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Q3|2010 5¢ daily ARkive[r]

Sept 2010


¢ to [Ɖ]e[n]velop mêm'∀RK Côd∃x a «seA'RChingenie» fitted mê[me + a ruled card]inal [䷽ΞX #C41E3A] LOG book to rë-co[horde a ∑um of c(0,0)rdina]tes + EVE(nt)s [in a speciæl helѥal ᑑode dan[S que]l №3e—ᕫᔓ [in SEAson]ed a'nimaᒻᒧ inHabit ᗉ (y)ule log for a car[din]aLog prᓰor«i» to keep n.Ext to a muᔒᔐelini bed || + m[in]e log entrée du'ᒐour reads: 3:2:4: a'nimaᒻᒧ binding sites waxed [husked] in brine—a SEAless ark brimming under a waning moon with lumière constant holding steady | EX.Temperature s'till n'eve'rlast augmented lev[iathin au-dessus de z]éroלִו[ְיָתָן | sin precipitatюns ||

¢ cageD iN 64-bit chOMpin HEX-Bin font:{䷂䷄䷑䷔䷣|䷯䷫䷲䷿䷳䷽䷳䷤|䷪䷫䷝|䷱䷺䷓䷙䷣䷗䷀䷈䷇䷁䷃䷅䷄|䷆䷉䷊䷋䷌|䷌䷎䷑|䷔䷒䷐䷕䷖䷚䷛䷜|䷟䷠䷡䷢䷤䷦䷬䷵|䷭䷿䷽|䷻䷹䷸䷷䷴|䷲䷯䷫} ||

¢ «Once the genes have provided their survival machines with brains that are capable of rapid imitation, the memes will automatically take over. We do not even have to posit a genetic advantage in imitation, though that would certainly help. All that is necessary is that the brain should be capable of imitation: memes will then evolve that exploit the capacity to the full.» & «We are built as gene machines and cultured as meme machines, but we have the power to turn against our own creators. We, alone on earth, can rebel against the tyranny of the selfish replicators.»—Richard DawkinsDawkins ||

¢ as always fantastic vintage book art on A Journey Round My Skull:

Italo Calvino   Gulliver's Travels   Adolf Hoffmeister   Composite Animal   all sorts of remedies

¢ if «i» [a.k.a. H.E. [Hom.Eirectus][a.k.a. MEandertale]] iN nYc H.E. see Brion Gysin's Dream Machine ma forse MEandertale see Franz West at Gagosian ||

¢ headed N x NW by the sea for a spell▓▓▒▒░░░||

¢ «Even in the case of self-voiding texts we have semiosic objects which without any shade of doubt speak of their own impossibility. Let us be realistic: there is nothing more meaningful than a text which asserts that there is no meaning.»—Umberto Eco [The Limits of Interpretationumberto eco] ||

¢ haven't read Event Factory by Renee Gladman yet but this excerpt has me intrigued ||

¢ «in par[ticulated water—pickLing for l'eXam]ination of DNA than molted on itSelf—the com[pleX (f)act that the ROMANtic cham]pion [who is] inFiltrated vari[ous ice structures pre]sent in DNA | in the arC of the 7th day they had been ISOlated after the other samp()les of DNA coincided with: { 1 orangutang of the 9/11 victims [of con-prOMised fetus] | 1 of the 2 dead woMen beasts | 1 horse surVivor | 1 superstitches doctor } | toWard this quest l'eXamination is in a state of susPension |»—[my X-slation of an eXcerpt from XY—the nuovo romanzo by Sandro Veronesi ||


¢ fiNIshed Conditions Uncertain and Likely to Pass Away by Frank Stanford | not as imagical as his poetry sure ma lo vale still specially if you want-know more wHat made him tick [or fire 3 shots into his ticker] | might have more to say bout it later [anyone know where i can see It Wasn't a Dream It Was a Flood you'd be my hero] ||

