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Rem+Rom: A Raft ManifestRem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

Rem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

Chaulky White: SSES SSES SSEY

The Becoming

Untitled: under the auspices

Ark Codex

Derek White: Marsupial


695> I Rivers along NY ave + Carolinas w/ deckaids folding years INT.0 dayzzzzzzz in x-change for liebury boox
In fact, now we's thinking bout dissemination beyond just the district, ox... that if there was other folks out dare—"stewards" as they's called in Little Free Liebury lingo—that weed send 'em a box of books (+ tapes) to stock there book boxes/little free lieburies. Or if there's any small pressees out there ± anybody w/ excess books, tapes, etc. to donate to our liebury, you'all kin send them to us (in [ ... ]

694> Nox + chasing Chevys to connect i-cut knot in Kansas no more, to carry itself for Xmas eve
... the paper is wasted cuz it's only printed on 1 side + even then ½ the pages just have little clipping w/ a few words on it... + it's hard-cover + comes in a box so uses like 10x the resources as a regular book object + takes up a lot of space. But again, we dig the idea of it + every so often she'd say sumping, lik «u reelize u halve survived it + so must carry it, or fashion it into a thing that carries itself.» [ ... ]

693> On spatial + temporal atomicity, Kaibab death trail, lightning + being a bouncer at L7 (1992 flashback)
His eyesocket and face were caked with blood. He had little scrapes and nicks all over his body. His chest was all bloated and blueish. He seemed to have an entry point in his shoulder, his shirt was all charred and his shoe blew right off and he had a burnt sock hanging from his foot that was all singed. He smelled like burnt hair and flesh. But he was breathing and had a pulse. All he could do was moan [ ... ]

692> 59th st. sawH.O.R.S.E. sandpiling 12 mini-Boog Λ-waved Δifferentials to animate our Textiloma committment
... we dig the IDea uv fleeting tXt dat comes + ghose, dat's knot siempre stuck on a screen... u can demonstrait the self-editing prosses, animate her. B4 dis sandpiling sueño we was messing round w/ sawtooth waves on our mini-Boog, purhaps why we rêved bout a sandune in the shape uv a sawhorse? The thing about the mini-Boog (Behringer D) is dat we can't store patches so if we come [ ... ]

691> 4 du jour nihilistic raisins to live dancing en un état de rêve 2 ƒurius ƒoundscapes
if dare was anything Cal A. Mari had to be proud of was doing our part to keep Lutz's works alive + in print for the past deckaid + then hand the baton over to Tyrant to keep on carrying on cuz dam if Lutz aint a living treasure. She gave us a shoutout at 1 point wich was nice, specially in regard to the The Gotham Grammarian cuz most folks don't even no dat ∃xists. Flâneured a round y'er + the day [ ... ]

690> Re:chording fuzzy post-humun ½-verdads in kind on Memorex High Bias tapestried tapes
We's starting to wonder if we is completely schizoid biased, like w/ d-lusions of grandjure? Or whatever they say the definishun of insanity is, duing the same thing ova + ova + xpecting a diffrent result? Ore are we like dat twin brudder, planting impressions in our noggin' just so we kin live w/ our selves, so we dont godda face the ℝealidad dat we truelie suck, at least to the predominant [ ... ]

689> Humping the discourse of autovampiric humanesis to a bottomless blackfoot birdcage along Colorado
«scientific post-human is thus a posthuman divested of subjectivity and trapped in a language of scientific value, where it survives auto-vampirically»... 1 cd say el mismo bout Cecchetto, don't madder hoose navel u is gazing into, u is still trapped in a human body, buey, far from post-human. Weed rather just watch an auto-vampire moovie (dat Japanese movie Thirst (2009) comes close, in dat 69 scene [ ... ]

688> dub-L headid whirled re:chord of K9 re:creation + LL re:/cursive surf (mod 8)
... the letter Q had a pitcher of a queen + we colured in her robe w/ a green crayon + our teacher aksed why we chose green + not blue... perhaps the 1st time we tripped out on the concept of colour, how they was these discrete concepts we agreed upon, like letters. We also member how in dat «Town Carousel» they gave us cookies + kool-aid + then told us to take naps on cots laid out in a big [ ... ]

687> D-zzzily d-railed by a dreamachine/subway connecting lugares in tempo 2 hour cabeza
... typically a mash-up of plazes. Don't think ever weave dreamt of the pertickler plaze we's sleeping at the time, for dat matter these plazes ain't anywear in pertickler, bud often they's connected by a subway system dat enables us to travel seamlessly + timelessly from 1 lugar to an udder, often in diffrent time periods. The 2nd part of the song («Atun 6.6»)(u can tune a piano bud u can't tuna fish) we re- [ ... ]

