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Untitled: under the auspices

Untitled: under the auspices

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Derek White: Marsupial

   5cense           2013 ARCHIVE                          REMus & Romulus


343 Patagonia: 7 lakes to the end of the year at the southern end of the world

... it's similar to literary book criticism in this regards ... it's easy to suppress your «negative» thoughts (that perhaps come out as judgments), but then what is accomplished or learned? Elucidating perceived harsh realities can be painful but perhaps necessary. Regardless it is not in our nature to bite our tongue. [ ... ]

trout fishing

342 Trout Fishing in Patagonia to Voodoo Chile & volcano meat

... went for a run up in the hills behind the house with our nephew ... steppe country is we think how'd they qualify it .... started out as a run on a steep dirt road ... eventually scrambling like goats up a steep hillside of scree & thorny shrubs, up to the base of a waterfall (that was barely running because it's been a dry summer) ... while we ran he told me of a vision he had of our other brother [ ... ]


341 How How We Became Posthuman becomes us, man ... infinitesimally

99% of modern language (competent or not) is conscious gibberish, derivative of something heard or read ... little more than self-conscious mimicry ... copy-writing for advertising itself. There seems to be little interest in unconscious language—language not even derived from thought but delving further back even, rivering from the deep disembodied recesses of our sourcing gene pool [ ... ]

sad tropics

340 Factorial incidence of londinense reflection for the queen tropiques med°ley

... he doesn't smoke the same cigarrettes as me». Difficult to find angles appealing to the eye, the right dented incidence. Hard left to avoid kitschy wax museum wank ... at times reality reassembles bad webbed design ... & to add to it the hordes of touristes & widespread saturation de personnes. «She lives in the place in the side of our lives where nothing is ever put straight [ ... ]


339 Peregrinating D.F. to London (do not pass Go ... ) to Travel Notes & The Peregrine

Baker's motives are beyond just observational ... it's not so much about observing the peregrines as becoming one of them ... the hunter becomes the prey it hunts as Baker puts it ... as if seeking some sort of purification or absolution ... the peregrine seeking absolution for killing his prey & Baker seeking absolution for the consequences of being human. [ ... ]

Frida Kahlo

338 El turkey es de México aunque el pez Ishi esta fuera del aqua como Kahlo exvoto

Tal vez malinterpretemos, o «leyemos adentro» pero la forma en que habiamo visto, el narrator tuvo una serie de sueños lucidos, y cada vez viajaria mas profundo en el spacio de ensueño. Incluso se dibuja mapas de ese spacio que habitaba. A nosotros lo que se sentía era una analogía de apprender un idioma. Al principio el narrador no tiene mucha confianza, y no siente comodo [ ... ]

fade to winter

337 Autumnal, cardinal-numbered footnotes to quotidian 1st-hand accountability

The trout is no ordinary trout, but a cutthroat. It's no ordinary house, but a loghouse. & it's no ordinary guy, but a stable hand & not a bed, but an end bunk. These little details r what matters. This piece seems to have been recovered unfinished, some parts marked with notes like «(two pages missing)» or «(remainder of page mutilated.)» ... giving it that raw, unadulterated & unprocessed [ ... ]


336 Dead brothers, bird lights, comets & Roman-candled keyholes in your backyard

«Brothers who have died provide a thin vulgar layer that supports life. In the radioactive, there is energy bent in the wrong direction, and new loss. But there's a story that will steer the dead back toward us, or grant access to the dark matter between orbiting masses. Dead brothers are as common as death.» And then again: «How many dead brothers does it take to resolve mythology? [ ... ]


#335 Reroaming Rome: 64 perspectives you may not have noticed the 1st time

Not pictured is the glorious din of starlings we awake to each morning, chattering as they make their plans until all at once they shut up & take wing & then all you hear is the sound of millions of wings quietly swooshing, darkening the sky for a good minute or two until the entire swarm emtpies from the trees ... & of course each evening we've been divining their murmurations, from [ ... ]

running flower

#334: Buckley, travel logs, fake plastic stumps & Rome revisited reading Pirandello