¢ Bodies and Departments by Jack Boettcher posted to Sleepingfish iX ||

¢ the laTEst last word from Entropy, the Indus Script, and Language [Rao et al]: «Both of these results include data from demonstrably nonlinguistic sequences, namely, DNA, protein sequences, and Fortran code. To present our work as "simple experiments involving randomly generated texts" is, to say the least, a gross misrepresentation of our work. To correct this misrepresentation, we present in Figure 1(b) the block entropy result (adapted from [Rao2010b]). Block entropy generalizes Shannon entropy [ Shannon1948, Shannon1951] and the measure of bigram conditional entropy used in [Rao et al. 2009a] to blocks of N symbols. Block entropy for block size N is defined as [where pi(N) are the probabilities of sequences (blocks) of N symbols.]:

HN = −


pi(N) logpi(N)   [ ... ]


¢ after RINsing my hair with deer-antler eXtract my inertial reference frame got skewed [ρ] by eschatologist jews [E] singing in the moment from a 3rd story window [in italian [I]] where:

inertial moment

¢ near SUBurban cat[aCOMBs the deCima]ted celery reVeIled the colOur of the analYzed sectors of pinkêYê hier-o-glyphs to me[ME | found] sunk [re:AD the headline] was the empiriCal ∀RK that put Roma on the map in BC times—for «gypsy» journalists then used only a whiff of glimmering PHilanthropists [considered to be megalomaniacs] & botanical veterinarian weigh-ins as evidence | discoveRED [pre-fLight] in the form of 10 tabLets—sieved by the Smithsonian Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions—was this sleep medicine [the first empirical evidence of therapeutic PHarmaceuticals] exTracted from a PINE vessel shipwrecked by gypsy pharmacists off the bay of Naples c. 266 before christ | paparaZZi leaked the tabLet supply into a well-preserved PINEal gLand [via I.V.]—cushIONed in carIbou fUR(n) & (n)sulated in ceraMic with pinkie extended—begg[et]ing the questION du jour: if you spot a sandwich-boarded newSpaper vendor at an intersection reADing the newSpaper being sold during the green light is this consideRED «getting high off the supply»? ||

¢ «Players themselves can't be valid targets. Players aren't inside the goddamn game. Players are part of the apparatus of the game. They're part of the map. It's snowing on the players but not on the territory.... You can only launch against the territory. Not against the map. It's like the one ground-rule boundary that keeps Eschaton from degenerating into chaos. Eschaton, gentlemen, is about logic and axiom and mathematical probity and discipline and verity and order. You do not get points for hitting anybody real. Only the gear that maps what's real.»—DFWinifinite jest ||

¢ 1 of the myStery sTones that «walk in the Death Valley» it Goes of them the dead wom[b]en betwine California & Nevada leaving behind rinds of myself—the wake of my own forced paSSage—consoliDated to wound | registries in this instance have pLaced the sTones at the scene of the bed in a dry lake: «it is with kind permission by the forward/guard of the aWakening hills that the sensors caused detection» since the «desert of freezing movements» tags the sensors with letters—{ C | A | T | G | U | T }—that bind in «ice collars» | 40 hexed x-sections formed in the surrounding phenomenon of reefing data can float a hex of the miSSpelled base sequence within the microclimate | just a hypothesis ||

death valley rock slippage

¢ Colosseo type by Cameron Moll:

Colosseo font

¢ Mapping Your Moves: a VISual exploration of the [IM|E]migration patterns of New Yorkers ||

¢ più i'mages i made dal h0ME(o\v/o)ID se[que]nce comPosted ||

¢ Deep into the Water—a short film by Elisa Mishto posted to Sleepingfish iX ||

¢ MOSHUN: an ANIMAted typeFace by Calango:

¢ Crimped, Gunwales Under by Heather Palmer posted to Sleepingfish iX ||

¢ a Frank Scheffer & Andrew Culver short film based on an a 1982 interview with John Cage in Rotterdam:

¢ my better half in HuffPost teaming up with Sachs to debunk the miracle cure-all of Plumpy'Nut ||

¢ from NUMBERS 4 [The Dead Sea Scrolls Biblebible version]: 5 When [the camp] sets out, [Aaron and] his [sons] shall g[o in, and] t[he]y shall take [down] the veil of the [screen,] and cov[er] the ark of the testimony with it, 6 an[d they shall put a covering of s]eal[s]k[in on i]t, and shall spre[ad a cloth of pure blue] over it, [and shall put in the p[oles. ||

