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399 Intersecting Indonesia in Preparation for the Next Life + new year

.. a way to cope w/ chaos + uncertainty .. or just that it comes when u dont expect it .... after xfering files over so our slave laptop mimics mother machine started (not just thinking about but) officially writing Raft Manifest (the continuation of The Becoming) .. case u wonder why write us like this here .. method acting .. still not cognizant ('kumtux' in The Becoming speak) of the verb «to be» [ ... ]

398 ✝-ing Houston no problem down to Canal, grafing relingos a ✝ fluxus isle o man for our fables of reconstruxion

Eyes flicker in R.E.M. when look us up into the glaring white sky... Maphattan a dreamachine, triggering songlines as we wander, hitting harmonics ... cris-✝-ing a zillion alturnate paths, sum our own ... en otro lugar + tiempo, footprints still m-pressed ... zig-zagging to deconstruct + revisit ... accumulating to 1 day become nostalgia (from the Greek nostos-'return home’ + algos-‘pain’) [ ... ]

397 Archipelago Indonesia '90 x land + sea—Timor > Flores > Komodo > Lombok

I didn't sleep much. They were still partying it up w/ the palm wine in the men's hut. The dogs were howling at the full moon ... other weird sounds. The bed just a bamboo mat ... no blankets or sheet. Had strange dreams ... woke up a few times cuz Villy was screaming in his sleep ... 3x this happened. He woke me up at 4:30 to watch the sunrise ... "do you want to sleep more?" he asked. [ ... ]

396 Mainlining village dreamtracks for infamy into an Oblivion Atlas of forgetting

... «the streets is tricky in these parts here» ... we don't know how hard it is there ... the trickiness we refer to has more to do w/ navigation, (why the Aborigines came up w/ songlines in the 1st place—to help them find their way thru the landscape) ... optimizing our route ... + to not miss relevant landmarks. In meatspace our field map not nearly so clean ... [ ... ]

395 [Ah Pook is Here] is here: lipsus machina, the art of ruin + ransom notes of CAPTCHAs, whileST Xing 14th

The tethering of projects to the corrupting filth of copyright + financing inevitably what kills it before even getting off the ground ... at best to become ½-baked enchiladas. Often ruin = most telling/intresting ... when stripped of original practical intent + [ ... ]

394 Flashback to OZ '90: hitching dreamtime to Moby Dick thru the outback

... this went on for quite a while, to no avail. Finally she got off, pulled the condom off + twirled it around over her head + flung it offstage like she had conquered him. She was the matador + he the dead bull, laying there defeated. Everybody cheered + the guy flipped the audience off. As the curtain closed, he lay there naked under the harsh lights, spread eagle on the stage like a beached whale. [ ... ]

393 Economized media: WHAT becomes writ = more important than WHO writes it

Place just seems to take herself way too seriously for her own good ... so full of her$elf $he incorporated her$elf out, sold. From what could us muster to read of Boycott just seemed boring + anally pent up ... the tone like a stern parent lecturing us kids. We unable to xpress the way $he seems unable to xpress her$elf ... retentively repressed + image-greedy as $he puts on, out. [ ... ]

392 Flashback to New Zealand 1990: Journeling our autobiopsychogeography

Then we saw their lights coming from under the waterfalls + they both surfaced. We proceeded in line ... like good little penguins up the side of the cliff w/ our innertubes where we were to jump off. I volunteered to go 1st. I stepped to the edge + could just see dark swirls + bubbles below. As i was flying thru the pitch dark abyss a lot went thru my mind. Before, i was just mindlessly trodding along [ ... ]

391 Concurrently + literaturely—gold-rushing our autobio-psychoge(ne)ography

wont dig further back than this as try us not to show living people here. IRL, in real-time, continue us our own psychogeographical mappings of our current environs ... yesterday (30.11) took advantage of the warmer weather + chalked off a dozen streets, from 39 to 28 ... sum 22 miles or so, tho our better-½'s iphone app claims over a marathon of distance ... still not out of the trenches of [ ... ]

