is also a good hang time to [ ... ]


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