¢ Sean Sturn [via Te Ipu Pakore] summarizes the degrees of transtextuality as defined by Gérard Genette: { architxtuality [arch- "original"] | hypertxtuality [hyper- "above"] | intertxtuality [inter- "between"] | metatxtuality [meta- "after"] | paratxtuality [para- "beside"] } wherein a «txt» is necessarily networked [can never stand alone] in exponential fashion ||

¢ ∀RK Côd∃X 2:16:2: us[∩r]ing carI-BOulean LOGic: pRime the [g]Host pump & MounT on sAwHorse knees [labeLing the intake valve as «stopgap rhiZ(0,0)mic lotIONs» lEast you forgeT a SEAless shARKskin & laiS.S.ez bonering—dry-vacu∩med to ward [in: FINite self]-rëferential rëCursion] ||


¢ Gaddafi is back in town bringing 30 Libyan thoroughbreds [& their Bedouin riders] & taking 700 more Italian models for his harem/army—all on red carpet rolled out by Berlusconi ||

¢ last month 'snake fish' [446] passed 'dead dog' [314] as the #1 search string leading people [here] | other notable search strings: { 'elephant' [87] | 'ox' [49] | 'barbary ape' [38] | 'lion dog' [38] | 'irish sheep' [37] | 'goat' [21] |'horse girl' [10] | 'turkey dance' [9] | 'goat rodeo' [8] | 'hyena' [8] | 'light purple dinosaur' [8] | 'milking cows' [8] | 'donkey cart' [7] | 'monkey tattoo' [7] | 'camel sleeping' [7] | 'how to build a boat' [5] } | you've come to the right place ||

Aug 2010

¢ a new one by Anthony Mariani posted to Sleepingfish ||

¢ speaking of language & how it shapes our thoughts—i've noticed here that when italians speak of their opinions or speculations they tend to say «io credo ...» or «i believe...» whereas in english americans at least tend to say «i think...» such as «i think it's gonna rain» rather than «believing» it's gonna rain | THINKing [to me—in english] is a more objective or secular way of exPressing it whereas BELIEVing yields a certain trust in some higher being at the exPENSE of individual empowerment but this likely stems from what's been lost in translation between languages & the associative baggage words like «believe» have picked up en route to America [via the Bible belt] | if you look at the etymology of «believe» & it's italian counterpart i thINK i'd give more CREDEnce to «credere» though in english to [think or] «conceive in the mind» that it is going to rain is not a bad way of thINKing about it—ergo in english i think & in italian io credo & in french je pense donc je suis & in latin cogito ergo sum & back to the original NY Times article: «... surely it is a mistake to overestimate the importance of abstract reasoning in our lives. After all, how many daily decisions do we make on the basis of deductive logic compared with those guided by gut feeling, intuition, emotions, impulse or practical skills? The habits of mind that our culture has instilled in us from infancy shape our orientation to the world and our emotional responses to the objects we encounter, and their consequences probably go far beyond what has been experimentally demonstrated so far; they may also have a marked impact on our beliefs, values and ideologies.» ||

¢ PROPer[ly consTUEd'objets & actIONS sh]ouldR∃:quire no exPLANation ||

¢ from GENESIS 40 [The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible version]: [10 and on the vine were three branches. And as it was budding, its blossoms came out, and its clusters produced ripe grapes.] [12 And Joseph said to him,] “This [is the interpretation: the three branches are three days; 13 within three more days] Pharaoh [shall lif]t [up your head and restore you to your office; and you shall give Pharaoh’s cup into his hand, after the former manner when you were his cupbearer.] [16 when the chief baker saw that he had interpreted favorably, he said to Joseph, “I also saw in my dream, and behold, there were three baskets of white bread on my head; 17 and in the top basket there were some of all sorts of baked food for Pharaoh, and the birds were eating them out of the basket on my head.”][ 18 And Joseph answered and said, “This is its interpretation: the three baskets are th]ree [d]ays; [19 within three more days Pharaoh will lift up your head from off you, and shall han]g you on a tree and [the birds] will e[at your flesh off you.”] ||