390 Bough Down to Wytches (SSEY it aint so) a la tamarind treed mole w/ green chili unstuffing

{tamarindo (mucho), roma tomatoes, poblanos, guajillos, chipotles, habanero, chocolate, vegetable broth, onion, garlic, cinnamon stick, plums, almonds, peanut butter, cranberries, black sesame seeds, sesame oil, olive oil, all-spice, ginger, oregano + other spices} [ ... ]

389 Guilty of being Chaulky White: demurely abiding the rails of archival g-g-jeanology to find g-g-g-g-g-host incestors on LSD

What up w/ these in-breeding homebodies? Between 1605-1858 not a single peep wanted to up + leave the U.S. or marry some 1 foreign/non-WASPy? All this time + not 1 fell in love w/ say, a Tillamook or Nooksack? Exist there plenty of dead ends + peeps of [ ... ]

388 By reflexing the rebar-red Wire city we track direct current ALT covering GND

Question is, how much of this navel-gazing randum meaning-of-life shit that amounts to nuthing can 1 read? Reading about writing bout reading (or versa-vice-versa) ... it's like meditating on nuthing ... can we ever think about nuthing? Even thinking bout nuthing is sumthin cuz inevitably we embedded in the framework of thawed. Can we ever write about just writing w/o real world drama slipping [ ... ]

387 A Short History of Decay -dance: our biographical odyssey as archival geneography in space + time seeded w/ mitochondrial Eve + capped in sage

This is us tonguing our genetics ... ticking like a cherry bomb ... birfurcating ecstatically. To each his own harmonic carrier frequency. Wandering pilgrims searching for the golden fur, guided by Fibonacci. Our language derived from the river-ruined landscape [ ... ]

386 Hollow doll electricians hit reset + file under a lost but now found Black Sun

... an out of control intergalactic plane w/ no landing gear + a pilot that doesn't know how to fly + no eject button ... on a crash course into the sun. But our gripe that we have again + again is that ok it's fine to live a self-indulgent life of unabashed reckless abandon, but 1. u cross a line when u have sex w/ underage girls (or boys)(we're talking 11 + 12 year olds in Crosby's case) + 2. killing people is [ ... ]

385 Ever on the fringe benefits of ivy-leaf change in the backwoods princely otherness of The Other City

Eventually we find ourselves in a library that morphs into a jungle. «Covers were falling apart and leaves prolapsed from them, lolling out of the books like tired tongues, falling on the ground and mixing with leaves from other books, putrefying and forming a soaring pile of oozing, phosphorescent, malodorous compost, through which I had to force my way waist-deep at times.» [ ... ]

384 L'unica cosa «real» is a spooky W.I.P. entangled D.O.A. to heights-driven hypocrisy (or how the hippies ruined fysiks)

... «If a culture cannot afford an area in itself where pure nonsense happens, and where it is not practical, it has no objectives, it was for nor no reason whatsoever ... then this culture is dead.» ... if u can't beat 'em, embrace the chaos. [ ... ]

383 Taking Discomfort in dam-licking ibex + creepy denuded dolls, IRL to URL

... not always easy gliding (the ideas, that is—the language itself is economic + efficient), in fact resistance is a common theme (tho never explicitly stated) that seems to thread thru the stories, as if w/o resistance language would slide right thru u, but she sets meaty hooks, gritty barbs that snag like toothed tapeworms onto her slipstream of childlike wonder to make u bleed internally + productively. [ ... ]

382 Anachronistic unicorns + Borromean morality against the fascism of nature

... We're all victims of our parents' inability to resist the reproductive urge.» In many ways the Balkan states + Italy could be considered regressive «has been» places + we don't mean that in a bad way ... it's just the way of nature. Great minds built these empires, these buildings, this art. But the generations that have inherited this don't necessarily have anything to do w/ it. It gets back to [ ... ]

