460> purging 2 recapitchulate th new yr in dub-stile sycorax

31 dec 2015> as uzual our rezoolotion this yr = 2 knot make rezoolotions ringing in th new 1 by exorcising + then taking a sauna (1 perk of this DC rowhouse that she comes w/ a built-in sweatlodge) 2 hotflush xcess toxins + now setting down in front of th fire (anudder perk weave never b4 had) 2 cuntinew stet big streaming node 2 self ...

textual outcome of th last day of 2015 (a clan of stupider monkeys + a venomous dog ford a river...)

1 Jan 2016> dint git so far dearest Inurnet [got rapt up playng scrabble] now th new yr ja naut that we gunna refleck back ∀ll weepy 2 recapitchulate 2015 in typickle yr end fashion we ya gone + done that last post wherein we calculated that last yr we slept in 65 beds traveld 100,000 miles + red 42 books but we did figure may'b 2 talk now about th books we dint read in 2015 that we musterd 2 but jus coont finish but 1° we want 2 revel in th majesty uv Kamau Brathwaite whose Trench Town Rock + Dreamstories + DS (2) we bin reading ± may'b re-reading cant re:membr we red a bunch of his stuff b4 fo sure Middle Passages + Born to Slow Horses witch we blogg'd a bout b4 Σum 10 yrs ago + now as then we feel ink-

round w/ them urly Apple ][s in a compewter lab sumwhere in th West Indies ± ivy leag shcool weed cuntinew wriding in such dub-style font but this reckwires readers 2 halve th same Pexico font installd on them machenes udderwise who knows waht font gits used in sted so th above we screen captcha'd spittin' imidge + here in th txt bwody we play her safe + use wateva default boring ol font comes available like verdana wich we used 2 use b4 (<#460) now but we just switchd 2 consolas + our cascading style sheets went haywire so seems she propagated th style change backwoods ¡shit hope it dont retrofit our old posts! we shd probly come up w/ a mo elegunt soln we know but 2 late now sints th b'ginning this ll comes jury-riggd starting hardcoded in HTML + now Dreamweaver but we dont halve a clue how ½ this shit works) we switching 2 consolas cuz seems mos applickable we use her in A Raft Manifest wheneva Rom = th 1 wriding (whereas Pexico demarks Rem territory) Rom th left-braind 1 who fashions a cumpewter form sand a console rilly form wich they relay findings when scooby diving up 2 th udder 1 up abov r'cording th feed innyway nun uv this means squat 2 u yet cuz u havent red wah them write + we not reddy yet 2 share mos sampuls akey (akey = Σum pgs xsurp'd form b4) back 2 Brathwaite Trench Town Rock deals w/ th time he got tied-up gagd + robd @ his Marley Manor flat in Kingston th version we halve re-issued by Lost Roads w/ a cover desine by nun udder than Duncan Barlow + typeset by an Issa Clubb «based on the 'Sycorax video-print'style» but IMHO she falls flat nayer th dub-stile effeck ¿why not just use th originul font? ¿@ wah pt dose font + typeface b'come intagrill 2 th work?

3 Kamau Brathwaite books (+ our Basquait mug)

> Dreamstories = a betta demon-striation uv Brathwaite's Sycorax stile sampull snippets uv witch we inkloot akey (tho dint do suck a good job scanning) collaged in no partickler order:

> actually Σum uv these come form Dreamstories (2) ... a bit of a racket cuz most of th stories in Dreamstories (2) = remixes of stories in Dreamstories may'b cuz DS(2) got publish'd stateside by New Directions + th originul Dreamstories we halve (w/ a much better cover) got publishd in Jamaica ± UK hard 2 tell but intresting 2 see waht he changed like this comes from DS(2):