¢ any lingual [ab]usage by deFINition has emBEDded withIN it the POMegranate seeds of its own contradiction | no 2 lanGuages [once defined] have eXact 1-to-1 laminar correspondence in literal MEANing | conSider L1 [the matRiX lanGuage] & L2 [the emBEDded lanGuage] wHere [to obfuscate morPHemes [this is only an absTract after ∀ll] set L1 = разноречие [razNOreCHiE—a concept lanGuage introduced by Mikhail Bakhtin in his landmark carTEL Слово в романе [Slovo v romane] to empiricAlly underStand Heteroglossia [site-specific to the novel & NOT poetry]] & set L2 = yoUr mother tongue [in this expository conTEXT—engLish] & to keep perspective we introduce a placeBO tonsil [L7] as destabiLizing kumquat code | inserting L1 [your mother tongue] into L2 leads to re:Cursive paradox right off the bat [sensu stricto] & the introduction of foreign discriminatory viral ssDNA [i.e. in a CULTural conTEXT the phrasing «right off the bat» imMediately offends left-handed lanGuage users] | the over-ARChing lanGuage of emBedded morPHeme spLicing must necessarily emBrace fluid lanGuage contact as a nomadic shift vis-à-vis «sleeping in a vessel on your mother’s pond» whereIN the vessel [a.k.a. a black-body cavity] enCompasses aNEither body of water & the LOOMing threat of L7 peregrine vultures in the sky | so-called code-switching can only occur at nodes of interCourse where the juxtaPosition of L1 & L2 coordinates [& the decay-spiraling outlier L7] do not [siMULtaneously] sting a synaptic customs officer on the taste bud of each tongue in use [& the knowLedge of original bed [de]construction is by default retained] | the SUpeRFiACiEl lingual structures need not map onto each other in 1-to-1 [or arBOR[ing]EAL] correspundence | it is LItErature’s role to bRE[E|a]d fluID [pyscho]geographies gRounded in hol[l]o[w]Graphic rhiZ(0,0)me[me]s ||

¢ «... and later in life, Italian in order to read Dante. Translations would not suffice. Joyce wanted the original words, the text, without trace, resemblance or association. This increased versatility with the international novel allowed Joyce the ability to use the foreign text as building material, to cover up and structure over layers of coded systems (a lateral function), obfuscating his own handgesture in the process.»—Kevin White [from 'SSES" 'SSES"] ||

¢ a conversation with Tom McCarthy & Peter Mendelsund [who created the cover for McCarthy's forthcoming CC] concerning code & cover composition & construction ||

¢ 5 images by Simone Pelligrini posted to Sleepingfish iX ||

simone pelligrini

¢ in fact just so you [I.M.] don't think i'm a machine here's some free-form associative text to crosscheck: «thrU the MA[il] i mitigated maCaws & ulceRing velopes [o M[a]y's natïvety is enGENioUS] that [i]lash a dirty sea so raw ... counting on this 2nd rei[g]n [the HUMan dovesprit purged] to sail on sky as deSigned» [\∀/RK Côd∃X 13:3] [quale è di dire —besides working non-line[arly i've also embarked on Dante's Purgatory [in native form] des]pite the fact i'm nowhere near ready for it ||

¢ eXactly 50 years ago in the 1960 Rome Olympics Abebe Bikila won the marathon event—24 years after Mussolini had «conquered» his homeland of Ethiopia | he won in world-record time [2:15:16] becoming the first African to win an Olympic medal | not only that—he did it barefoot [after the Adidas sponsors couldn't find a pair of shoes that fit him comfortably]! mind you a lot of the streets here in Rome are cobblestone [i myself am reluctant to run the Rome Marathon even with shoes] for example here's footage from Appia Antica which the course followed finishing at the Constantine Arch & since it was so hot the race was started at sunset & ended in the dark of night lit by Roman soldiers holding torches | Bikila was a last minute replacement for the Ethiopian team & didn't even start running until he was 24 | evidently a few KM from the finish Bikila saw the Obelisk of Axum—which invading Italian troops stole from Ethiopia during WWII [& only recently restored it to the Tigray region of Ethiopia in 2008] | at this point Bikila was neck & neck with the Moroccan Rhadi but when he saw the obelisk he surged & Rhadi couldn't keep up & the rest is history | also of note is that some boxer named Cassius Clay won his first gold a few days before in Rome | even though Bikila had an appendectomy 40 days before the event & wasn't able to train or expected to even run it—he went on to win gold again in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo—this time with shoes—becoming the 1st person to repeat gold in the marathon | you might wonder what he could've done with «modern» training & equipment but then again Bikila also demonstrates the importance of natural talent & determination | the biomechanical efficiency of his stride is awe-inspiring | & to think he ironically suffered the same fate as Prefontaine—dying as result of complications from a car accident [after living out the last years of his life as a paraplegic] ||