Travelling to visit places is easy, visiting people on the other hand ... it seems to be increasingly difficult to coordinate schedules, to make two flight paths intersect in space & time. Used to be a time we all just hung out & dropped in on one another unannounced. It seems the cell phone is corrupting this instinct to fly casual. Now you have to make plans, coordinate with air traffic control. [ ... ]

just do it

#333: Archiving butthole-surfing meme machines in meatspace—"the concept of absence in a life packed full of presence (of experience) is a slippery term to define"

Hallways of linguage that fracture & bi-fur-cate into fractals enfolding (or expanding ... it's all relatif) thru more doors into an endless 4x4 array of homey honey-combed rooms, unfolding in meatspace ... a timeless & clawstrowphobic (in its vastness) expants [ ... ]


#332: kitchifying malaise whilst covering for Hobson & Mikesch in the still bleeding shipping lanes

As if you could reach into the looming and prophetic land-fill, that perfect negative of the city in its seething foul incoherence, and find a set of invisible links to click on and be crossfaded at last to unexpected refuge, a piece of the ancient estuary exempt from what happened, what has gone on happening, to the rest of it. Like the Island of Meadows, DeepArcher also has developers after it. [ ... ]

bleeding edge

Filing chapter 331: 10 yearz after, hash-slinging & (g)host-reading Bleeding Edge

He kept calling it "Our Baby". It's like we are the sports car he bought for his mid-life crisis, to make up for his receding hairline. But Napster is not a sports car ... Napster is a service with people behind it. He has done nothing to earn our respect. You cannot buy respect and you definitely cannot buy hipness. Napster will fail because of this reason alone. [ ... ]

haarlem fox

Haarlem to Harlem biking Holland & kissing Nietzsche & Schrödinger to concentrate a stream of negentropy on ourselves by eating food all to feed our collective conscious

An organism's astonishing gift of concentrating a 'stream of order' on itself & thus escaping the decay into atomic chaos—of 'drinking orderliness' from a suitable environment—seems to be connected with the presence of the 'aperiodic solids', the chromosome [ ... ]

amster urchin

Hijacking Haute Surveillance & reflected venster winkelen in the nether regions

... a high-art line of questioning to haughty Abu Ghraib detainees sporting juicy couture. Terrorists in drag strutting a well-lit catwalk not giving a damn. Göransson hijacks our associations for his own sick devices. High-brow but lo-fi. Concentration campy. While most poets avoid kitsch & tacky aesthetic, Göransson embraces it. He sucks the milk right out, cultures into human cheese. [ ... ]

book fairy

Ornithology, Reader's Block & book fairies: confessions of a pillowing page junky

... assembled from fragments. Holographic. A hyperlinked mesostic machine. Ever-growing, expanding , un-sublimating. Putting in words, setting in stone. «The names of the dead.» Dead, until read. The added weight of bold tags for the benefit of search engines. Searching for a hold, gathered & solidified from the super-saturated solution. From you, the Internet. Beyond that. [ ... ]


Chronicle Foretold: Rehabbing Andalucía to NYC via Aer Lingus & Homeland Security

... my departure time came & went. Aer Lingus was calling them, we could hear the agent at the front desk answer back, «yes, we have one back here» & she said my name in a hushed tone. By this time i didn't give a shit—i could only laugh at the absurdity of it all. I got nothing to hide except me & my monkey. Aer Lingus called back again & said the flight was leaving. «Just give us five [ ... ]

tomato soup

¿Quién puso cloro en la meme piscina? Motorman a Málaga y un Gran Nada

Aún tenía algunas horas de luz del día, así que exploró Málaga. A lo largo del paseo marítimo ... junto al puerto ... un viejo barco de la Armada italiano, Amerigo Verspucci, me invitó a bordo. Vio la playa, chicas semidesnudas y chicos espeluznantes comiéndose con los ojos. A continuacion, de nuevo en el centro historico. Comí docenas, tal vez cientos, de estas pequeñas almejas, coquinas [ ... ]


Capsicums, Perfume & differential equations: the novelty of essence, in a sense

... not as much about being 'in a groove'—as you could perhaps say about most music—but how close you can teeter to the edge of the groove without falling into it, in a spiraling juggernaut of canonical repetition. They seem to be ever on the verge of control/chaos, especially the guitar riffs, that seem to be always pulling away from the beat, from the thread, never letting you put your finger [ ... ]