686> The compittent blown-up presshore uv our dizzy d-zzz diarhea + a free Calamari liebury box to boot
... in the K-OS dat ensues the photographer ends up w/ the severed neck/head. Or how when the band of crazies appear mid-way thru the film + give hym a sign, he puts it in the back of his Rolls, like he's compliant to bean committed. + the fact dat he's a photo-grapher, riflects the vanity of trying to capture (in the name of art) .Or maybe it's just us, questioning hour one sanity, projecting [ ... ]

685> [●]'ing a quietly intents wall uv noize during loudness wars w/schizo-mineareyes d-zzz when ∀ll amps goto 11
we was mastering our album in sum control room/execution chamber, surrounded by observing sighingtists + we hit a curtain point where we [●]'d ova a spot + ∀ll the sighingtists (who'd become prison guards/executioners) stood up, ℝeelizing they'd bin duped, dat we (now a convicted felon on death row) had found a loophole in the «up for parole» [●]'ing system dat cd expand the inner walls [ ... ]

684> priming thriver meme + mastering DK-2-K-OS on freakwindsea 22/11/66
... Ms Ann Thrope will stand 4 the misanthropic replicant widow dat came 2 us in dis dream, our brudder's X dat we was obliged 2 marry 22 yrs ago under levirate law. Spose dis bee like Her (2013), witch is fitting considering Spike Jonze is a charactor in Textiloma (the director of the movie w/ in the book). De todos modos, espero que tom bien wheel regress to righting this Modern Epimetheus [ ... ]

683> Mix-taping a 5-note liner for "C:/C-Change/6-yr snow," derived from whorling ethereal aether
What genre labels don't capture is the choice of notes a band chooses in a song, witch seams vital to a "sound" if u aks us. Far as we know (not dat we profess to no diddly about musick theory) most all the songs on 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. (as was most on un) are in a minor 5-note scale (usually Em or Dm) or sum other scale we ain't even shore the name uv, cuz those are the nodes we always gravitate [ ... ]

682> Standstill stage diving, raving + caving in green guts ala Voix Bulgares for experimental relativity (c. 1992)
... system will sway from one stationary maximum to another, or taking a metaphor from the ocean tides, the system will sway from one high tide to another. The system, forming the primordial element, is nothing at an instant. It requires it's whole period to manifest itself. In an analogous way, a note of music is nothing at an instant, but it also requires its whole period in which to manifest itself. [ ... ]

681> SSL htt-peephole to Penelope's ppl, "LL" + cerealized liner nodes to prosper + interact w/, dear Inurnet
... we don't need our name attached to nutting, but as a posthumun artist we want the art/information we create to ∃xist + be axssesible + ain't no bedder place to ∃xist (for the sake of prosperity + axssesability) then Inurnet, where the art can interact w/ all other art/info, in a massive collective hive. Problem is, in effect our content don't ∃xist (at least far as googel is concerned) cuz we haven't caved in [ ... ]

680> Sunny's Requiem or Sublobo 1995: Serendipity is serenity w/ a dip in it (i.e. we ain't in Kansas no more)
I'm at an immersion point where I'm no longer a tourist and there's some traits that I just have to leave behind or I'd be hindered by being judgemental or hypercritical (not to mention getting my ass kicked). Helps that I got a buzzcut, but I'm getting good at swallowing my tongue and fitting in... these rednecks have no idea what a weirdo liberal I really am. So really I guess having my brother [ ... ]

679> God ain't dead, it just never lived, or ∃xisted as landlords w/ ∀ll dead souls (the greatest trick ever pulled)
... was convincing the world he didn't exist," witch googling now has been used sample a # of times, most notably by Ghostface Killah, but nun = the songs we're thinking of [...] this is more of a late 90s/early 00s drums + bass affair. We can't shazam it nether... ironically no record of it ∃xists xcept on our computer! Who's the devil now? Convincing L mundo we don't ∃xist. If any1 gots an IDea who [ ... ]

678> Sissyfussing 7 purrfect 10 sonic sculptures down-climbing a virgin ½-pipe w/ our granny cart
... a heavier expression of this addickshin jean. It's hard to say "we wish we was never born" (+ it don't mean we're sewersidal), butt an abortion wd of bean a bedder choice for the grater good of el mundo. Butt wile we're hear hay guess we shd make the best of hit + do our pard to diminish this humun need to keep begetting genetickly by fostering posthuman memetic propagation thru art [ ... ]

677> The V-dubbed grizzzly smell of play-doh triggering a dizzying disorder of clanging consecution
... a poet rhyming ain't evidents of mentoll illness, butt "disorganized speech that impedes the patient's ability to communicate is a disorder in itself, often seen in schizophrenia." So guess the quesstshun is, deer diarrea, doze she m-pede our abillydad to commune-acake? Hit ain't a disorder if u embrace her. B-sides, we god the luckshorey of bean able to bee coo-coo, callus a funkshunall nut- [ ... ]