+ in th originul Dreamstories he sez th Gilbertery (as opposed 2 Gilbattery) of 1988 a refrence 2 th hurricane that destroyd his house + personal archives we member hurricane Gilbert loud + clear @ th time we chilling nearby on Isla Mujeres off th coast of Mexico + after Jamaica hurrycan Gilbert hit Isla Mujeres ded on we had no idea she even coming woke up on a floating bed b4 shifting upstairs 2 watch th devistation unfold under 200+ mph winds not a big deal when u yung + backpacking carefree but sucks 2 halve yo shit destroyd + th hits kept coming fo Brathwaite mo recently in NYC he had his apartment broken in2 + mo of his archived materials + medals taken he went so far as 2 call her «cultural lynching» but sounds fishy 2 us cuz this ll went down over 100s of seprate insidents he got 1000s of irreplaceable items nicked 1 by 1 ¿why dint he change th locks? ± an inside job ± did he himself just misplace these things? need 2 keep betta track of yo shit if u gunna report them stolen udderwise u got no proof they ∃xisted 2 b'gin ± may'b fodder 4 his ritings sorta his shtick th r'peatd victum of pillaging + looting + his wife (th «Mexican» alooted 2 in th above snippet) died also around th same time @ least he can make lite uv it ll parts laff out loud funny like th bit with Alfie + th bipsychle:

> + while his work he gleans form real personal tragedies hay a certin dreamy quality 2 th «stories» as th title(s) wd imply not nessysorrily personal dreams but like he taps into th collectiv unconchus of th Carribean/Afrikin diaspora probly bettr than inny udder th kleptiv unconchus we tap in2 th udder west end of th spectrum coming form them 49ers + euromutt pioneers that pushd west 2 California + Oregone in th nem of manifest destinny th dream aspex waht intrests us moss sum say they garbage collection but they git 2 th truth moss than truth herself weave bin known 2 take stories strait form our dream journels but now (w/ A Raft Manifest) waht me relayng = moss than story but spittin imidges + ideas cant git put in2 words so we spend urly hours tween 4—8 AM sorta cuntinewing our sleep sitting in front of our cumpewter ore collaging bits a this in a dayz + this sorta like wah we due here on 5cense cum garbinge collectshun probly dont mean shit 2 th avg reaper but stet txt comes a part of th collectif unconchus of u dear Inurnet specially (now 2 Jan 2016) a sort of purging speaking a wich here = th books we coont muster 2 finish in 2015 but remoofing form our 2 read shelf 2 make weigh 4 th new:

  • th bottom 1 No Other by Mark Gluth we tryd a few times just coont git in2 (sorry Ken)
  • Divine Comedies by James Merrill not waht we thawt we got her after browsing sum of his digital archives most notably th Ouija transcripts wich sposedly Divine Comedies gits based on but they lose th raw immediacy wd rather just read th originul notes how we feel generuley lately why we impose constraints so we cant go back later + edit ether handwritten ± typed or page by page in InDesign w/ a set arbitrary pg count no draft matters xcept #1
  • we used t' love most everything Mark Leyner wrote but dunno seems th joke aint so funny no mo w/ his latest Sugar Frosted Nutsack way over th top absurd campiness he tryng way 2 hard
  • + we like NOON but seems each 1 th same list of usual suspecks good in a safe way nuthing innovative mayb even this weave sed b4?
  • The Consumer by Michael Gira = th German version we got ether by misteak ± cuz we got tired of tryng t' find an english version 4 under $100s thinking may'b fun 2 guess th German but never got around 2 her
  • th Best Experimental Writing anthology on top of th pile we actually in (an xcerpt form The Becoming) + wile we honor'd they aks'd they sorta fuckd up w/ our piece sposed 2 fade in just like th book even went back + forth w/ them talking about how t' inkrease th swatch from 10% > 20% > 30% gray etc til she b'comes black but seams they just made th whole thing 50% gray + under akcnowledgments they also messed up cuz th copyleft sine got bumpd up 2 p-graphs above + a blank spaze where th backwoods Ↄ symbol shd appear 2 say we grantd th publisher (Omnidawn) th same copyleft under wich we publiched her

> + now we create a new 2016 folder + directory t' file this under 4 waht she worth next time may'b we'll fix th cascading wonkiness

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