Reading/Travel Notes to OK; OCR, preservation, wrath & somethings in the hopper

So if you want to read the definitive, first-hand account (not by some Stanfurd (albeit drop-out) hi-falutin' liberal from Caleefornia) then evidently this here is the book fer ye to read. Not only is Sanora Babb a bas-ass name, she was raised on a rez, was friends with William Saroyan & was married to the cinematographer James Wong Howe (though their marriage wasn't recognized [ ... ]


Priming the 4-cycle canonical engine of The Becoming: a primer for the perplexed

.. just because it's Lish ... swapped lit-spit & had a bear burger the other day with G & we're good .. even helped him moved mega amounts of product, in roller-suitcases straight down 9th to the P.O. loading docks near port authority ... tho maybe we're 'kind of a dick' for not liking Díaz .. maybe even The dick .. either that or you got bromantic bunny wool pulled over your eyes, bro [ ... ]


Further defenestrations: the return Big Cascadian Trip thru Spokes & Crapalachia

The complexities of alienation hybridize the mouth, double the tongue. Derrida writes, “What does a post card want to say to you? On what conditions is it possible? Its destination traverses you, you no longer know who you are…instead of reaching you it divides you…it leaves you, it gives you.” Christian Peet’s Big American Trip embodies the enigma of the postcard—writing that is at once [ ... ]


Vineland, Portlandia defenestrating the Oregon coast in the context of The Becoming

We chose the location as the mouth of the Columbia—the end of the road for Lewis & Clark, the fulfillment of westward expansion— more for the idea than anything. Even though we spent a lot of time in nearby Seaside as kids, we never remember going to Fort Clatsop or even Astoria. Though our father was somewhat obsessed with the Oregon Trail, in particular the Barlow Trail & [ ... ]

ruthless bloom

Post-modern gender-bending & Ruth-less role Я∃verseƧ in Our Ecstatic DaysƧ∃Ƨ & ...Y

... or an alternate version of her, in an alternate world, as if her character splinters & bifurcates ... into the realm of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics ... only later to reconstitute & pulse in one hearty thread. In relation to what we were saying about memory & URLs, interesting he refers to L.A. as «a city of drowning addresses.» Addresses that need to be [ ... ]


Wireless 'sses" recapitulation 2: the prolonged homecoming & cuckoo fathering

... ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny ... all Irish (& Jewish) history & ancestry culminating in these characters, these carriers of code ... on this day, revealed in their genetic expression. And then the reader recapitulates to their own situation. And to take the immaculate conception parallel one step further, you could also see this as the episode where Bloom officially gives birth, or [ ... ]

reJoyce Ulysses

U-turned distillation notes reJoycing Ulysses in light of our own '...." '..SS" 'SSEY"

What follows are our linear impressions ... notes & particular lines we underscored for whatever reason ... with the emphasis of this re-reading being the 'SSES" 'SSES" 'SSEY" project we've embarked on (i.e. with thematic weight given to the likes of suicide, substance abuse & our brother's obsession with the book) ... to finish up our brother's unfinished business ... what it means to [ ... ]

buddha eyes

Shedding all that's worldly: काठमाडौं, Submergence, Swayanmbhu & plush penguins

... the tone is too perfectly worldly in that Jason Bourne or James Bond way ... the jet-setting characters always comfortable in whatever environment, saying the right things in whatever language, ordering the right dishes from fancy restaurants, having the smooth pickup lines, etc. Fish out of water situations, or when a person is uncomfortable & awkward & doesn't have all [ ... ]


Odyssey us confess: Bodnath, opium eaters, a scorpion & the birthplace of Buddha

If a man dies, for instance, by some sudden death when he happens to be intoxicated, such a death is falsely regarded with peculiar horror; as though the intoxication were suddenly exalted into a blasphemy. But that is unphilosophic. The man was, or he was not, habitually a drunkard. If not, if his intoxication were a solitary accident, there can be no reason at all for allowing special [ ... ]


Photo me sadhus, road safety & the vanity of experience (Durbar sq & Bhaktapur)

Here we are trying to navigate this with slippery flip-flops like some fucked game of Frogger, where when you die you die, or at best only suffer dismemberment. All for what? To see a bunch of janky billboards & shoddy unsightly construction that will all collapse in the next earthquake ... your standard "3rd world" affair. The only observation likening it remotely to a land of milk & [ ... ]