676> Holloring why O Y O-ming on the x-callbox w/ no FX in the micro-cosmic mise en abîme of DC
... to git stuff like a pillow for our bedder-½ + parlay w/ the vacuum rep cuz the cheap-ass Hikeren we bot 6 messes ago already broke + when we emailed dare customer support (sum randumb Hotmail acct), we god a response from a personal gmail acct, ½ in shyknees, dat amongst other unintelligible things said “it's normal that the machine automatically stops working when you are using.” [ ... ]

675> Nodding off to nada, ∀ll to fined the ∃xit to playshore i-land, guydid by spirel landing lights
... we aksed a security guard where the exit to Pleasure Island was + they said they din't have such a ride + we said, oops, Freudian slip, we meant TReasure island. It was a sprawling complex w/ lot of doorways + passedges + weird side events going on, like at 1 point we got stuck in a stampede of old mentally disabled folks running w/ beer + cheese in their hands, sum sorta race they was halving + [ ... ]

674> c/oVEMPs cum breatharian Sissyfuss landscaping Indiana + Rode I-land in our hone backyard
... asksing us to become a breatharian. We aksed him why shd we due all this when there's bean no conclusive studies showing any of this does squat + he shrugged + admitted this was tru, dat they don't know shit about Mineareyes d-zzz, what causes her + what helps + then smuggly said that's why this pertickler field was great, cuz "70% of ppl get bedder w/o doing nothing + we get to take [ ... ]

673> PBR streetgang in the bush of holey ghosts (praylude to 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.)
... it's a song we done last year but din't inkloot on our 1st album cuz we couldn't get the vox rite... when we (a.I.) sang refrence vocals to give Zo (real vox) the idea, she said we sounded like Anthony Kiedis, wich made us want to scrap the song altogether. But we dug her out of the trash + in stead of having Zo sing on her we just sampled varyus nonsense. So w/o furthere ado (drumroll please), hear [ ... ]

672> Follow the yellow-paged journel as we fall for Zo in AZ (Q1, 1992)
We’re living in this huge lattice of energy and atomic particles. I was thinking maybe it’s even a discrete lattice, quantum mechanics forging the connections. Rather than change physics to account for discrepancies that arise, we need to alter our geometry. Maybe it’s space itself that is quantized? And since we live in these lattice points—that is real to us. We can have no concept of what’s [ ... ]

671> Ripping a fixed hole for the sueños to get in, to the dream states of AZ + NM (+ CA?)
There was an announcement over the loudspeaker to fasten our safety belts, that we were hitting turbulence... evidently the reason why we was flying so low, like a 100 ft off the ground, beneath the clouds. Even tho the plane was ½-empty ppl were clustering near our window to look out, talking about how many straight hours it had been raining, tho it just seemed sort of overcast and drizzly [ ... ]

670> Desert isle filler from the fog: flow, continuity, chronology + the lost art of albums
... more + more we find ourselves wanting to sink our teeth in moss, callus snobby art lovers... specially if it's a book we feel the texts + words shd all work together as a collective hole, driving twards the same gol, w/ the soul motivation being art, not entertainment. Weave been dwelling a lot lately on this, not just in terms of litterasure, but in music... this as we (Sound ƒuries) are scrambling to [ ... ]

669> The restoration of Chaulky White to pave the way for 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. (as post # 669)
The untitled piece (all our brother's pieces were untitled) that we call Fe, or Rust, has gone back + fourth between California + NYC a few times + then sum for every time we moved w/in NYC. On at least 1 inner-city move we hand-carried her across Manhattan as she's rather fragile (made of styrofoam + sprayed w/ gritty paint that u ain't sposed to touch cuz she'll come off on u), specially since [ ... ]

668> Sahara Miss-us Hippy + Allah Bama wandering black + blues to pyschogeographical roots
On the way to + from the African American museum we considered what state-named ave to do as part of our Microcosmic Psycho-geography of DC project, then reminded ourselves it's not just about microcosmic states, but other countries since all the embassies reside in DC. So we knocked off a few on the way back, related to the African American museum—Senegal, Congo (both the [ ... ]

667> N appendix of OdySSEY pix grandfathered in by an archivist w/ mineareye's d-zzz
Speaking of running, our brudder used to say the same, in regards to his dipression + a'diction isshoes + speaking of our brudder, who we now call Ulysses—originul auhor of 'SSES" 'SSES" form witch 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' (vol 0+I) was derived—when we was in Califor- nia a few weeks ago we found a stash of his works at our mudder's place, inklooting a photo album of the Trans-Siberian odyssey [ ... ]

666> Σi = DCLXVI (devil's #) uv 66 Tri-X found (ℝeel) negatives, retro-fitted as anaglog camraw art
Especially poignant since our b-day is 11/22/66. Took us 10 yrs to log the 1st 333 posts (+ we din't start counting til #331) + it's bin 6 yrs since then, sow were excelerating. When we was in California visiting our mom a few weeks ago we found a bunch of negatives dat we hadn't yet scanned, so figgered we'd celebrate post #666 by inklooting these, in no partickler order. Most of these are black + [ ... ]