¢ RE:[a]li[e]zing yoU can't write a non-LINEar novel linearL(y) so i'm skipPING to CH. 13 [wHereIN j & i are dispatched per sCoprire che cosa è DIVEntato del formER «i» [the HUman BEing who called himSELF «H.E.»—the originAL shepHERD assigned to the ARKtic seed bank] so (i, j) can pick up where H.E. left off | this moUrning j left to D.C. for the week while i conTInue my ABStinENCE from being U.S.oilED ||

¢ A Study of Language Transients by duncan barlow posted on Sleepingfish iX ||

duncan barlow language transients

¢ IERi [19-AGO] signalato 3-mesi a Roma non ancora surFacing for l'ARIa fUori dell'Italy [eXcept j che sufFaced in gli altoPiani dell'Africa for due settiMane inCREASing her GLOBulo rosso count] | sto respirando just fine | addesso Rome is a ghosTown poichè most Romani have gotten the hell out of Dodge [though il tempo è perfetto e le strada sono vuota] ||

¢ «the book should be the written counterpart of the unwritten world; its subject should be what does not exist and cannot exist except when written but whose absences is obscurely felt by that which exists, in its own completeness.»—Italo Calvino ||

¢ conTEXT is EVErything but EVErything falls into the reALM of SUBtext ||

¢ .... --- -- . .. -. .-. --- -- . .... . .-. . ... .- ... ..- -- -- .- .-. -.-- --- ..-. .-- .... .- - .-- . -.. .. -.. -- --- .-. . - --- -.-. --- -- .                            

in dice stripper

¢ headed up to Umbria for a spell | you'll find me in Cardinal Cybo's library in the ancient Hermitage of Santa Maria delle Grazie ||

¢ The International Obfuscated C Code Contest on GAMM ||

¢ woke up in the middle of the night to an intense & sustained cramp in my left soleus muscle [not my gastrocnemius which was completely relaxed though is usually the one that cramps up on me] | been running lots of stairs lately & the insane hill to get up to villa Pamphilj which probably explains some things | my achilles have been aching lately too | no running for a while for me—at least stairs & hills ||

¢ i am not Derek White [including 13 more collages] |

¢ where do dead words go to die? from the Daily Telegraph—«They now lie in a vault in Oxford alongside millions of other unused words which are written on 6in by 4in cards and stored alphabetically in 50 huge filing cabinets. Some of these words date back to before 1918, when Lord of The Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien was editor of the OED, but newer 'non words' are digitised.» | talk about taking «Dead Letter Office» to a wHole nether level ||

¢ The Shepherd by Luca Arnaudo posted on Sleepingfish ||

The Shepherd by Luca Arnaudo  The Shepherd by Luca Arnaudo  The Shepherd by Luca Arnaudo  The Shepherd by Luca Arnaudo  The Shepherd by Luca Arnaudo

¢ al mare gabbiani ||

¢ [verify that the rod tiller projects throUgh the transom [the RIBossoMê∑ship will be steered using CATGUT twiller twine] [\∀/RK Côd∃X 4:33]  ||

¢ «Rather than build levees against the flood of mediocrity or fight for your continued existence in this saturated & over-satisfied world it would behoove one to adapt & move away from low-lying areas.»—from a sort of «manifesto» ABR asked me to write to help rally for the existence of Calamari as an American micropress ||