Correction, the origins of 'SSES"3 & chasing higher orange dudu to Kathmandu

From what we can piece together in our head, the thinking, this thought, had something to do with the vanity of pursuit in thinking ... & language itself. Of trying harder & harder to articulate it & then, almost like a line end or carriage return, the line of thought (that again, was almost biological, that although text-based, was like a firing synapse) would feedback on itself like some sick joke [ ... ]

travel notes

Pre-flight notes, al mojo de ajo, or in Equivalents: Crawford, Baran & our brother's ashes

Our economies teach us that the only variable that matters is quantity (in regards to consumers) .. to sell even to the devil, if they got money to burn. But what about quality of the consumer? Buying something shouldn't be a right. Sometimes people are such disrespecting idiots we don't want them buying our books. Any producer of goods should have the luxury of choosing [ .... ]

Swans Bomarzo

Swans song, mongoose monsters, snow goat, meaty reflexes, carnal conjunctivitis & the doubling of connotation

..  some Filipino mongrel lost its snout to a motorcycle .. some Colombian poet is trying to sell his testicles for $20,000 to support his book tour .. some girl got into Turkey using her stuffed unicorn's passport & the Turks are still occupying Gezi park .... Vice pulled its photospread of sexy literary suicides .. a Nigerian tugboat cook survived the capsizing of his boat by crouching in an air [ .... ]

Obama eye big brother

American Betrayals: Black Elk, Big Brother, Sleepingfish 12 & Open Access for all

Information is most valuable when it is free for everyone .. if no one owns it or has control over it .... then the balance of power will shift .. to those intelligent enough to know what to do with this intelligence .. those best at filtering through the flood of misinformation, pop-up ads & purposeful obfuscation .. to extract what's important enough to propagate, to link to, to repost, to retweet. [ .... ]

ivory black

Self-annihilating language in ritual & graphic incision: on goats, Moscona, crows, Gladman, Lutz, fish & Babenko

Customs is a funny word. We use it to mean everyday gestures & rituals that become habitual, normalized (to the locals). But we also use the word to mean «the place at a port, airport, or frontier where officials check incoming goods, travelers, or luggage». We suppose it is not so strange when you consider both senses of the word imply something accepted. [ .... ]

Aira Appel

Aira, Appel & swipey lingual motion studies of fish sleeping under windy conditions

«Forgetting is richer, freer, more powerful ... and at the root of the dream idea there must have been something of that, because those serial prophecies, so suspicious, lacking in content as they are, all seem to come to an end at a vertex of dissolution, of forgetting, of pure reality. [...] We haven't forgotten anything. Forgetting is simply a sensation[ .... ]


A circle jerk of sock puppets channeling anger thru a wiki-leaking glory hole

It's even more of a farce when they do it under the guise of legitimacy & responsible journalism. What's sad though, is that at the end of the day, content is the loser .. knowledge & information & art suffers. Unless of course you consider the drama surrounding it all to be the content .. a sort of ritualistic performance art. Which seems to be the primary attraction these days .. that nobody [ .... ]


Tit for (she-wolf) tat, mathematics & the rigors of rejecting & drawing conclusions

.. not enough rejecting is going on .. hardly anyone's playing tough D. Not enough referees are calling foul. The arts world for the most part is a safe-haven for those fearing rejection .. all patting each other on the backs rather than putting a hand in the face. It's not good for the game. New agers too .. all this talk about positive forces .. what about negative forces? And in religion [ .... ]

Heath Ledger Joker

The Dark Knight meets The Italian Job II: time-lapsed open-access purging of the italo-sized art book queue

.. but this general all-for-all mindset is core to our own philosphy (regarding book publishing & art in general) .. authorship & copyright are evil forces that need to be eradicated for art & information (& subsequently our egos) to be free .... And we blog here for the same reasons as Swartz .. this blog is our I/O filter. We pass information through our brains & parse out bits that are [ .... ]

Corpus Pineal

De-rivering a monolithic corpus from Burial & Solip .. in light of late-80s corpses