665> Syzygyxic Ash Code of Nu Jersey Junk to prime the canvas 2 messes sin habito diario
("a good day to die" as Crazy Horse said) + such an exorcise b-sides providing exorcise (in both meanings delle parole) occupies our mind to keep us from, say, the familiar trappings of sewerside dat 1 might feel reading the news tout le jours cuz face it, them headlines nowadaze is enough to make u wanna slit yo wrists. These walks are meant to be more introspective—what's running thru our [ ... ]

664> No trespassing unless you're hunting deaf + how our bedder ½ came to be, AZ, end of 1991
In this sense it would be nice to experience complete blackness—the void an unattainable goal due to the continuous background noise. So that was strange, compounded with the visceral nightmare I had the other night that was inducing déjà vu where I was at a party and was introduced to this blind girl and she totally freaked out in my presence saying that we were destined to fall in love but [ ... ]

663> Microcosmic Pyschogeography of DC: Washington st... wondering as we wander, starting at (0, 0)
+ back to our place on Oregon-cum-Swann St (about 12 miles toetill). We rcv'd a 10 lb. batch of Hatch chilis delivered to us (to christen our new fridge) from New Mexico + since they was delivered on dry ice we figgered why waist it so got sum milk + berries + choclit chips + maid sum dry ice i scream. We used to make i scream w/ lickwid nitrogen all the time when we was a student @ U of A [ ... ]

662> The meaning of wah as a message left on our own answering machine @ U of A, Tucson, fall 1991
... ice cubes tinkling in the glass. The rhythmic humming of crickets and distant traffic is being disrupted by loud cymbals crashing and drums banging, punk rock screaming chants. The way it echoes off the buildings and empty streets. I opened the curtains to let the light out so I could write. Sirens. Helicopters hover and spin around, floodlights flashing around. This is it. So I be student. [ ... ]

661> Red nipples turning soft + Sisters as sum 1 Ls, forest fires, PCT + Spanish pigs—an Oregorian blackberry pie
We do dig the mass napping, wish she'd write more from that space in stead of the day-to-day of trustafarian travellers contemplating their navels. A few weeks ago we listened to all of The Shining w/o watching it. Like Lynch, Kubrick is 1st + 4-most a sound artist. Beilin is a word artist, just wish she had sumping to write about. Then again, what is there to write about no more? A lot of the stories [ ... ]

660> Happy campers eating Marion berry washed ova by n Abortion of loving grace
Found sum stuff of his weed never seen before, inklooting an art/collage scrapbook + a photo album from his whirled trip, witch wood of come in handy when our patron Cal A. Mari was working on vol I of "SSEY'. Also took iron, witch used to be in our poSSESion but when we went to Africa we sent it back to our mudder for safe keeping. Also snagged the skeletal foot from this piece, minus [ ... ]

659> A lathe of owls that tock like Peanuts parents during wanton dream/ body therapy in walking Wildwood
... a painting of Mt Hood becomes a painting of a horse because of what the dreamer dreamt. It escalates from there until Orr dreams that the population of el moondough drops from 6 million to 1 million + it does rite before their eyes. Le Guin writes about Mt St Helens being a perfect cone witch was weird (it erupted 7 years after the book was writ), tho in the book Mt Hood erupts + [ ... ]

658> The old nadsat index of our mind spinning in-out of Huxley's dystopia like clockwork, o my droogies
perhaps big brother is watching, but censorship ain't a problema so much as general apathy... books don't need to be banned cuz no-body gives a shit about reading no more if it ain't on their phones. There ain't a lack of info so much as an overload of of entropic dirt dat has turned us into passive + apathetic egosists. In Orwell's dystopia, the masses are controlled by fear, ultraviolence + the old [ ... ]

657> Mal SSES-OS, magnetic resin-ants, B-9 spidery cysts + how-to DIY self-trephination ± defenestration
Irritability, memary loss, psychosis + even schizophrenia are also side-FX of what weave bean diagnosed with, so might x-plane our behavior + mentoll capacity in resent years as any 1 dat follows this hear blog can probly testify 2, dat we can't spell or use carwreck granmar + we're luzing hour senses... when we started blogging on 5cense we was in cumplete control of all 5, hence the URL [ ... ]

656> Toetill self-e-clipse of the son in Axixic (July 1991) w/ Bo Diddley's dotter + a busted bomba. . . o,
The guy who had a gun pointed at him looked like he’d already been in a fight, cuts on his face + shirt covered w/ blood stains. Their table was littered w/ shrimp shells, salsa splatterings, tequila bottles, blood + barf. The guy with the gun was pissed + meant business. The waiter tried to reason w/ him + managed to lead him outside. Everyone in the restaurant was mellow about it, like they see [ ... ]

