459> 100k miles a ROMing t' ketch up t' beecomb hystery in hour waking book of d'ark hiving in 65 beds a sleeping

24 Dec 2015> last yr 2day/nite we sposed t' wake up @ 1 am xmas morn t' ketch a flite t' Bali but we fuckt up + showd up t' EWR @ 1 PM missing our flite tho end'd up still gong th next day > this yr 2day naut nearso exotick tho plenty tropickle th temp = a balmy 68° @ 4:35 am th next cupple days in th 70s d'sided t' just chill here in DC naut join th frenzyd xofdis ∀ll fleeing th city > xmas dont mean shit t' us (xcept xmas eve = hour annaversery #19) but we do dig th idea uv winter solstice when finelly u pass th hump + them dogone dayz b'come longer agin seams so far th winter of darknest that sun she never shines on our newfound capitol hill rowhome + d'spite th unseasunul warmth still bone-chillt on th grnd floor + we dont like cranking th heat t' fill th entire house so our office we shiftd upstairs where heat rises tho now sints she crazy warm we sitting down in th dark naut sleeping nun + riting this in sted th end a year a good time t' refleck back > 2015 = a rather nomadic yr after Indo- + Malaysia + then India + Nepal + Paris we settled mo ± less in Rome surfacing now + then in NYC long enuff t' finish our Maphattan Project ± in Boston during their snowiest yr on record ± California + even Rome we used just as a euro-hub living in airbnbs to naut commit inny length a time a rather randumb trajectory (dictated by our better-½'s work) that @ 1 pt took us 1 time zone away form sayng we went «around th world» (in 1 direxion) ∀ll in ∀ll we countd ∑um 48 Δiffrent beds we slept in th 1st 4 munths uv 2015 + still counting on t' Seattle + whale watching in th San Juans + then Switzerland + Milan + then back + fro t' Baltimore + DC t' find a new home then countd down our finel dayz in Gotham b4 shifting t' Chocklit City 4 good where (b'sides trips t' Aspen + Atlanta/NYC) weave remaind sints 4 mos b'tween here + Bald'more clicking thru now crazy how time flys cant b'leave ∀ll this happend in 2015 tho oddly in ∀ll this travel we dint hit any new countrees or even states t' add t' our cumalativ list sides a ½-day in Hong Kong (technickly speaking she naut a country just like technickly speaking th districk we live in ≠ a united state) + come t' think of it we did stamp our passport in UAE + spent 1 nite in Abu Dhabi grantd rite near th airport so she dont count a totul of 65 beds we slept in in 2015 + we quickly plot'd our trajectory for 2015 in ∀ll ∑um 85,000 miles [+ we mite of forgotten a trip ± 2 back + forth frum Rome t' NYC ± udder sidetrips probly taking the grand total over 100k + our better-½ fo sure hit th 100k mark cuz she took a few trips to Europe + elsewhere w/o us]

yo-yoing peregrinations in 2015

> bookwise we red ∑um 42+ books tho 2015 will go down as th year of Huck Finnegans Wake wherein we reread (multiple times) both Huck Finn + The Wake + also Joseph Campbel'ls skeleton key + now currently we read Joyce's Book of the Dark by John Bishop who drills down deep int' th landgauge of The Wake (whereas Campells = more about content + what The Wake = about) almost 2 much t' read Bishop ½ th time «in quotes» parrotphrasing Joyce butt he gifs these grate maps + etymologickle charts of Joyce's word usage:

relief map of a «wastended neuropean whorled at no spatial time processly which regards to concrude chronology" [i.e. a pass'd out HCE superimposed ova europe + b'yond]


*dheu etymologickle chart («what is to be found in a dustheap»)(click for high res)

> not just 1 big dream but as th title implies Bishop thinks The Wake = Joyce's book of th dead plumbing th heart of darknest + of partickler intrest t' us (in riding stet 2° book of our West of Kingdom Come quadrilogy) th Egyptians spaceal assosheation of th dead w/ th westAmenti meaning literally just that—th region west of da Nile (tho according t' Twain «denial is not a river in Egypt») where they ritualistickly buryd them ded:

«...these people believed that somewhere in the west beyond their cemetaries there existed a concrete site at which th sun moved out of the world—through portals that Joyce's Book of the Dead, for instance, refers to as the "Ghostown Gate" (329.25), the "Gate of Hal" (535.5), or simply sunset.»

> + according to Bishop Joyce considered Huckleberry Finn to =

«... a new world manifestation of the spirit of the ubiquitous Finn who sleeps at his Wake. The phrase "ashore as you were born," eccentrically spelled as anything in the Wake, is actually a modification of the somewhat more unorthodox "shore's your born," which appears in the twelth chapter of Huckleberry Finn ...»

> in talking about H.C. Earwicker's monniker Bishop says «Earwigs, in short, seem to behave in the ear much as hearsay and gossip do, furtively entering the brain and growing way out of reasonable proportions once they get there, at least in Western folklore, they seem to constitute a primitive theory of dream formation.» but weed also add that our hearing is 1 sense that don't shut off nun wile we sleep tho we wish we cd close our ears specially lately weave taken t' sleeping w/ a pillow ova our hed but still we wake up w/ every distrackshun (last nite/morn our naybore yacking on her cellphone + dragging garbage cans thru our shared alley t' th curb @ 4 AM) or if we dont wake th noise gits incorporated into our dreamy rêves + ∑um pt in our evilootion importint we kept our ears prickt wile sleeping but now a vestigial annoyance knot sure how Joyce felt about noise but according to 1 of his ear-liest poems ∀ll day + nite he herd th noise of waters:

