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Rem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

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836> Nights of the living zoombie: our collected covid unconscious in the rear view merehorror of 2020
After we finished archiving our dream log we said post-2019 that our nocturnal emissions would get mixed in w/ our day-to-day journaling, but now we're thinking maybe we'll repost them all here in 1 spot to bedder understand subconsciously wtf happend in 2020. A lot of dreams we had were too vague too log + there were many undocumented covid dreams we didn't bother to record, [ ... ]

835> Santa don't halve kids cuz he onely comes 1x a year + that's down the chimney
Then we woke up @ 5 a.m. cuz we had to pee + noticed their door was open + snuck down + caught him ½-naked snooping around looking confused + when he saw us it spooked the shit out of him + we acted souprized like we caught him in the act + saying we couldn't believe they got us stockings + only then did he notice the stockings + he was trying to act like he didn't know how they [ ... ]

834> The safe-haven home on Swann where we recorded Herd of Birds on our 24th revolution
+ on the 12th day of xmas eve (our 24th anniversary) we release this year's record of our existence, Herd of Birds, on vinyl no less. Even if no 1 else in el moondough listens to it we're proud of it. If there's 1 thing we halve to be grateful for it's halving our bedder-½ w/ us during this pandemic (not to mention the latter ½ of our life). That + being homebound in this house that we call home during [ ... ]

833> #11: The wistful nostalgia of "Past of Future Dayzzz" disentegrates into the endless ending
dayzzz run head over heals looped in a mobius day-z chain / the grit of granite on our hands, smell of pine sap mulched by ants / the rope dangling free in the wind feels as real as inside our skin / fingers reeling in the years yearning for dayz of future past / woken up at 3... / in the past of future dayzzz current memaries fade / longing for the wistful, a fistfull of fresh dirt / on belay to the dead [ ... ]

832> #10: Grackles, gunpowder ice cream, shearwaters + heard mentality in "Sardines"
... an off-kilter kettle cast of black metal using the lost wax methud / witch 1 added chlorine? off the shore of Moss Landing / as deep as Grand Cañon / dilooting the waves / resinants still bleeds /visine hides the wrath of grapes distilled in wine / Sheephead are black, white + red when dead + hard-boiled in vinegar + oil w/ a pinch of sea salt + coal-mined canaries / in kind for cowries + canned [ ... ]

831> #8 ("Mare"), "Totem #9", continued declined, RLM + Geronimoooooooooo
we found a blue hatchet buried in dandelion weeds / who's to say coyote don't do good deeds? we let it slip further down in the folds / evil is also in the eye that beholds / even if a tree never even falls sum 1's bound to claim they herd it all / please sir, kin we have back our yellow ball? y'all don't need no wall / we beseech u police not to be besieged / no 1's free 'til every 1 else is free / kin u look [ ... ]

830> #7 (#1 side 2): A southern cassowary couched in the constitutional loopholes of "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
the birds bring us to kneel in unchartered fields before the river takes us to see / the onely thing that's reel is the hard glassy feel as u slam into the pain / to be herd / not seen / ostrich-sized / skin deep / walled in / to isolate / self-driving cars / deliver eggs / obsolescence uv city streets / obey can't u see? kin u feel the impressions of feathered friends? the hail on the skylight reminds us [ ... ]

829> HoB #6: The lost flammable history of particle physics + nitrate film in "Split Screen"
boot-strapping the beam that split the seam shedding light in between / the lines’s drawn in the sand by the same hand that draws the curtains in the end then ushers us to the concession stand / J.J. stuck in his thumb + pulled out a plum, tasted what he set out to taste / Earnest fired a gun at tissue paper + it bounced back in his face / 100 years ago the last picture show self-ignited its one negative [ ... ]

828> HoB #5: Egon Schiele as a Figurehead anagram in "A Hued Grief" to derobe the tyrant
The guy talking @ the beginning + end of the song is a Spanish flu survivor (from some podcast we found on so damn, he must be old, a centenarian no less. The "100 years after inquisition" line is another nod to Pornograpy. The Spanish Armada (which for some reason is the date (1588) we was all sposed to remember in history class) was 100 years after the Spanish Inquisition (we [ ... ]

827> HoB #4: god ain't dead it just never lived in "Corvid Curve" @ 1 second increments
+ all for what? what's so important that it can't wait? a body at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by external forces / shallow wave equations don't apply when you're floundering in the deep end / it bothered us that we oned the house but couldn't axess the roof right over our heads / "stay ahead" your mother said + now she nose she's bedder off dead / save your breath / don't give birth / lose [ ... ]