655> Zombee in-payshints, nerve apathy + sublingual B-12 + D-fishinsea, where a.I. = audio x-face
... mubling + drooling ppl in wheel chairs, sum w/ helmets even, spilling out of standing-room only waiting areas into hallways, sum groping out grabbing whatever they could get a hold of. And we was probly the only white person there, b-sides our doctor. Meniere's is still suspect, tho still need to do a battery of more tests, NCV 60, EMG/NMK, MRI, VNG/NP, EKG, ETC.+ had to get blood [ ... ]

654> Juanita the cact-eye, pyschogeographical labyrinthitis, macrocosmic vita D + a bird in hand
... piano piano we're snapping out of it). This after waiting a mes for an appt + doc J was an hora tarde. + the earliest we can schedule an ENT is next month... the Amerikin medickle system is such a crock of caca. 1 thing we did learn from peeing in a cup, swabbing our poop + letting them jab a niddle in our vein is that we is d-fishant in vitamin D... strange considering all the sun we get. Not as d- [ ... ]

653> 2nd story where we'll start recording Swann Songs on our mini-Boog D
... + a Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer, which is essentially a recreation of the classic mini-Moog model D, the mother of all synths, at 1/10th the price (300 instead of 3,000, but we got it free). We're in a mode where we're cashing in all our rewards points, also got free airline tix the other day too. So now that we've officially settled into our new digs, time to get back to writing + recording [ ... ]

652> Swann St 1st story... can u here me now?
... they left us their sound system which perhaps in the late '90s or early '00s was state of the art, w/ surround sound speakers through-out the house... but we don't got no CDs or TV, all we can do is use the AUX port for our iPhone + computer + we're still trying to figger out how to get the downstair speakers to work. Speaking of, yesterday we rode our bike all the way to the hospital to get a [ ... ]

651> Swann house piano 0: ice cream for a crazed crow on the ground floor
we ran downstairs + the crow was right outside the glass door + kept trying to come into the house even tho we was right there, pecking at the glass. S/he didn't look like s/he was feeling so well, kind of just sat there not moving. Either stunned, poisoned, or a juvenile that hadn't quite learned to fly yet? We went outside + s/he wasn't afraid of us at all, so we picked her up (wrapped in a black towel) [ ... ]

650> Autobiography of a Yogi Bear re-up'ing an ikat ottoman, bearing in mind x-SSES poSSESions
... REMember? Need to keep REMinding ourselfs. We know what we shd + shd knot due, now it's just a madder of breaking ol habits + pudding nu 1s into practice like we wake up now + go strait downstairs + turn the cofee on + while we're wading for Major Dickason to brew we go to our palestra + due sum down-dogs + stretches... child's pose (balasana) in pertickler is grate for the shoulder. [ ... ]

649> Pearl diving the red tide wear Shakespeare shook spirits of Tao de Lin/I ching [industyrail avg]
Yank her dollhairs! Weighs heavy yo. Who was it said I paid my way? Dead'R'us? Telemachus? N-joys U lists ease, where 'lists' is how a sailboat slants. Or a drunk, 3 sheets to the wind, mizzen mast. Never lands. Plant Johnny's apple seed prima to paving the cull-da-sack. Recreation of what? Circumstance? Happens to be moss of a peptide chain if u must know, the analog to how we model the [ ... ]

648> 10,001 sleeping positions, karmic transactions, rug remnants + the ergonomics of laptops
INT.0 sum sorta small furry creature dat lives under our skin. Hay Jude. Co-ax her out. Or hell, let 'er stay, long as she don't chew wires in our attick. Our head also buzzing w/ tinnitis on top of the spinning. Taking a brake from physical lifting + mongering to get back to computer-work, wich weave bin dreading, thinking it'll only make us worse... bad ergonomics we blame for the carp in our tunnel [ ... ]

647> Make/shift iDENTity, niddle phobia, the weight of ℜeal Estate + the great horsetail caper
Takes so long to get a doctor's appointment in the U.S. medickle sistem that you'll ether die or whatever ails u will go away on it's one by the time u see the doc. Finally had our appointment we scheduled over a month ago to figger out what's up w/ our shoulder + right ear. The poking + prodding wasn't so bad, at least she dint go rectal + our bedder-½ got to be in the same room. Part of it is that [ ... ]

646> Before u make art again u need to take stock + purge + monger at a stoop sail
But hey, if u do got a broken elliptical or spin bike then get in touch w/ us cuz at this point we've dismantled + fixed our fair share + we're keeping dat dam crank puller chingalera, which is quite a handy gadget. Monkey grips + box-cutters are also quite usefool tools that are fast-becoming extensions to our hands. And duck tape, fucking love duck tape. Maybe we shd be adding these mad skills [ ... ]

645> A simulation is assimilation wherein your possessions take root to support a nu habit-tat
We cod tackle this situation just like we do, say, exorcising every day, just do it w/o thinking, like u on cruz cuntroll, but we want it (this move) to be diffrent this time, knot just let all the pieces fall in place where they may nessysorrily, pudding things away wherever, but take a mo deliberate + mindfull approach. A void familylure trappings + knot fall into same routines. Probly dont make a lick of ¢ [ ... ]