381 ... + the sown teeth started to grow + assume a new kind of body: on anthropomorphic shape-shifting + fleecing taxidermy

The collective take-away from the culled mash-up of metamorphing anthropomorphic fables—«the moral of the story» as they say—is that here's nothing constructive in static story-telling. There's no evolution in the day-to-day. Making art should be like throwing teeth [ ... ]

380 An itemized récit for wandering the Obscure undead from west 71st to 60th

This independence, which is passed over in the everyday use of language, is the negativity at the heart of language. The word means something because it negates the physical reality of the thing. Only in this way can the idea arise. The absence of the thing is made good by the presence of the idea. What the everyday use of language steps over to make use of the idea, literature remains [ ... ]

379 A Dyadic search for any dad wandering the N tip of a maphattan state of mind

There's a reason why we say things like we're «on the same wavelength» ... it's not just a metaphor, but sometimes it feels that consciousness is really like that ... that a stream of thought is actually something u can physically take for a log ride, a mechanized stream [...] like certain language hits harmonic frequencies, that not only synch conscious thought w/ subconscious thought, but enable [ ... ]

378 Fearless Vampire Killers: Aboriginal spider-bots dreaming a living document forever in track changes

This dream did not have a storyline capable of recounting, but the dream itself was of an actual piece of paper w/ lines of text + in the dream we were trying to read this text which was ½ backwards, like a negative image or typesetters printing plate. We were struggling to read the words backwards, to figure out what the text was about, but as we deciphered it we realized the text was about [ ... ]

377 An exploding ticket to channel a reflexive river of bi-polar chaos on 1 self to sweep Slocum depth charge under wandering rocks + avoid colony collapse

We 'write' SSEY in the same way we write 5cense, in that a flood of parallels + synchronicities overwhelm us that we try to make sense of + herd into their appropriate reappropriations [...] itemized brain-stormage needing drainage [ ... ]

376 If a rat family nests in your hair, brush their teeth before bed: The pscyhogeography of ruin + reconstruction

... documenting the nonsense of the nonsite, a hotel simultaneously undergoing decay + reconstruction whilst being occupied. U could say every bldg is ever-dealing w/ the bootstrapping flux of dueling ruin + rebuilding, but the harsh tropical elements exacerbated the entropic decay, as did the transient nature of the hotel, whose upkeep was subject to the economic demands of tourism. [ ... ]

375 Cryptically teletyping native Sugarhill Mumbo Jumbo til no longer empty

As we told them, we don't mind the idea of having Calamari titles in the Library of Congress ... all they have to do is say 'please' ... but instead 2 different people have been harassing us, saying it's mandatory, instructing us to do it, not asking. How did this ever become a law? Does no 1 else take issue w/ this? Seems insane that our govt is in the bizness of telling us what we can or can't [ ... ]

374 Running X-country commentary thru a mazing interlocked tile vaults, X SSEY, the Phoenician aesthetic of what we take for granted parcours du jour

SSES-wise we've been marching on ... analogous route-finding, connecting the dots street-wise ... dotting i's + x-ing t's so we don't leave anything unturned. Finished episode 7 (of 23) ... analogously Ulysses is still chilling w/ the Phaeacians, which for us means [ ... ]

373 Mainely letting milk + fish sleep while the capracious cult kilgores

This in combination w/ Apocalypto + current news of Israel/Palestine was inducing weird dreams ... went on until early morning. Here we are in the mountains of Vermont for a reprieve from the sights + sounds of the city + busloads of Hasids from Brooklyn [ ... ]

372 The great pond analog of Mt. Analogue, Maine

... A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing. Mt. Analogue (the mountain) is an allegorical mountain, a metaphysical object that is revealed only to those that seek it. The expedition to scale it is ignited by an academic article the narrator writes «... a rather hasty study of the symbolic significance of the mountain in ancient mythologies.» [ ... ]