¢ cooking tacos for 6 tonight—time to put my moNEY where my moUTH is | haven't been giving much of GUSTatOry|GARden updates here on 5¢ but the jalapeños have flowered & are now budding peppers [after growing a meter high] | the thai chiles are gRowing like wildfire but sTill not prêt-à-manger | stiamo mangiando salads all summer but can't keep up with all the romaine & arugula & wild spicy greens gRowing & we've also been putting pestO on everything to keep up with the jungle of BASILico | unfortunately not self-sufficient on the cilantro though thankfully there's a few places around town that have it & there's a few varieties of chiles [from down south in Calabria] that are spicy enough till we harvest our own | j's assistant's husband has an organic farm so once a week j brings home BUSHels of whatever's in SEAson | we rarely need to buy produce anymore | i even made [gasp] zucchini bread yesterday [i don't like baking as it means following a REcipe] as it's the only way i can stomACH all the incoming zucchini | been stuffing the zucchini blossOMs [with ricotta & chives & mint also growing on the terrace] & in addition to salads [including the mother of all: salad niçoise] & pesto we've been living off such things as: { tacos [with homemade tortillas as you can't get them here] | eggplant & porcini risotto [with chicken broth made from scratch] | straccetti [steak & arugula grilled together] | vietnamese noodles with grilled chicken | minestrone legumey stews | etc.} & all the amazing cheeses & antipasta items you can get here—this of course is when we are not eating in restaurants which is a whole nother story ... ||

¢ MOTEL remix of tommasina squadrito's alfabeto leggero [a free e-book on GAMM]:

alphabet motel

¢ made a landing page with links to all the various art i've done all in 1 place ||

¢ l'Africa trasPorta i j di nuOVO me in un peZZo solo—Natale in agosto! ||

¢ viscous font dub [eviscerating efferfescence]:

July 2010

¢ Crash Blossom du jour from Language Log: «Lou Gehrig's victim: Kill me for my organs» ||

¢ 5 collages by Carla Rak posted on Sleepingfish iX ||

¢ «A man will die, a writer, the instrument of creation: but what he has created will never die! And to be able to live for ever you don't need to have extraordinary gifts or be able to do miracles. Who was Sancho Panza? Who was Prospero? But they will live for ever because—living seeds—they had the luck to find a fruitful soil, an imagination which knew how to grow them and feed them, so that they will live for ever.»—Luigi Pirandello ||

¢ they say if you dream in italian you're getting there | last night i dreamt a slew of words in italian... the problem is i didn't understand any of it ||

¢ Beckett in Italian [nod to Blake for posting in English]:

¢ after a mlitary exercise in which we ate in a Chinese restaurant knowing full-well it would partially collapse—i was paroled for lingering too long & trying to get the last bite of jellyfish in | i was taking some r & r [under the radar] when my parole officer called & per standard procedure to determine parole violations i was asked to put a dab of this paste [that i had to keep on me at all times] on my tongue | then i was asked if it tasted «healthy» or «nostalgic» & i had no clue how to quantify such things from the bitter taste ||

¢ «...architecture of a philosophy of interference, the forms of which are infinitely varied, a vocabulary of words spoken only once, then forgotten...»—Lebbeus Woods: Slow Manifesto ||

¢ SLEEPiNGFiSH vol iX sequence seeded with works by marc t. wise | Jasmine Golestaneh | Chiara Barzini |:

marc wise   jasmine  chiara barzini

¢ «Così di ponte in ponte, altro parlando / che la mia comedìa cantar non cura, / venimmo; e tenavamo 'l colmo, quando / restammo per veder l'altra fessura / di Malebolge e li altri pianti vani; / e vidila mirabilmente oscura. / Quale ne l'arzanà de' Viniziani / bolle l'inverno la tenace pece / a rimpalmare i legni lor non sani, / ché navicar non ponno—in quella vece / chi fa suo legno novo e chi ristoppa / le coste a quel che più vïaggi fece; / chi ribatte da proda e chi da poppa; / altri fa remi e altri volge sarte; / chi terzeruolo e artimon rintoppa—: / tal, non per foco ma per divin' arte, / bollia là giuso una pegola spessa, / che 'nviscava la ripa d'ogne parte. / I' vedea lei, ma non vedëa in essa / mai che le bolle che 'l bollor levava, / e gonfiar tutta, e riseder compressa. / Mentr' io là giù fisamente mirava, / lo duca mio, dicendo «Guarda, guarda!»...»—Dante: Inferno Canto XXI [translation]

