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Bat-eared Fox
Zebra stripes
Leopard Spots
Black Rhino
Ben Okri
Henna Hand
Marabou Stork

The border crossing coincided exactly with the half-way point on our trip. I've never traveled by land across the equator. When I was young, I always thought that there would be a burning red line where the equator was, boiling in the oceans. Sadly, I discovered this was not true. This is what it really looks like [ ... ]

Uganda Bananas
Tigray girl
Tigray Monk
Addis Ababa to Mekele
thumb stache
Mike Topp Sled Hill Voices

¢ Sled Hill Voices

{images by Derek White, associative text by Mike Topp}

[ ... ]


¢ FOALS! Live in Brooklyn at Galapagos, Oct. 19, 2007

Foals are it. They are the most exciting thing I've heard in the past few years. Jess agrees. Their sound is a jaded hybrid of Kraftwerk and Fela Kuti, with some of their own brilliant and innovative mutations infused. And perhaps nods to Talking Heads and The Rapture. But very British. Another one of these Brit bands that makes you wonder what they're drinking that we're not [ ... ]


¢ The Night I Dropped Olson on the Cat: Covering John Olson

John Olson shoots from the hip. He is not really a hippy, nor a hipster. He is not a cowboy either, though he is fond of jerky. He is fond of a lot of words. John Olson is unbridled. He is a straight-shooter that peppers his targets. His bullets are words. He chooses them well. He loads their shells with lead so they carry weight. Olson shoots these words into space. What kind of space?   [ ... ]

Odd Images from the Hour Sets

¢ Odd Images from The Hour Sets by Michael Boyko

Here are some images I did for Michael Boyko's book, The Hour Sets, which I just sent to the printer. I did 13 images in all, corresponding to each hour (including the 0th hour), and each chapter of the book. These are the odd numbered ones. Hour Set #9 and Hour Set #11 are up online on Web Conjuctions if you want a perspective of the texts that inspired these images. [ ... ]

the edge

¢ U2's Natural Logarhythm : Exponential Decay in the Delay of The Edge's Guitar

Ever wonder what it is that makes The Edge's guitar playing so special? In particular, how does he achieve his signature delay sound? Even before he started using a delay pedal, like on Boy, The Edge had a distinctive way of "lagging" his notes that didn't correspond to the natural linear rhythm of the song (a good example is "Twilight"). Another good example of where he hits these beautifully off-rhythm notes without a delay pedal is in "Like a Song" on War. It's almost like he's finding gaps to fill, [ ... ]

Binky Serenade

¢ My Life in Hell : The Real Deal

All these pictures and icons of everyone becoming Simpsonized lately reminded me of something... it took me hours of digging through old notebooks and pictures, but I found it. A drawing that Matt Groening himself drew for me, by hand, back in 1989, just months before the first Simpsons episode aired. So not even Simpsonized, but Binky-ized. [ ... ]

Michael Peters: from Vaast Bin

¢ Emissions from the Cosmogonic Ether } Cover, Book Trailer, and other Misc. Bin Lemmas from Michael Peters' Vaast B1n

I first met Michael Peters in Miami at a Vispo exhibit we were both in a few years back. We had come from a tour of the Sackner Archive and somehow he landed in the backseat of a rental car I was driving, trying to navigate our way around Miami. When you first meet Michael Peters, he has this penetrating stare and intensity that can be unsettling or intimidating, especially  [ ... ]

Femi Kuti Positive Enforcer

¢ Femi Kuti & the Positive Force: Live in Central Park July 11, 2007

We caught Femi Kuti in the park after a downpour that perhaps scared most people off. And perhaps it's a curse to be born in the image of the legendary Fela, one of the greatest musicians to grace our planet. Sure, he's been blessed with a big foot in the door, but they're big shoes to fill, and Femi fills them well, despite such expectations and modern pressures.  [ ... ]

