446> erazing x-trazes 3: Δifferentiating to Staten Island in prep to defect

[waving bye to Lady Liberty]

23 Aug 2015 > dear Inurnet> [this = it] [finul day in NYC] [actually 2 more nites] [tomorrow movers come then 1 nite in an empty apartment] [continuing our day-by-day dountcown] [2 nites ago went to Havana cafe w/ A + R] [yesterday woke up early + went to Brooklyn Heights to pick up keys (our landlords coincidentally moved to Brooklyn)] [so now it = official] [keys in hand] [retreated to South Ferry + took the Staten Island ferry] [weve ridden the Staten Island ferry before but embarressed to sey weve actually never set foot on Staten Isle] [+ since in the past week or 2 weve revisited each boro figured we shd go to Staten @ least to say we did] [pretty much everything we imagined] [walked around + got pizza @ Deninnos]

[behind the sign]


[abiding our last dayz]


[landgauge adsault]


[slipping out]


[the old ferry terminal]


[Manhattan as sceen from Staten Isle]


[church on SI]


[found LP]


[a site u dont see much in Manhattan]




[¿crime so bad u got to keep garden gnomes inside?]


[beware of dog + banana Jesus]


[typical corner]


[censored graffiti pic #446]


[car wash flair]


[selfie in SI]


[smoothie shop]


[back to Manhattan]

[in the evening went to a going-away party mostly w/ j's work peeps]

[still thinking about Derrida + Δifference] [the only true measure] [why u need to change up your living situation every so often] [for change of purspective] [so u can tell the Δifference] [just like u need to change up your reading + writing habits] [if anything to make u appreciate the everyday abuses of landgauge] [also intresting Derrida talking about the influents of agriculture on landguage] [once we humans became rooted in 1 place] [nomads have no need for written landgauge] [just look @ the Roma] [they sing + tell stories but have no record of their existence] [the question becomes about the distorted hyopcrisy that inevitably creeps in w/ landgauge] [what u = «naturel»] [¿but not nature = nature too no?] [we flowt in limbo like Rem + Rom in A Raft Manifest] [even floating has flow to it] [had dinner beneath the viaduct below our apt @ Covo]

[viaduct running beneath us] [vu from Covo]

24 Aug > [sitting on the floor in our empty apartment] [movers came + cleaned us out] [1 Ethiopian 1 Israeli 2 Tibetans + 1 Russian] [going to eat oysters @ Mermaid Inn for our last meal] [better post this as mite not have Inurnet for a few days] [next stop DC]

[final fly bye by the peregrine]

 445 <( )> 447 > unpacking red-flagged strip files in the ununited nonstate of Amerika


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