826> HoB #3: snipes + metallic starlings in the savage republic of "Aeolia"
Aeolia is the island home to the keeper of winds, Aeolus, who entrusted Odysseus w/ an oxhide windbag but his men opened it up while he was sleeping, sending their boat back to Aeolia. This was all after their misadventure at the Cyclops' cave where Odysseus cleverly escaped by saying his name was No One (our assumed pen name for 4ier X-forms)... obviously the 2 books we were working on [ ... ]

825> HoB #2: Culling + lapsing colonies into the resinant freakwindsea of "Colony Collapse"
Like the last #, "Colony Cullapse" is also about collective behavior, but instead of birds this # is about bees (+ "the birds + the bees"), the holistic nature of social insex, what the conchusnest of 1 individual be must bee like + then applying this to humun social media + "handholding machines" that lead us around w/out individual awareness of what we're doing, let alone where we're going as a [ ... ]

824> Herd of Birds #1: "Rₒ" liner notes swinging triplets from Xeno Canto as collective behavior
In anticipation of Herd of Birds being released on 12/24 we're gonna blog liner notes (w/ accompanying videos, lyrics, etc.) for each track daily for the next 11 days, in the order the #s appear on the album. We originally was gunna call the album Double Suicide + stage a photo to look like the 1 of Lennon + Ono kissing on the cover of Double Fantasy but then covid came along + seemed the world [ ... ]

823> Self-meditating 4ier X-forms to stave off mortality
... a keyboard or record player, which are more useful to us now... who needs to print + scan anymore? @ least 4ier X-forms we might keep on our coffee table 4 a while + glance thru it, but the other books we've "written" just gather dust on shelves... perhaps bookworms we'll eat their way thru the pages + 200 years from now sum 1 will find 'em + think the way they've aged is cool (regardless of [ ... ]

822> the aged aesthetic of Japanese bookwormhole asemic art objets
We don't just make + publish book objets @ Calamari Archive, we also cullect 'em... not just artist books (such as the 1s by Dimitry Babenko) but books we keep in our personal liebury not just for their literary merit but cuz they're just old + cool looking. We sometimes find "keepers" in our liebury boox travels (which seems to be the main excuse for our walks now, to cull + curate our own liebury [ ... ]

821> the day i died + left motherless bklyn for a jettisoned winged pig
The book is sposed to be about the day he left Amerika + died, but mostly it's about rib sauce + shoes made of bird meat. The text is framed in little boxes superimposed over blurry pictures of Ben Marcus, or some 1 who looks just like Ben Marcus, for whatever reason. Almost as weird as the time we came across an article in Puerto del Sol pairing us (back when we had a name) w/ Ben Marcus as [ ... ]

820> Like zoombies exorcising in place to rerun our liebury stacks during this pandemic
So we moved to this other piece of equipment like a Smith machine but we needed a pin or sumpin to get it to work so we went to get the pin + when we came back there was some douchebag guy taking a shower in it + we said excuse me we was using that + that the Smith machine wasn't for taking a shower but exorcising but he didn't budge, just gave us a look like fuck off. Can't remember [ ... ]

819> Dazed + confused in '94: leaving the Black Hills + aimlessly ending up in a drive-away to France
I'd like to say it's a geography that still carries an essence of previous peoples, unlike the spiritually sterile California. Beyond beauty it's what the land means, what it carries. Same w/ Tucson. California has been plowed over. Not just physically, but people have plowed the soil of any roots, they've lost touch with history and the land and are living for themselves in the here and now. Everyone [ ... ]

818> Banana slug + mice mascot manifesto (circa '88 driving '66 cars in Santa Cruz)
Guess u cd think of this post as an addendum to somewehere between post #540 or #546 when we was summarizing our UCSC years to fill in the gaps of this retroactive archive (which we're soon gonna rename to "My Life in the Blog of Ghosts"). Or u cd think of this as material that we might eventually use in thriver meme. Whereas Haraway inhabits cyborgs + dogs to examine posthumunism [ ... ]

817> Living @ 1% to circumnavigate (but not summit) Cloud Peak + sleep @ West Ten Sleep Lake
I looked back and saw Misty Moon lake shimmering in the full moon. It was glorious, like being on the moon itself. I could see my moonshadow next to me with the huge pack. The trail was a rut full of snowmelt. I went over and dropped into the dramatic canyon leading to Solitude lake. A few times i would smell a musky scent and sure enough i'd see a deer run off in the moonlight. [ ... ]

