∑ [ oo ] + ><((°> = John Henry's 14 fish []List of shango train-songs 4 the [●] 2 summerize in8 iD's 2023


12/25/23> 1 (ware 1 = i) maid feast of 7 fish π 4 Xmas but the top didnt puff az much az it shd of b/c we don't halve a countertop big enough 2 roll out the doe, deer diary

feast of 7 fishes, 7 fishes pie

7 ><((°> π

> naught az tastey az Nu Yr's 2022

12/27> almost evrey nite mine dReams take place on chew-chew trains: [ oo ]+[ oo ]+
[ oo ]+[ oo ]+[ oo ]+[ oo ]+[ oo ]>
or in 5ubWay/tRain 5tations, nun that transL8 2 reel whirled pLaces > sumtimes errorPorts, but nvr aeropLanes ... what does X mene? useless 2 ask U, dear iNurnET, even if 1 puts «Jung» in the $earch $tring it inevitably will bee a miscon5trued mis.interpretation from sum r&om bLogger trying 2 maximize revenue from $earch $trings

> 4 the [●]— last nite 1 was sposed 2 meat K (mine dead brother) on the pl@t4m of a 5ubway 5tation but it was 1 of them tRains that opend on both sides, 1st 2 the Left (1 lookd + din't see hymn) then 2 the Rite, ware 1 got off w/ the bustle of the crowd + 5tood til the ppl cleared + 1 saw K then 1 saw sum a street hawker drop 3 doll parts so 1 pickd them up + ran after 'em + gave the doll pieces baↄk + they had a hole basket of dolls + plastic appeENDages that K stood stairing @ w/ a mischievous cheshire grin on his face then told 1 after that wood of bin a perfect D-coy/ploy 2 steal 'em

darwin fish, sum

><((°> 2023 was the year we (1 + 1's bedder-½) didn't go nowhere (Erewhon backwoods), naught bi errorplane N-E-way, perhaps the 1st year ever we din't fly sumware? 2020 we flu 2 Florida in January, but there was de-finitely a 365-day 5pan if naught 1½ years B-tween flights (when in Aug 2021 we flu 2 Bologna) > we had plans (tkts + evrything) 2 pLane 2 Turkey, Georgia + Azerbaijan in Oktober 2023 but the outbrake of war in Is-real took the wind out of those sales

[ oo ]> far cry from the 100k miles we flu in 2015

><((°> however, if we guesstim8 ~10k/day, then 1 probly WALKed or ran ~3650 miles in 2023, no diffrent than most years [◼]

[ oo ]> a 4tnite ago 1 rote: «2day (1 day ≈ NE other) 1 ran around central park + az 1 ran 1 thought: 1 will do X every day + rite 1 book about iT»—1 rote, after returning from said run + then upd8ed X challenge 2 walk or run 10K per day (N-E-ware, but mostly central or riverside parks) witch weave done most evry day 5ince ... but then again 1 has probly bin doing X (10K/day) mine entire life up 2 X point

><((°> in 2-day's noose: authorities detourmined that π-lit air = cause of the Yeti Errorline crash on 1/15/2023, same flight 2 Pokhara 1 took on 2/16/2015, where 1 got my «i Exist» shirt 1 wears in 1's author photo

[ oo ]> hence4th (until further notice), 1 = i = in8 iD or i.i., a i, 1 in 8,080,086,516 by 2day's count

><((°> i i i i, canta, no llores

[ oo ]> keeping w/ X train of thought, wile 1 has bin flying 5ince day 1, 1's very 1st train ride (unless u count DisneyL&) might halve bin the train from Nogales 2 Guadalajara, probly when 1 was @ least 10, if not 12 or 13

><((°> 5crolling through 5cense now, we actually flu baↄk from Fiumicino on Jan 4th so technically we did fly in 2023 ... but 5till, all we halve 2 do is make it to 1/4/2024 to count az another year of no error travel > no kids, no car, no error travel... no 1 kin say we ain't minimizing R carbon footPrint (az o-posed 2 sillycone based) + mostly a plant-based die-it, tho in the pa5t few weaks weave E-10 meet a few times

12/28> Ⓓ 2 Ⓑ 2 36th st, Sunset Park > on the 5ubway red Shakespeare's The Tempest:

Sycorax, Shakespeare, Tempest

the foul witch Sycorax, who w/ age + envy grew in2 a hoop

><((°> weave bin in the Greenwood Heights airea a few times in past weaks house-hunting but nvr halve we bin thru the cemetary so Looped thru even tho whether = rainy + getting dark (7.5 miles on the day) > saw Bernstein's grave (appropriate 5ince we just saw Maestro a few nites ago (ok, gr8 acting, but 2 much about his sexuality + not enough about his music))

+ Basquait's grave, witch wasn't EZ 2 fined:

Jean Michel Basquiat, grave, tombstone

[ oo ]> 1 tried 2 make a rubBeing butt the surFace = rough + damp so dint come out:

Jean-Michel Basquiat, grave rubbing, tombstone rubbing

><((°> then went to M + L's + of all things L made 7 fish π! but her's = much bedder (apparently mine dint puff cuz we thawed doe on counter, naught in fridge) > Ⓕ 2 Ⓓ 2 Ⓐ (local) home ... seams evrey time on the 5ubway we're sitting near unhoused + unhinged ppl, this 1 seamed harmless laying down talking 2 themself but then they got up + 5tarted yelling + banging a 5poon against the metal poles + rails + getting in2 ppl's face hollering + waving the 5poon

Greenwood fishes

12/29> #1126 seams 2 B turning in2 1 of those yr-end 5ummary po5ts + a 20-year anniversary 1 2 boot ... in post 1111 we summarized cumulative stats 2 d8, how if 5cense = book objet it wood amount to 23,451 pgs w/ 3,761,719 words (+ then there's the videos + imgs 2 consider)

> 1 normally don't 5ummarize web stats, but so far this year 5cense has logged 3,719,736 hits from 422,361 unique visitors ... granted 99% of those = sπ-ders or web-crawling bots, witch suits 1 fine, posthumuns = target audience after all > mine host (in Bulgaria of all places) onely stores mine stats for 1 year @ 1 time so don't know how 2023 compares 2 previous yrs, but seams 2 B the most ever? L8ly 5cense avgs ~1,300 visitors per day, inklooting U 2day, thx

Greenwood treerings

> nu years may seam arbitrarey, but is it coinsidance it L&s so close 2 th' winter solstice? daze n0 longer conTract but xp&d from hear on out

> nu years day of 2023 we woke up in Puglia, a trip whose underLying purpiss was 2 D-side weather 2 live in Italy or aNYCity (tho R minds were maid up on Dec 13)

> then urly 2023 was all a bout getting R house reddy 2 sell, a 1st 4 us + then we $old the house early May + then there was the move baↄk 2 aNYCity

> 1 tried 2 minimize the FX of mine ménières w/ lit-L sucksess in 2023... 5till deaf in 1's Rite ear + constant tinnitus, tho mayB not az diz-Z + naught az many vestibular mygrain episodes these past few weaks/months (tho yesterday wasn't pertty, probly b/c 1 had 2 much 2 drink (the last nite R house guests were hear))

Geenwood urns

> just when 1 said 1 nvr dreams about flying, on 2/7/23 1 was on a plane over the Darien Gap sitting next 2 Lou Reed + then on 4/17 1 was also on a puddle-jumper from the Bay Area 2 New Z-L& + then another flight ware we hit a flock of geese ... weird how memary supresses such D-tails (train vs. plain), good thing we [●] these hear

[ oo ]+[ oo ]+[ oo ]+[ oo ]+[ oo ]+[ oo ]+[ oo ]> don't lose the train of thought

> early March we quit SPD + sined up 4 Asterism + then made the shift 2 print-on-D-m&

> 2023 = year of B-ing D-frauded ... 1st sum UAE liebury project tried 2 swindled us of $25k + then 1 cot an unauthorized π-rate selling Motorman ebooks + then 1 punked [PANK] 4 B-ing swindlers

> 1 (wearing Cal's hat) helped foster Subito books onely 2 halve them B-come ungr8ful + tell us naught 2 halve NE contact w/ the very authors whose boox we were $elling, witch maid it all seam so pointless + uncool

> Ↄalamari published 3 books this year: Genesis, Red Earth + 1/ 4 i am ĐNA + Sound Furies put out TiME5 ƎĐiT + a few more boox in the works but wheel tock about Ↄalamari stuff in more D-tale when we do an economy of words post > 4 now wheel throw a log on the fire

Sound Furies, Times Edit       Sound Furies, Times Edit

> 1 red ~100 books in 2023 + who nose how many movies we [▶]ed w/ bedder-½ > we walked who nose how menny miles (again, iD guess 10k a day), sum of it rebooting R Maphattan Project

> the above book count toetill doesn't inkloot Barabajan Poems: 1492-1992 by Kamau Brathwaite, witch 1 red thi5 pa5t week

Kamau Brathwaite,  Barabajan Poems

> baↄk in August when 1 red KB's Ancestors, 1 mentioned how his Savacou North books were out of print ... well, 1 finally got mine grubby h&s on copies of them, witch involved sum searching + asking around til finally 1 got a hold of his widow who said they weren't out of print b/c there was a bookstore in Barbados that carried 'em (tho didnt say witch 1) + after months of sleuthing finely figured out how 2 get copies of these 4 Savacou books, tho it 5till wasn't cheap, tho cheaper than you'll get em online ($125 a pop) > 1 offered 2 help sell em in the U.S., even con5idered taking a jetplane trip 2 Barbados over Xmas 2 hash it out + get said boox, but alas, miss Bev remains protectiv about keeping them w/ just 1 bookstore in Barbados (Andy Taitt's Black Rock Books 4 NE 1 intrested) + again, we're in an error-travel moratorium