371 Horror of deformity: Woolfish grin sirens stickballing + girdling grids + capes to spin plates of quahog all the Great White way to ride Woods Holey Waves

... an hourglassy ordering of words, yielding structure + meaning to the bramble + what lays beneath. Invisibly inked hangers or placemats to detect sub-surface interactions + to expose, flashing like fireflies ... atoms sparking in a bubble chamber [ ... ]

370 Now that we've given up hope we feel much better: a tinkering pilgrim + man a machine swapping odyssey ...

What is the etymology of etymology anyway? ... Living in the city is the albatross we bear ... When will we have seen enough before we realize the act of seeing corrupts the very thing we're trying to observe? ... Why not just let people swim at their own risk wherever the fuck they want? ... All the while rubbing hands together like the mad scientist ... to fold confining fence into flesh [ ... ]

369 O' brother, put ur H on the maPhattan Project ... peregrinating like gridwork

This is the whole point of The Odyssey, is that it can be overlaid on any other story to come after ... specially stories where it becomes more about the journey than the destination. July 6 ... decided to kick off our maPhattan Project w/ a doubleheader weekend ... so this morning we tackled streets 125 thru 122 (9.3 miles in total) ...The other thing we decided, is that in addition to walking [ ... ]

368 The past is just another story we tell ourselves

More + more it's coming down to how to cheat the system. It starts in school, students are no longer driven to learn, but get 'good' grades. In every sport + discipline, those that succeed are the best cheaters, drug-takers, floppers + biters. It's no longer about how you play the game ... maybe it never was ... Grantland Rice's words nothing but an idealized pipe dream. [ ... ]

367 The ever-blooming Trouble w/ Being Born + ambitions to have none

Not sure there is any idea we'd say we've followed 'all the way' ... until we are on our deathbed. But if we had to pick 1 idea that so far threads thru our lifework it'd probly be the Copenhagen interpretation of QM ... which is just another way of reiterating the 1 idea Cioran follows. More generally—mathematically—u could characterize it as the inevitable hypocrisy of reflexivity, or the [ ... ]

no quotes

366 Satirical goat song #9 about nada + chindi + klizzie mine Us 5 = O dizzy us

It's all in the rhythm of the ride, to not jolt or derail from the devil in the details, remain on track, on skedewle. Mole under the ⅁oP-trusting bible-thumpers + tear new wormholes in the current O, ssey, can U sea? I C yoUr non-sensical nickel + raise U fitty, fatty. U listen, S. Grant ... this B where we're at ... done w/ the gatheRing ... all the catguts cullected + laid out using The Odyssey as [ ... ]

365 Trigger warnings, the sanctity of self-desecration + the summer of SSES

It's more a question of whether the world knows how to handle Acker compassionately + objectively ... to allow her to self-destruct + humiliate herself in a sort of ritualistic performance art ... to publicly shame + sacrifice herself, so her troubles + misery serve some sort of purpose ... catharsis, transformation, self-annihilation, resurrection, whatever. [ ... ]

364 On critical awareness, leotard entropy + what goes down the toilet

Rumor was he stole the urinal from his favorite bar + mounted it in his home, arguing that he deserved it since he'd «pissed away» so much of his money into it. Put another way—suppose you eat some expensive caviar that costs $100 ... + then you get sick + puke it up. Was it a waste of $100? Depends on why you eat ... if you live to eat, then no, the value is in the tasting, the eating [ ... ]