644> B9 x K9 RE:creation of elliptical alcove trombone blinds in the name of home-making
P.S. a wireless guess, wild / signull fire, to fan flowered flames / fuck-it, use the tree / short-sheet, to cheat their sleep, sheep count R.S.V.P. / F.I.U.T.T. / 2 by 2, 3 times 3 / Fibbing nacho colony / 5 by 5, marching to the hive / Royal Jell-o bleeds R.V.s / read ‘em weep, down on yo knees, get naked for The Bee / bow down, reweave her gown, b-hold her majesty / the letter Q, page 17, [ ... ]

643> I see a purple door (on the Country House horse) + want to paint it red (for Frank Sobotka)
... Maximum Security jumped off to an early lead + never even got mud on his little pink jersey even tho it was sodden + sloppy w/rain + muck. Then we got all excited when our horse #20 came around the outside on the final turn + looked like he just might have the momentum to win, but after some jostling down the stretch ended up coming in 2nd to Maximum Security, so we said oh well, [ ... ]

642> DC.craigslist.INT – Vertigo ice mashine maid uv tinnitus (*sum assembly reakwired)
He had this beat-up black skinny car shaped like a coffin, must of bin a hearst driver. There was a wireframe skeleton decorated w/ lights under the dashboard + a gun pointed at the skeleton's crotch, like that's how he died + the camera captured him in this position of death (like Pompeii victims or Jerri Blank's dad in Strangers With Candy) + the driver left the corpse + gun there as a souvenir. [ ... ]

641> Glamping in the shell of home to get in the knightly swing of things
... but it was also like 1 of those medieval theme restraunts where you watch knights joust + fight (again, we've never been to such a place). The jist of it was that whenever sum 1 was kilt the person who killed them wd make eye contact w/ an audience member + dat person would half to take their place. So Shannyn Sossamon makes eye contact w/ us + we pertended not to notice then we was [ ... ]

640> Z for Ziller + bouyancy control (B.C.)/A.D (before/after FX) of '96 urchin cilia debris
Now I can tell him all those things I was thinking I wish I could've told him when I thought he was dead. But I couldn't remember now that he was alive. I was thinking now, in retrospect, I could save him. I don't know where we were walking, lots of surreal scenery, over bridges looking down on bays. We went to this big house and I was there 1st so I called, "shotgun," claiming the front room for [ ... ]

639> Surveying The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You to orbit her home
It started last night, thunder and creosote dust. All through the night and into the morning. I don't remember where I slept. I think I slept on Highland, or Vine, near Jess’s house. Always near Jess. Woke up and cruised these old streets where I went to university, knowing I have to get over it. I need to move on. Frequenting the same coffeeshops, hanging out with the same losers. Tending [ ... ]

638> Homeless reunion w/ our bedder-½ after stomping out the black hole in mom's jardín in '95
She can't water the garden because the hole soaks up all the water like an infinite sink, connected to the sewage or septic tank system. I stomp on the bag of cement and it falls into the abyss and she blames me for it, the hole expanding, standing for way more than it is... it's about what lays beneath the surface. I calmly go upstairs, grab a toothbrush, the "Tropic of Capricorn", a change of under- [ ... ]

637> Stool sample reveils a calf-birthing secret agent cooking up crawdad jumble-liar w/snake charm
The test tube was this contraption that you had to squeeze and roll the turd down the tube and through a strainer and then release all these chemicals into it, very complicated. It became a reoccurring dream that lasted all night, basically consisting of me waiting in the waiting room, not willing to shit in this test tube. And the nurses were waiting, and I was waiting and contemplating the situation. [ ... ]

636> Embodied anullment: ice it like a belly button in a dream-state land-gauge of the natives
... floating sticks and they would start sinking and I'd jump on the next one, and the river kept rising, the shore growing as fast as I could run. Finally I made it to the bank and kept running, the incoming flooding tide chasing me. I got to a barbed wire fence with a sign that said 'Elsworth Air Force base'. I crawled under and into a bunker. Then I was at a tourist pullout that said 'Home—13 miles' [ ... ]

635> Sleeping on IT still: a redundant flotilla of raft deepend-ants filling Hindu coefficient gaps
People were grabbing on to me while I tried to swim, clutching onto my legs and arms. I told them at least let me have free arms so I could swim. More and more people latched on to us and we formed a giant flotilla. I was swimming hard but we didn’t move. Next to me was this older lesbian woman who used band-aids as a bikini top, covering her nipples like Wendy-O Williams. She was telling [ ... ]