816> Psychogeographical determinism + other post-triptofan thawts on Diamond's Guns, Germs + Steel
It's like saying "if an orange was an apple it would grow better in Washington" or "if an apple was an orange then it would grow better in Florida," but if an apple was an orange, then we'd call it an orange + the "orange" wrapped in apple packaging would be an apple. Humun populations are directly tethered to the landscape they evolved in, it's pointless (not to menshun racist) to think of a [ ... ]

815> Out-sourcing our spidery web for a Mexican Jerk Turkey Dance
Our bedder-½'s family has this time-honored tradition of doing a turkey dance but since no 1 is getting together this year in person we figured we'd do 1 of our own to share over zoom. The dance typically involves dressing the turkey up—Donald Drumpf would have been the obvious choice for 2020 but her folks already did a Drumpf turkey dance, in fact it may have even been before he was [ ... ]

814> Re-wiring a rats nest of a V-uckle only i can drive thwarting advances to reach the poet's table
... the steering column was literally on fire! Had to spray it down w/ the hose. So yesterday after work i got a bunch of wire and connectors and set to work fixing it. I took off the cover to the steering column and it was a total mess. All the wires were crispy and melted and fused together. I sorted out which wire was which and rewired them and now the lights and stereo work. Took this [ ... ]

813> Colony Cullapse in the Blog of (g)Hosts
We ain't logged a nocturnal emission in a while, last night think we dreamt we was trying to log a dream, but mostly they're just little snapshots here + there that can't be put in words + seams most every dream this year involves public encounters w/ folks not wearing masks... we imagine most folks are having this nightmare lately? As we retroactively archive our journals we're thinking of calling [ ... ]

812> Selfish machine memes inklooted in the expired ment to try to communicate w/ aliens
As we say in thriver meme, we're writing it "for aliens, animals, machines + any other replicable beings or entities on this planet besides humuns"... same is true for everything we do. We're like that guy in John Was Trying to Contact Aliens,... a geeky long-haired 54-yr old releasing art into the ether for posthumun entities to appreciate... or perhaps this is just another lame justification as to why no 1 [ ... ]

811> A soul souring in a cave at Chasm Lake, a crack of Devil's Tower + the Needles (July 1994)
What the fuck am I doing with my life? Why don’t I have a career and a wife or at least a girlfriend? Why am I so self-centered, why do I escape into climbing? Who am I to think I can write? I have nothing to write about. I am not special. I am a speck of a shit. Low-down worst kind and no one has the balls to tell me cuz no one gives a shit about me. I am completely out of touch. I can’t even cry. [ ... ]

810> Redneck rants, wounded knees + freaky foots climbing in them Black Hills (June '94)
... braced myself, heard him yell— "Falling!" but couldn't see him, just heard commotion and chalk dust in the air and then he comes swinging around the corner upside down bouncing along the cliff on his tail bone, saying—"damn foot hold broke" before he even finished falling. Needless to say, he didn't feel like trying again so I went up to finish it off. Definitely stiff for 5.9. After the crux [ ... ]

809> Vicariously around the world in 44 dayzzz + how our copies stack up against the real thing
... we've done our due diligence + that's that! Now we can say we've walked all the state-named avenues (+ letter-named streets to boot) + passed most every embassy in D.C. Even tho we haven't left D.C. for almost a year, we've travelled vicariously to every country (that has an embassy here) + U.S. state, so our Microcosmic DC project ended up being an apt exorcise to do in this homebound state [ ... ]

808> We found Foundation along VW alphabetically thru our vicarious microcosm
Walked the eastern stretches of V + W streets north, detouring to loop around the trio of cemetaries out there.... + that finishes the alphabetic portion of our Microcosmic DC project! ... guess that explains why it seems a bit piecemeal. We liked the idea of it tho, about a declining galactic empire + those that predicted the decline were exiled to a far planet Terminus to write an encyclopedia.. [ ... ]

807> On Gila Monsters, becoming a Master + free-soloing Rap rock for the road (May '94)
Clipped a bong, put in a piece or 2 of my own then started to squeeze thru the "horizontal chimney". I was in so tight I couldn't breathe so retreated lower so the narrowest part was at my neck (had to take my helmet off), upper body off-width w/ feet dangling into free space! Reached up for a bomber hand jam and understood the metaphor involved in the name. Pulled myself out over the lip [ ... ]