> sides dead + sleeping states Bishop also relates The Wake to an infantile state «For infancy takes place exactly where sleep does, in an "unknown body" void of mind, somewhere in eyes "meoptically" unlit and in ears and a mouth all "sordomutic"» (where the "quoted words" = us quoting Bishop quoting Joyce (we surprised Joyce dint think to say eggsackly eggspecially sints eggs appear on mos eggery pg per Bishop)) th same infantile state of unconscious incompetence in wich we eggsist 4 th REMainder of A Raft Manifest tho purhaps we shd change th name to A Raft Mamafest cuz th word manifest = too manly but this = th whole pt manifest destiny as a manifestation of male libido we tryne t' shed

> in th last Anna Livia Plurabelle chapter Joyce sposedly wove in 800-1000 river names but he dint inkloot th Columbia (+ least not by th various misspellings we tryd) th river on wich we flot our raft + while Bishop points that ALP «plumbs a far darker "lost histereve"—or hystry" (535.18 [Gr. hysteros, "womb"]» he neglecks t' point out th uncanny resemblance of histereve to tevere (waht Italians call th Tiber river that flows thru Rome) + then agin him spilling out stet misspellings beecombs an insult t' intelligents better t' just let th landgaudge flo ova yr hed come a malleable stream like playdough ether u git her or dont sink o swim th babeling herself eggspecially in th last ALP sexion 1 giant onamottopeah harking back t' Joyce's ear-ly pome we embeddid abuv "plenty of woom" 4 everybody here comes t' fathum (6 ft underwader) our own meaning form th sound «we list, as she bibs us, by the waters of babalong» as Joyce sed long b4 th Melodians put pslam 137:1 t' music:

> in the end The Wake beecombs about nuthing + like in The Becoming we ever beecomb + now in A Raft Manifest we ever arrive «Perhaps "you missed my drift" (424.31 [and also that of the Wake]) Never definitively "arrived at," meaning in Finnegans Wake "drifts and is constantly "rearrived" at (3.5); and consequently it hovers in a state of continual arrival and is constantly becoming: "In the becoming was the weared, wontnat!" (487.20-21 [O.E. wyrd, "time, change, becoming"]).» > arrive + keep rearriving t' yr own cunclussions + why not? a'cording t' this article in th Irish Times in Finnegans Wake Joyce predict'd Conor McGregor's stunning knock out (in 13 seconds!) of his opponent Jose Aldo:

The Notorious Conor McGregor: «the scut in a bad fit of pyjamas fled like a leveret for his bar lives … without having struck one blow»

> tho HCE = th 1 «kayoed» or KO'd refrences of wich abound thru out th Wake > outputwise 2015 = th 1° compleat year in Calamari's arkhivel eggsistence went from publicking 6 books in 2014 t' only 3 in 2015 inklooting our own 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' wich we launch'd on Jan 5-6 from Timor t' obviously little fanfare sints most ppl naut aware of our eggsistence t' b'gin seams mo + mo we beecombing d'tacht frum th whorld naut sure weather cuz we dont partake in no social networking or may'b we just destined 4 misanthropic hermitude (or we just plain suck) + even tho this = th 59th post here on 5¢ense in 2015 (th most in 1 yr) th # of u readers has dwindled we used t' git 1000+ unique daily visits now we git like 600 + dropping purhaps cuz our landguage has beecomb inkreasingly unreadable or unintresting (or purseived as spam by u spiders) or weather we getting penulized by google 4 naut updating our code 2 vidy mo «mobile friendly» frankly we dont give a shit about ppl reading on iphones + also seams most Inurnet traffic funnels thru farcebook these days th rest uv us ∀ll falling int' th deep darknest swaddled in webbing wich suits us fine in our arkhivel mode this code festering in th cocoon'd recesses @ our own disposal t' refurence 4 fewchure sake + assist us in our own projects of wich 2015 = th year of A Raft Manifest (aka our Huck Finnegans Wake) wich we we just finishd th 2° chapter of 25 pages in ∀ll tho technickly we just now starting ch 1 (we keep compulsively adding introduckory material b4 we kin even git startd + even still just when we think a chapter = done when we start working on th next we find ourselfs going back t' update waht we rote b4 like th prolog we postd bits of now gits filed as historickle draft she feels like water ∀ll bunching up agenst th bow tryng t' capsure stet momint she hits but then when u look back @ yr wake u feel inklined t' turn th raft around t' pass thru stet spot b4 knowing what u know now even tho we purpoisely constraind ourself by riding in InDesign page by page w/ our end page count (233) ya set in stone 4ever starting form scratch

25 dec> foggy + still warm (but bilt a fire innyways just 4 ambience) + knot a creature a stirring xmas morn > so waht = in store fo 2016? mo of th same cxept sted of ever-beecombing we transition t' eve-arivering tho now we dont live on a river tho we live w/in a mile of th Anacostia just after she branches from th Potomac + last nite we had our anniversary dinner in Georgetown on th Potomac w/ an eerie layer of glowing fog blanketing th surfice we dint have no camera o phone on us + even spose we did th kind a thing dont come out nun in pics better left t' imaginayshun > we just searchd The Wake for instints of «potomac» + wile Joyce never states her spacific he dose use th word Mesopotomac:

[3:14 559.35] white shoulders of Finnuala you should have seen how that smart sallowlass just hopped a nanny's gambit out of bunk like old mother Mesopotomac and in eight and eight sixtyfour she was off, door, knightlamp with her, billy's largelimbs prodgering

 458 <( )> 460 > purging 2 recapitchulate th new yr in dub-stile sycorax


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