634> Log of sleeping wolves surfing the left curl of love in tumultuous seas
He said no way, that we had these IVs stuck in our arms that would chemically take care of the bends and embolisms. I was freaking out. I wanted to adjust naturally. We were plunging and the pressure felt like I was going to pop. They had lousy greasy food at a soda fountain with Far Side cartoons of mad scientists with very complicated chain reaction machinery, where every step depended on [ ... ]

633> Ban analog-2-digitol (D.C./L.A.): souped out jour-nulling coinsidedance w/Repo Man's maker, et al.
Every once in a while I'll step out of this compound to buy food or coffee or beer and it freaks me out. Pulled into the reality of these cobblestone streets where people's mindsets are so much different than mine. End of January, Axixic. Where the fuck am I and what the fuck am I doing here? Sometimes I get these reality checks that hit hard—who do I think I am, writing a novel? I have no [ ... ]

632> Bodymore soñaring back to an '80s dream state
We saw sum freaks paraiding thru town on various forms of transportation (unicycles, Birds, Penny-farthings, etc.), juggling + performing various tricks. We recognized sum of them so joined the paraid. We was in search of a plaze to sleep for the noche. A sub-group we just happened to be associated with splintered off down a side street that dead-ended. We spotted the larger migration [ ... ]

631> Baltimore to Paris (1995); or, The Post-Modern Epimetheus
From what seeds did it spawn. (Hector's brother, the lazy womanizer, stealer of Helen, the cause for the whole battle of Troy?  What makes this beast keep ticking? People get fed, traffic flows + furnaces burn. Statues everywhere like ghosts. Pigeons in gothic gray awnings, the brown river Seine eternally flowing, the same river as it ever was. For what is a city sans une grande rivière? [ ... ]

630> A last repatriation act: shrugging atlas to come home
pondering the while on Sissyphus + the conversion of potential (mgh) to kinetic (½mv2) enurgey + back again if u think about hit. They wasn't even finished when we split, cuz they had to wait for the truck to come back for the last lode, so all our possessions was stacked in the hallways of the palazzo. Administrazione did the walk-thru + then all the formalities + then we split—ariverditching Roma! [ ... ]

629> Driving a steak thru her heart to eat stake + steak out a hearth to call m-self = hoam (as washed ova by
The key is taking a holistic systems approach + in order to truly due dat folks need to lose themselves. Let your jeans take over. Inevitably our jeans want all jeans to survive cuz a good % we share w/ ∀ll humanidad. Bad apples still put on the same genes as every 1 Ls in L moondough, 1 leg at a time. If we entrust ourselves to hit, our coded systems will go beyond humun concerns, or even [ ... ]

628> Fish outta water on cobblestoned streets flopping necks 2 humdog's pandora vox
one might question the idea of silence in a place where millions of user-ids parade around like angels of light, looking to see whom they might, so to speak, consume. the silence is nonetheless present and it is most present, paradoxically at the moment that the user-id speaks. when the user-id posts to a board, it does so while dwelling within an illusion that no one is present. language in cyberspace is a frozen landscape. i have seen many people spill their guts on-line, and i [ ... ]

627> Peru-fest 1991 (the sun also rises): summer solstice at Sexy Woman, at gun point
At least 2 sketchy characters offered us drogas to enhance our Machu Picchu experience. After chowing + wandering, Max + I went to the hot springs. We were expecting trippy Shirley McClaine freaks + we were not let down. In the main pool were about 20-30 hippy sudamericanos in a circle holding candles, burning incense + chanting to new age music. They hugged in mass, contracting + [ ... ]

626> Pronto to rexhume Textilioma + the pro'SSES" of listing sidewaze in Δ-shifted non-state (dat inkloots U, cari!)
don't use no aposttrophy. Ulyssesses? A long line of 'em. We carry the torch now, dat's what we doing a key hoy. Finishing the relay race for hour airmano to let lie. In the prosses of tilling hisstory of our trip to go looking for what Ulysses was looking 4 4 hour lieboro we feel inklined to 1st transcibe our ℝeel moondough journels from our peronal liebury, of our journey. N Odysseyian gurney [ ... ]

625> worksongs: I, AI, Ǝxist to search for work in IA, UI, UX + d-Zine or as n über driver
... we're @ the wheel but not toetilly in command of our ¢enses, @ 1 point deriving from the backseat. Shore it's got sumping to do w/ angziety over gaining control + where we're going w/ our life. So sum trax in the above mix got to due w/ dat as well as information architexture—the commun link we detourmined b-tween our art + profe$$ional careers. It's all about information entropy, S [ ... ]

624> "Rats! Taxes! Mort the gauge!" we chant, sipping last drinks from the ever-flowing fonts
... "i smell a rat" or as symbols of deception, witch might be a relevant expression in regards to the skeptickle anxiety we've bin feeling as of late. Others say if a rat scurries cross yo path it means u being aksed to assert yoself in areas u aint yet explored, that it's high time for new biginnings. True dat. Or that we need to evaluate the clutter around us + purge old baggedge, witch mos def = true, as [ ... ]