Kamau Brathwaite,  Barabajan Poems, Sycorax

> Barabajan Poems is in F-fect a trainscrypt 4 a 5peech Brathwaite was aksed 2 give @ the central bank of Barbados on 2 Dec 1987, the day after James Baldwin died, witch is how Brathwaite B-gins the 5peech/book, 5tarts out az an oral narrativ but az the book progresses it seams KB xp&ed on it after the fact, inklooting poems in signature sycorax style, B-coming a sorta autobiographical gr8est hits of sorts, his opus ... or shd we say HER opus 5ince Sycorax = she? the language of Barabajan Poems > s/he brakes it up psychogeographically, 5tarting w/ his 5chooling in Cambridge (where apparently Ted Hughes spent his last nite in camBridge hanging out in KB's room) + then the deckaid KB 5pent in Ghana b4 returning 2 the i/L& of Barbados, in X/isle

Kamau Brathwaite,  Barabajan Poems, Sycorax

[duck-and-drakes = skipping stones, case u = wondering]

+ then @ sum pt he goes 2 Kenya, ware Kamau was annointed his name by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o's gr&-ma (b4 this his name was Edward):

Kamau Brathwaite,  Barabajan Poems, Sycorax, Kenya

+ w/in Barabajan Poems, KB tocks abt how he devilipped Sycorax style, in her one words:

Kamau Brathwaite,  Barabajan Poems, Sycorax

> it 5tarts 2 reely git intresting when s/he tocks about the influenze of muzic when he started 2 collect [●]s (Amerikin Blues + Jazz LPs that s/he called «sound mirrors» of Barbados)+ also a trip 2 the south of Belize (ware 1 in8 iD just happend 2 B in Sept 1988, rite b4 getting 5tuck in Hurricane Gilbert, same Tempest that D-stroyed KB's archive in Jamaica) ware he was xposed 2 the sound of Obeah which-craft

Kamau Brathwaite,  Barabajan Poems, Sycorax, music, jazz

+ KB (thru Sycorax) 5tarts tocking about John Henry + the trainsong tradition + how X music devilipped az workSongs 2 bide the time + in the appendix s/he inkloots a mixTape [▶]List of X Shango trainsongs:

Kamau Brathwaite,  Barabajan Poems, Shango trainsongs

[ oo ]> followed by a few pgs of 5pecific traX, sew, az 1 did w/ Louis Chude-Sokei's Sound of Culture 1 put 2gether a [▶]List on Tidal, ur welcome! (+ sorry it ain't on Spotify, but we don't sub5cribe 2 them no more)

[ oo ]> 1 (az ½ of Sound Furies) tocked b4 about «The L+N Don't [◼] Hear N-E-more» + how it influenzed «Kanawha»—the song off Tributaries (+ river in West Virginia, where John Henry hailed from)+ weave tocked b4 in a posthumun contxt about how Thoreau said «We do not ride the railroad; it rides upon us» b4 McLuhan said «we shape our tools then they shape us» + now hear's X legend of John Henry's duel against the drilling machine + again, az Norbert Weiner pointed out in Cybernetics, humanity's reliance on technology not so diffrent than a reliance on slavery, will come back 1 day 2 bite us in the ass

> in Johnny Cash's «The Legend of John Henry's Hammer» Cash sings:

did the lord say that machines outta take the place of living
and what's a
Subsitute for bread and beans?
I ain't seen it,
do engines get rewarded for their

> B-ing that it's near th end of year + 1 is trying 2 clear mine 2-read Q (sew menny boox, sew lit-L time!) hear's sum other boox we 5kimmed ± ½-red resently:

  • 2 recent issues of perspektive—mayB weed read 'em, but we don't no German
  • Tik-Tok of Oz by L. Frank Baum—funny Tik-Tok got it's name from Baum but 1 dozent need 2 read the book 2 fined out Y
  • Last Comes The Raven by Italo Calvino
  • Hombres de Maiz by Miguel Asturias—like the above boox, grabbed it from a liebury box 2 1 day brush up on mine Spanish but realistickly doubt we'd ever
  • Quotidian—intresting zine we found in a local liebury box w/ lots of pics of drains
  • Feed by M.T. Anderson (1 of the founding 3rd bed editors)—the tone of this is gr8 + it's way ahead of it's time, but 2 YA 4 mine tastes + now a bit d8ed (far as predicting influenze of social media (writ-10 pre web 2.0))
  • Fermata by Nicholson Baker—2 sex-crazed 4 mine tastes

+ other movies (in addition 2 Maestro)

  • Powwow Highway—great 1989 movie that we'd nvr heard of til now
  • House of Games—[▶]ed 10 minutes but wasn't in2 it
  • Oppenheimer—disappointing + boring
  • finished the final season 5 of The Crown

> c u in 2024, dear in.urn.ET

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