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Archives 2003- 2005 [see also journals from 2002–2007]



¢ Montreal Montage: A Ride on the Reading RailRoad to Mt. Real:

        ¢ Scene I: NYC to Montreal (reading Sentence 3 and Gander's Eye Against Eye). 

        ¢ Scene II: Montreal (reading David Ohle's Motorman

        ¢ Scene III: Montreal to NYC (reading Saunders' The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil

¢ Echoes of the Original Bunnymen : Echo & the Bunnymen live at Irving Plaza
¢ A Cantering Homage: syncopated evocations while reading Kamau Brathwaite's Born to Slow Horses
¢ The Combinatorics of Advertising : TELLTHISMUCH by Carlos Luis & Wendy Sorin
¢ Mexican Street Memes & Residual Meme Adhesion : 2 galleries of street art and textural graffiti from Oaxaca and San Cristóbal, Chiapas
¢ Terrestrial Visitation to the  Contemporary Mayan Underworld : 3-part field report from the depths of 1. Guatemala, 2. Chiapas & 3. Oaxaca
¢ The Blood Brothers Live in NYC : post-punk cabaret style
¢ Miami Viz : field report from the visual poetry exhibit in Miami
¢ A History of the Imagination : Norman Lock’s Life in the Bush of Ghosts
¢ The Aztec Glass Cage Exhibitionists : chance thoughts on John Cage, George Quasha, Jesse Glass, John Byrum and the ancient Aztecs at the turn of 2005.


¢ Discontinuous reenactment while reading : Sawako  Nakayasu So We Have Been Given Time or
¢ TEXTural analYSIS of SUpeRFiACial subSTANCES  36 images of NYC surfaces and street art from SleepingFish 0.5
¢ 5 Pointz Graffiti : taking art to the streets outside of P.S.1.
¢ In Search of Chupacabras and Dino Flagellates in Puerto Rico (and discovering entropic quantum chaos in its place)


¢ Hot Hot Heat and Ima Robot : concert review
¢ Hero/Anti-Hero: Barney vs. Friedman and Vice Versa : contrasting art review of Matthew Barney and Tom Friedman
¢ eyewitness Limbo : account of carrying eyeballs up a volcano in Indonesia
¢ A Relection on Vegetating : an anthropomorphic view of being a plant 
¢ Siren Freakfest, Coney Island : a 4-part photographic rant
¢ For a few years between 2000—2005, i blogged occassionally (on a more personal level) under the sleepingfish.net & calamaripress.com domains. Some of that content has been migrated above, most of the rest (mostly pics & journal entries) can be found here

DISCLAIMER: 5¢ense Reviews are seeped in direct sensory experience. They do not pretend to be objective or conventional. By definition, they are inevitably subjective, and in fact may be completely arbitrary, biased or fictitious. The subjects of the reviews are also somewhat random: literature, art, music, food, movies, travel destinations, or any experiences that transcend, meld or deconstruct form or genre, or that engage or inspire the visual, aural, gustatory, olfactory and tactile senses (or simultaneously none of the above). This is not to say that 5¢ense Reviews need to make any sense.

Unless stated otherwise, these reviews, blatherings and ephemera are the opinionated          

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