Mermaid Parade 2007

¢ Mermaid Parade 2007: Last Call Before Coney Island Becomes Condoey Island

We've always had excuses in the past to not go out for the Mermaid Parade: its raining, it's too hot, we don't want to deal with the crowds, the long subway ride, etc. But this year we had to. Not like it's the last year, but this is the last year Coney Island will probably be the Coney Island as we know it  [ ... ]

Gary Lutz Partial List of People to Bleach

¢ Wrapping My Head Around Gary Lutz: Covering Partial List of People to Bleach

I was recently asked to do the cover for Gary Lutz' new chapbook, Partial List of People to Bleach, that is out now from Kevin Sampsell’s Future Tense Books. I couldn’t think of any author or press I’d be more honored to do a cover for.   [ ... ]

Deron Bauman

5¢ Interview with Deron Bauman

The following call and response took place between Derek White (5¢) and Deron Bauman (DB). Fill in your own captions. [ ... ]

Good, Brother the movie

¢ Good, Brother:

a short movie based on the story by Peter Markus [... ]

Mexipanese Fest

¢ Mexipanese Fest: Cevicherashi with Nori-crusted Tostadas, washed down with Shiso Tequila Mojitos

I've been neglecting the gustatory and olfactory senses in these 5¢ense reviews lately. Not that we've been neglecting our taste buds lately, to the contrary. Though since we moved into our new apartment, that actually has a kitchen, go figure, we've been cooking more. [ ... ]

Sleepingfish 0.9375 slideshow

¢ Sleeping Slides from the Sleepingfish 0.9375 Soiree

Unfortunately the gods of technology could't conspire to get the slideshow on my MacBook to play on the video monitors at Magnetic Field, where we had the Sleepingfish launch party last night. This is a poor substitute for the original, but here's the slideshow compressed and pixelated to hell to make it suitable for streaming. [ ... ]

Blonde Redhead -- Live clips from 23

¢ Blonde Redhead live at Webster Hall

Two video clips of Blonde Redhead playing tracks from their new album, 23. [ ... ]

Noy Holland

5¢ Interview with Noy Holland

In which words were administered to Noy Holland and her off-the-cuff responses follow. [ ... ]

Danielle Dutton: Attempts at a Life

¢ Late night attempts at reading Attempts at a Life whilst being pestered by apartment-dwelling life forms

Note: As with any 5¢ense article, please note the disclaimer. This is not a review of the book so much as my own whimsical deficiencies in comprehending it or communicating how much I really liked it. Mostly it's my personal experience with apartment-life in New York City, a lame dog-ate-my-homework excuse for why I didn't give my full book report. [ ...

The Economy of Words

¢ The Economy of Words: Calamari Press/Sleepingfish Earnings Report 2006

It's tax time, or at least that time of year when you tally up the damage from the year before and drink yourself silly. As the proprietor, founder, or whatever you want to call it, of a small press and literary magazine, I consider any author that has a book through it or edits or contributes in whatever way, to be a shareholder in this seafaring enterprise, thusly the financials should be "public" [ ...

Part of Part of the World

¢ Part of Part of the World by Robert Lopez

The following excerpt is from Part of the World by Robert Lopez which is forthcoming, very soon, now in fact, from Calamari Press. The excerpt is composed of three paragraphs. The first paragraph has 559 words in it. The second paragraph has only 9 words in it. The last paragraph has 1,664 words in it. This is not necessarily representative of the book as a whole. [ ... ]

Gary Lutz

5¢ Interview with Gary Lutz

In which words were administered to Gary Lutz and his off-thecuff responses follow. [ ... ]

Moroccan Tree Goat

¢ Morocco Field Report:  

1. The haggles, hassles and hustles of Casa & Fez

2. Belly Dancing Berbers & Barbary Apes (Fez to Ouarzazate)

3. Rocking the Kasbahs and Girdling Goat Trees (Ouarzazate to Essaouira)

4. Boats, Cats and Castles Made of Sand (Essaouira to Casa)



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