363 Disembodied coupling w/ Straw Dogs, the marginalization of atheism + living at 1% on the Mezzanine

... in terms of replication + propagation, engagement happens w/ the interaction, akin to RNA replication .... + an engagement or experience w/ a book (in any form) is as ephemeral + intangible as the idea of a digital file being 'an object'. It's the disembodied action of the code that matters, what it re-incodes, re-inscribes, replicates. In the end, Malčić says Ark is not even really a book, [ ... ]

cane bones

362 Cane bones dialed in remote to DC blazing zef dust from the rails

... and consequently to discard entirely our own personality for a time, in order to remain pure knowing subject, the clear eye of the world; and this not merely for moments, but with the necessary continuity and conscious thought to enable us to repeat by deliberate art what has been apprehended and "what in wavering apparition gleams fix in its place with thoughts that stand for ever!" [ ... ]

harder you look

361 Coming close is as close as we can ever come: Erasure + parallel processing

The title is based on the piece Rauschenberg made by erasing a de Kooning drawing ... guess the parallel is that Everett's protagonist is erasing himself by writing how a black person is expected to write (the novel (Ma Pafology) of which is embedded w/in the novel!) rather than to «write white» as is his natural inclination (as if white people have a monopoly on thinking + conceptual writing) [ ... ]


360 Wearing Yourgrau's dad's head in the windy city, alpine style

... something to do w/ newspaper clippings & grainy crime scene photos w/ eyes censored. We'd fall back asleep + dream w/in a dream again to wake ourself up + kept waking ourself up w/in the dream ... it got to the point we couldn't tell the difference + there were so many levels of recursion that all the original informational content of the dream was lost. [ ... ]

poet derek white

359 Hop out of my way Mr. frog, and allow me to swim in the lake

We dig the idea of bunnies laying eggs. We like the mythaphor it represents. Doesn't mean we need to believe it ... by believing in such things it does a disservice to all factual information +/- the word believe. [ ... ]

358 Blasting microscripts in an unstylized and/or illegible intent to communicate

... we questioned the believability of his using a «gene gun» to transplant a beard on the protagonist (who gets fucked up by bullies at school for not having a beard), to which Ohle responded by saying he once helped out a bio-art research project (Mutate or Die) which used a gene gun to shoot DNA extracted from William Burroughs shit into some sort of living sperm/shit/blood concoction. [ ... ]


357 Suspended for forgery, rooting for no home team & writing reportorial fiction for morta corpora

Compiling is a good word for what it is we are doing ... or composting ... which is what we call what it is we do here ... or «(ɔ)om.posting» w/ a left-facing c. 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' will also carry a ɔopyleft instead of a copyright. To publish something should mean to set it free, not restrict it. [...] Think this year we'll just root for both teams & enjoy however it plays out. [ ... ]


356 INT. Museum of luminol b-roll aphorisms & salvaged 9/11 evidence fragments

If a scientist or journalist (they are sposed to be scientific thinkers, right?) doesn't believe in evolution, how can you believe or give credence to anything else they say? Evolution forms the backbone of modern thought if you ask us ... then again, 46% of Americans believe in creationism so maybe we're barking up the wrong tree (this was a major reason we exiled ourselves to Africa & then [ ... ]

data ink

355 The minimum morality of books as currency (amorphous remix docket)

«He who stands aloof runs the risk of believing himself better than others and misusing his critique of society as an ideology for his private interest. While he gropingly forms his own life in the frail image of a true existence, he should never forget its frailty, nor how little the image is a substitute for true life. Against such awareness, however, pulls the momentum of the bourgeois within him.» [ ... ]

slice of life

354 Luminescent tropisms & quantum entanglements in this, like, lattice of coincidence: falling planes & collisions

... we speculated this out loud & within seconds 5 or 6 Chinese MPs appeared & said we couldn't congregate & we were like «all we're doing is waiting for the bathroom». They picked each of us up & shook us up & down ... evidently they wouldn't let us go until we sarcastically laughed. The other congregated passengers each made this sarcastic laugh & were let go ... but we couldn't [ ... ]