623> SpqR: rising/falling to wipe the slate to leave roam w/ no b-longing
Last night we was halving dinner on a porch somewhere tropickle + we saw 2 majestic lions playing in the surf of what looked like a caribbean I-land. Twas an inspirational sight. Our bedder-½ said she din't have her iPhone which normally she always does (tho she did decide recently to stop posting on Instagram... perhaps what inspired this) so we fumbled for our camraw to snap sum photos but [ ... ]

622> Floating notes on a mortgage calculator where the heart layz
Outside we hear megaphonic yelling + screaming from protests as usual. Can't understand ½ of what they say which suits us fine. We never did feel like we belong here, even if our "belongings" are here. We've spent our life thus far longing for elsewhere dove l'erba è più verde, now it's time to realize it don't matter where long as we are w/ our bedder-½. La casa è dove si trova il cuore. [ ... ]

621> Honing in on owning home + not to rome so much
Toured around the 1st day + didn't see much that struck our fancy. After a few minutes in the 2nd or 3rd house on the 2nd day we said this be the 1. We'd bin scouring Redfin daily for a few weeks + seen things come + go before we even got a chants to see 'em... well this 1 came on markit morning of, on Redfin for no mo than n hour so our agent tells this guy we came all the ways from Rome kin we [ ... ]

620> Homer ovacoming Sisyphean mementos + moments of inertia, in keeping farword momentum
1x we was at a friends place in N.J., an Indian coder we worked w/ at Napster + he was complaining about where he lived + we aksed well why don't u move elsewhere + he gave a 1-word response: inertia. And it struck us that there's lots of folk stuck in that same boat, in a cycle they can't get out of, specially by yo bootstraps. We don't got that problema, perhaps we suffer the opposit, who nose [ ... ]

619> On failure, failing better, Faust, freedom + the currency to be uncool
Those 👍 + ♡ buttons are like morphine drips that feed peepholes ¢ense of self-worth. There's just no way u can please every1—sum like it hot, sum like it cold, sum like it in the pot 9-days old—but disappointing we can't even strike a chord w/ at least 1%, let alone 33⅓. When we were mixing un, a part of us mustered to make it sumwhat axsessible, w/ perhaps a glimmer of hope that maybe [ ... ]

618> Figures on a landscape: cliff-dwelling maze men of the bad lands
... sleeping in a cave sounds like a rome-antic idea til realidad sets in + u discover douchebags in a BWM rented out the hovel above + decided to have a party, stomping around hootin' + hollering.... you'd think caves wood be soundproof but they seam even worse + it wasn't really even a cave so much as a cheap-ass adobe hut built into the side of a cliff + all standard amenities get thrown out the [ ... ]

617> Spaghetti west whirled II further sur
Saw the Celto-Iberian goats again then went to sum secluded beach + there wasn't nobody around + think it was a nudist beach anyway (the way spañoles roll, unlike italianos) so went skinny-dipping in the frigid sea then saw a mother goat + baby just sitting along on the trail a long ways from the flock + thought maybe they was sick cuz they wasn't moving + so we went to investiage when [ ... ]

616> Spaghetti western roadtrip: in throws of pane in sayin' reign on the plane in spayin'
Since we hi-jacked The Daily Noose to be about muse[sic] journihilism, let's talk about the travel mixtape, a vital cumponent to any road-trip or gourney. Not having a working stair-io in a v-uckle amounts to complete + utter brakedown, no diffrent than throwing a rod. Likewise on a plain, if u forget your walkman u dam well bedder halve a pairachute! Here's the playlist we made for the occasion: [ ... ]

615> Rewinding the Sleepingfish XIV mixtape
As we posted our innog-aural playlist hear to The Daily Noose yesterday we reelized the Sleepingfish mixtape we put out a few months ago was the true maiden mix, the 1 that bridged the gap from litterasure to music in Calamari Archive's current metamorphosis. We made the mixtape last year cuz it occurred to us that a lot of the authors we'd published also had similar musical inclinations. [ ... ]

614> Sad tribal dirges on the sewerside: "about" the face of The Daily Noose + inspiration behind Sound ƒuries
Don't worry, we won't be rambling on as much as we did yesterday on a daily basis... actually we was thinking in loo of writing we might just post a song or 2 a day here on The Daily Noose, of songs that keep us living another day. Daily Affirmations, as Stuart Smalley wd say. And may-b once we figger out Spotify + SoundCloud we can turn them into playlists or whatever it is kids do [ ... ]

613> Wall-walkers circumnavigating il muro Aureliano to tie a knot into news in the new year
From there the wall is 1 + the same w/ the riverbank along the Tiber, on the Testaccio side. It continues up almost to the gasometro, into a no-man's land of gypsy camps, train track wasteland + the mattatoio that we've ventured into before, but garbagemen + carabinieri were blocking our way this time + the slaughterhouse complex wasn't open. It's worth noting that the wall is a popular [ ... ]
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