.. washed ashore .. leaving no clues as to its history. It's dead, it can't speak .. we mean, it speaks .. but it speaks only for itself, which is to reveal its corpse, its corpus. It's a self-describing kernel, a pinecone, an artichoke, an onion that by reading you peel off layer by layer .... until you get to the middle & find there's nothing there except another tiny replica of the very kernel [ .... ]

dada ad

Dada-punk sushi select: Bataille on Breton, mosh pit swarming, Nazi punks & automatic schooling to self-cannibalize encore

The problem is, humans are not social insects .. humans think. We sit on our high chairs thinking we are the only animals that appreciate beauty when in fact we are ruining it for everyone else. In applying the rules of swarming to people, there is always going to be too much ego in the equation. And we are also self-conscious creatures. Herd-mentality exists, sure, but only  with [ .... ]


Sarraute, devotion to inanimate objects, dictating in tongues & balancing the i/o feed

.. this object is a secret totem .. an object charged with animalistic urges but that these men only allow themselves to 'experience' (if they actually do) strictly as observers .. like pornography .. as if the guys own home was a museum he was trapped in but not allowed to live in .... & the children a nagging reminder, ever coming up from behind .. distracting him from having this 'moment' [ .... ]

the becoming

The Becoming of Be(com)ing & Nothingness & how come in becoming it becomes us

.. if we consider X as a state of becoming, then it exists, always. If we stop trying to get there or call it something, we realize we are here already, always were, in this state of X .. this state of becoming enlightened or whatever word you want to attribute to X. Becoming implies a coming into being .. & a perpetual coming at that. Either it already exists or it becomes, but nothing ever is  [ .... ]

Transfer Fat

Unzipping Berg packets to Transfer Fat-cum-Swedish fish to digest C to Si

Which is not to say these are 100% organic & "natural" .. Berg's milk is laced with a healthy dose of the grotesque & analyzed through a quantum telescope in a cold-fusion clinical experimental laboratory. And there are also hints of Silicon-based lifeforms & superstrings & the zippered double-helix that graces the cover. And while at times her words can be impenetrably cold & [ .... ]


Transitiv misforståelse i The Field of glaseret wienerbrød på en aften på The Believer

.... ikke svært at sætte lighedstegn mellem hans navn med "The Field" af transitive love logik (med A = «Martin Glaz Serup», B = "forfatteren" & C = "The Field".) I glaseret wienerbrød, du Internettet i i form af en Babel Fish, fortælle os felt betyder F + E + L + T + E + T. Men den oprindelige titel på bogen i Danmark: "M + A + RK + E + N". Vi er nødt til at skrive t + h + e + s + e   [ .... ]

rubber duck

Gummi ender, norsk Tre og journal mate av forløperen til Raft Manifest, oversatt til å poste

... gjort det til Oregon State Spelling Bee finalen 3 år på rad. Og hver gang vi fikk 3. premie. Problemet var (hvorfor vi ikke får første) er atat vi hadde slike sceneskrekk .. som andre barn ble slått ut, og det kom til å være mindre og mindre folk på scenen, fikk vi mer og mer nervøs og da ville vi bevisst feilstaver noe bare for å ikke å stå opp på det stadiet. Sann historie, det. Historien av livet [ .... ]


Re-kolonizing da King dom Kongo's ghost tongs & vastbinden losse dradens en engagement créatif: vous êtes si vain, yous probably think ce blog é sobre você

& somehow we ended up with his phone so when we tried to call our dead brother the phone rang in our own pocket & we weren't sure how to answer it.  And now the phone was smeared & fingerprinted with blood on account of being shot in the kneecap by [ .... ]

calamari financials

AWP Report iii: the big bad wolf in the dog-eat-dog economy of words

The primary unit of currency at Calamari Press is words & more important than buying/selling is reading/writing .. so if more people are reading books because they were passed around freely then so be it. What's the point of all these paranoid tactics .. treating potential readers like potential criminals? [ .... ]


AWP Report ii: Whalen on our pecs in the bureaucratic academy .. en vivo

... Like most conventions in big hotels, we suspect there is more than just the swapping of ideas going on .. certainly there's a lot of swapping of spit & other liquids going on too. After all the mutual backrubbing the hands slip further down [ .... ]