353 Fancydancing w/ geoducks at undertaker bootcamp, followed by triage at 40,000 ft.

Maybe this happens all the time in 1st class, like moths flying into candles? Or maybe this was the in-flight entertainment? This time there was even more of a sense of urgency ... they were checking vitals & looked about to give CPR. The «doctor» was acting strange, laughing & shrugging ... tho then again it was weird/funny. And if this wasn't weird enough, right after this 2nd woman collapsed [ ... ]


352 Cheetah puma mantra, privatplatz, clams & the Academia of W Pigs

it just happened upon us (maybe that's the secret ... to not want it). He also cared more what people thought of him. Not giving a shit what other people think might be one of our stronger suits, but it could also work toward our detriment—because then people don't give a shit what you think & you become a nobody. But caring what people think was also his detriment, leading to shame [ ... ]


351 proSSES news: a mapping to wander, homing in on Homer (via McAppalachia)

Wander derives from the word wind, as does wand ... as in magic wand—a divining rod or dowser. Alienation is another word that trips us up each time our eyes wander past ... like a nation of aliens. [...] Rather than play the game, to align ourself to any school or sect, we'd rather just self-alienate ... thus we become godless & nationless hermits sporting no medals or laurels on our head. [ ... ]


350 Hand-me-down entelechy, fey, mutating hipness & the self-conscious shame in faces, sweating & Junk

Whether it's the chicken or the egg, it seems the whole point of heroin is to become dependent. «The kick of junk is that you have to have it.» It seems crazy that any informed person would want to try it ... but perhaps some people are searching for such dependency, to become a dependant. All it takes is 1 bad or rash decision in your lifetime ... it could've just as easily been me [ ... ]

mortal gender

349 Genre-fication en gender suicide & the duality in dividing individuals & their art

There's a lot buried there, beneath that seemingly simple & stupid action of sticking a needle in your arm. There's a host of inexpressible emotions & thoughts that drive someone to this act, that can find release in no other way. In the case of PSH, this is evident even in his acting ... no matter what role he played, you always sensed there was something else at play, that needed [ ... ]


348 I/O proSSES feeding of reflexive differences to THE book, Darwin, Derrida, et al

We have felt this hurried epiphany, such a rush that you scarcely have time to document the impression as it spurns in your head—conflicted as whether to let yourself get wrapped up in the moment or to capture it—[...] It's always hard to appreciate the moment in the moment, without risking some of the information to acquire. It's in the post-processing—the reflecting & [ ... ]


347 Disembodied recapitulation & the induced squid-inky art uv writing by hand

Literally yes, like felled trees, or Lincoln logs, but also logs as in journals, or as relates to logos ... the root uv all -ologies ... from the greek λέγω , lego, or «I say» ... both Leggos & Lincoln logs being toys we (my brother & i) dare i say played w/ as kids. Or the raft as relates to the ark ... self-effacing language destined to erase its face in the manifest wake. «...in an ark with me» as Freud's [ ... ]


346 Retracing Darwin's voyage thru Neruda's Chile back north to a glaciated Hudson

«There is no reason to believe that the Fuegians decrease in number; therefore we must suppose that they enjoy a sufficient share of happiness, of whatever kind it may be, to render life worth having. Nature by making habit omnipotent, and its effects hereditary, has fitted the Fuegian to the climate and the productions of his miserable country.» [ ... ]


345 Glaciers of Patagonia

.... probably one of the singular most spectacular split-second events we've ever witnessed firsthand in our lives. To think of the ice building up for tens of thousands of years ... to reach the edge & suddenly calve off so dramatically ... to become separate from the glacier & be its on berg. Seemed there was something metaphoric about it [ ... ]

Torres del Paine

344 Tierra del Fuego to Torres del Paine

Hiked up the hill & into a valley along some river ... the tips of the Torres visible at times ... flurries here & there of light snow (mind you this is the equivalent to July for those in the northern hemisphere). By the time we got up it cleared up & we ate lunch & drank a bottle of water straight from the chalky aqua-blue lake ... tasted like eating snow. Again, beyond words. [ ... ]

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