¢ scrap of a scan i received through my virual mailbox:

intentionally blank note

¢ an ode to «SO» in Seed ||

¢ «prima descrizione: delle infinite volte a me dicendomi / di parlare l'italiano senza accento / e lasciare il dialetto da me usato / soggiogato da io al mio volere / creduto di saperne di lettere di plurali / di subientivo e gerundio e coniunzioni / e tutti i resti d'avverbi che di mia vita / mi feci in costruzione o mi disfeci» & «ottava descrizione: gli stromenti degli armonici / medesimamente alla bellezza / alla viva e vegetabile lingua / d'un infiebolito aver sentore / d'ogni fatto d'ogni storia / nel passato de' rimatori e scienze / nei vocabuli per dar parola / alle parole occulte alla prudenza / del giusto e del bene la materia / la forma d'ogni fine nell'amore»—Alexander Ghignoli from Amarore [via blanc de ta nuque][yet more inCENTive to lEARN italiano] ||

¢ j left for a fortnight in E. Africa | i'm staying [in] caput [mundi] embarking on Dante's Inferno [in Italiano]—literally & figuratively ||

¢ Eben Goff's Flood Cubes as brilliant building blocks for an ARK FOUNDation ||

¢ acquiring new meaning for the word HOT ||

¢ polish prison tattoos preserved in formaldehyde: «Besides gestures and mimics it is a kind of secret code – revealing why 'informative' tattoos appeared on uncovered body parts: face, neck or arms. The collection was created with a view to deciphering the code – among prisoners known as a 'pattern language'. By looking closely at the prisoners' tattoos, their traits, temper, past, place of residence or the criminal group in which they were involved could be determined.»

preserved polish prison tattoos from the dea

¢ last night i felt a hair growing on the tip of my tongue | i plucked it & discovered it was a thick woody sapling & i hadn't pulled it completely by the roots | the night before i was falling/swimming in this archive of text that was such a swirling mass of confusion that it became «common knowledge» ||

¢ lesson learned today [outside of class]: the bidet is for finding leaks in your bike tube ||

¢ just now getting into season 2 of True Blood... is it just me or is Mary Ann = Circe [incidentally the female love interest [i.e. j] in my own ark codex]? | either that or some sort of Maenad | question is though who is = Eurylochus [we're only on episode 4] ||

¢ biked aLong Appia Antica [1 of the oldest roads from the Roman empire completed in 312 BC] today & saw some catacombs along the [Appian] way | tomorrow i start intensive Italian—completi l'immersione ||

¢ according to Ewa Dąbrowska many English speakers cannot understand basic grammar | so why bother | she gets into it more here wherein she shows some «language learners attend to different cues in the input and end up with different grammars; in others, some speakers extract only fairly specific, ‘local’ generalizations which apply to particular subclasses of items while others acquire more abstract rules which apply ‘across the board’.» | rest assured—«sharing the same grammar is not essential for successful communication.» ||

¢ 2nd video from the Maxxi set: Mike Bones covering the Silver Jews & speaking of Maxxi—there was an article on it & the modernization of Rome [at the expense of it's crumbling past] in the NY Times: «The Eternal City is anything but.» | who is NYC to say? ||

¢ pLace the assemblance [g]Host scaffold 6X-JunCTures in the N-E-W-S windbag then use a root-finding algorithm to deterMINE direction [taking into account the [LITeral] friction loss equations [that preserve any changes in the D>E+IREction mapPING [d'according] to the 4⊗ [where ⊗ is arBITrary & gOdspelled «εὐαγγέλιον» [AKA: { [m]AN[gel] | LION | OX | eaGLE } ]] ]  ] [\∀/RK Côd∃X 4:1] ||

¢ on the kosher cleanliness or uncleanliness of: { breastfeeding | vampirism | grasshopper blood | nursing lizards | Mike Tyson | placenta stew}

kosher vampire breastfeeding

¢ «the moments already passed/i'm already gone/i'm not here/this isn't happening» ||

¢ we have our first houseguest | can't think of a better place to be a tourist in your own town ||

¢ are the likes of Joyce too complicated for words?

¢ there's a thing on me & sleepingfish this month in an Italian glossy called Repubblica XL [sort of their answer to Rolling Stone] | the photo is me cornered into my empty closet before all the Calamari had arrived | grazie Chiara! ||

¢ the scene in Fellini's ROMA where digging subway workers [& his film crew] disCOVERr an ancient Roman p[a]lace deep underground—& by virtue of witnessing it RUIN it—is mind-blowing | ACTually the entire movie is absolutely brilliant | i don't know whether Woody Allen or Fellini first had the IDea but Fellini definitely perfected the art of the self-referential inclusion of the film crew within the movie:


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