Eco on lit

AWP i: Ray Carver-ing the U. Eco-logy of books in Back Bay

.... ground down to a vortex of free-floating fragments, are put together again and then deconstructed once more in a whirlwind of new lexical monstrosities, which coagulate for a second only to dissolve once more, as in a cosmic dance of atoms, in which writing is shattered down to its etyms—and it is no accident that it was the phonic analogy between etym and atom [ .... ]

orleans percy

New Orleans back to New York ever searching to certify the act of searching

... a wistful wanderlust wherein he goes nowhere. «The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydayness of his own life. This morning for example, I felt as if I had come to myself on a strange island. And what [ .... ]


From the Big Apple to the Big Easy reading Michael Zell & writing our own Errata

Like us, the cabbie-writer in Errata is a compulsive documenter, yet (also like us) at the same time painfully ever-aware of the vanity of it .. of ever chasing down ideas to try to tag them with words. «Life is not a document. Life cannot be documented. [ .... ]

Derrida deriving

The derivative of Traveling with Derrida within the colonization of our own language

... Malabou (still ever under the spell of Derrida) digs further into the variations, the derivatives .. ever filtered & deconstructed through post-modern bi-focals that get purged/consumed in self-reference, digesting the meaning of meaning, the derivative of derivative .. as if digesting your own digestive tract, which in turn becomes (inside-out) Ouroboros .. a snake eating its own tail [ ... ]

the becoming

Feral expressionism & primal beings in our own Becoming & in Basquiat

When you look at the etymology of «primitive» though, it actually derives from the latin primitivus, or 'first of its kind,' or from primus .. 'first'. So the word primitive is more about being original, not being derivative. Which seems like the ultimate complement to us. But we are not Basquiat. Basquiat puts his being, his biology, in front of his art. He thinks of the question not as it relates to [ ... ]

carlos m. luis

The art of Carlos M. Luis (1932—2013)

Carlos was & continues to be a big inspiration/influence on my own art .. in particular the way he incorporates asemic writing with collage & concrete/visual poetry .. often using chance operations inspired in turn by the likes of Cage, Beckett & Joyce. Not only did his work span disciplines & genres but he had a unique way of finding connections between ideas & mapping them [ ... ]

Kim Ki-Duk

Calling Kim Ki-Duk: incidental endorsements, synchronicity, self-indulgence & the continued virtues of hermits

Ki-Duk often looks straight into the camera, which really makes people uncomfortable .. in my opinion this is more unsettling than what Gallo did. But why is this so unsettling? Is it because we realize that the camera is stealing something from the soul of the actor .. & that we are just as responsible as Ki-Duk for demanding such films .. for demanding that artists forget themselves & pour [ ... ]

HeLa Monster

Noreaster Nemo, immortal HeLa monsters & the copyright of flesh & blood: On the likes of Henrietta Lacks, Sally Hemings & Sixto Rodriguez

It's interesting, this idea of copyrighting DNA, or profiteering from genes, or whether you (or your surviving family members) have the rights to the genetic sequence you were born with. Sure we're each unique, but blood & cells & DNA are a dime a dozen [ ... ]


Index this, my homebody with archive fever, under 'inclement weather' .... de-filed in an infinitesimally nested death spiral, for Deep Time

«He who writes for fools will always find a large audience. Said Schopenhauer.» If you gaze carefully into the hypertext, into the deep links, you'll start to see patterns formulating in all the chaos. You'll see the spider-web threads weaving through window after [ ... ]


Post no. (0, 0) from the fuck-off view on Riverside, whilst reaching for the Nietzsche

Maybe it's baked in our genes, as someone once said, but j & i seem to gravitate towards rivers. So when we pulled up to one of these very buildings i was already feeling a strange sort of déjà vu. I've felt this feeling a few times before in my life when you see a house for the first time & you get a premonition that you'll spend a good chunk of your life in it. We walked into [ ... ]


Just another Gilligan reflecting (underwater) on the island of Gili Air .. on sea turtle salvation, The Price of Civilization & 'belum' America .. halfway home into 2013

... the gist of it being that America is currently fucked & the only thing that can save us is to pay higher taxes .... & to take more social responsibility .. & give our money to the poor .. & watch less TV .. & consume less .. [ ... ]

... ... ...

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