806> Leaf viewing VW in the pleasant calm before the shit-storm of our discontent
... gorge-us whether preseeding + following the election don't help, feels like the mourning of 9/11... it was such a perfect day in NYC, blue sky, 70° (+ also an election day). Feels like the calm before the shitstorm or the i of the hurr-i-cane. We've been walking outside + sitting up on our roof most every day soaking up the vitamin D while we can, before this long dark winter of our discontent. [ ... ]

805> Boots across America, tromping Drumpf 4 years after the fact, mark our words
There's a lot of shoulder-shaking/sense-slapping contradictions about Baumer's Barefoot project, which was sorta the point, at the time it was like watching a trainwreck or Libertines concert. We kept wondering why he chose the path he did, thru northern states at the onset of winter, why he walked on busy roads + not trails or at least less travelled + more scenic backways (again, this wasn't his [ ... ]

804> T + U in a new light to turn over a new leaf
Popped some prosecco w/ our neighbors last night on our stoop then went to bed early cuz was tired, haven't been sleeping well + thought maybe we'd sleep well last night, but woke up at midnight when fireworks went off feeling like we had just taken a nap + couldn't get back into deep sleep. Got up this morning, another beautiful day so figured we'd do another walk, this time east on U [ ... ]

803> Ding dong the Drumpf is dead along R + S past 9 more embassies
A lot of people were filing down 15th to the White House but doesn't seem like a good idea to go down there, not just cuz of covid or the prospects of some gun-toting maniac from West Virginia driving into D.C. (which voted 95% for Biden) to plow down some revelers, but cuz it just seems premature to celebrate. I'll feel better when he's got a few more states as a backup or Trump concedes. [ ... ]

802> Learning to fall for toecheese stranglehold to escape up Crimson Chrysalis
First i must have learned to stand, then after falling on my face a few times, i probably learned that if i put my foot out i could catch myself, at least temporarily. I would take a step or two then fall, but this gave me more time to be upright. I eventually must have learned that if i fell in the direction of some stimulus, food or a shiny toy, and if i kept falling and catching myself, there was a good chance [ ... ]

801> Today already happened a fortnight ago on P + Q
... assuming the world as we know it still ∃xists + we have free will + ain't stuck in a totalatarian state. We just don't belong to this country, can't fathom the values shared by the dominant ½. Regardless of wether it's 49/100 or 51/100, the fact that ~½ the country thinks this way is sickening. How menny times do we halve to say this before we renounce Amerika for good? [ ... ]

800> Clipping the bail biner to escape reality to Los Alamos as the windshield shatters mid-flight
... around 3 or 4 a.m. i crashed under a table behind their couch while they partied on, break dancing and whatever else. Didn't sleep much obviously. At 6:30 my internal alarm went off... "skiing!". I looked out the window and it was snowing, fresh powder! So i kicked Dave, who crashed next to me, then we got Shaheen up. Both were reluctant to get up, but man, how can you pass up on 6 inches [ ... ]

799> A hunger strike + no drinking Black Water, N + 1 + N, O, P + Q streets NE
No dead birds this time, but we did see a spreckled LGB in our backyard that seemed stunned + just sat there staring when we walked up to it. But we came back a few hours later + it had flown off. We also saw some graffiti that said somethink like "if you ever wondered what it's like to live in a rising fascist regime, this is it." Not many book boxes on this walk, except a few on N. Got a copy of Alice in [ ... ]

798> Cripple Creek ferry to Elephantiasis + Finger Rock w/ cunnilingus + domestic violence (1994)
After the police left, he showed up again as Lydia and Laurie were leaving, jumped spread eagle on their car yelling at them and he ripped the antenna off. I got back from the climbing gym not knowing any of this and am waiting for the poker people to arrive when the police call saying they found Ado at some motel and were booking him and i was a little confused. Eventually Shaheen, Boo, [ ... ]

797> Don't look now, say N-O to boarding a train thru a train w/ Thurston Moore
... a passenger laughed + said, "they can’t stop the train once it starts." A woman handed us her phone so we could text our bedder-½ but the # + letter selection on the small screen was like those morphing word clouds where the letters moved around so hitting a letter or # was like hitting a moving target that u didn’t know where it would come up from. So we gave up + handed the phone back. [ ... ]

796> Re:Constitution, the Gödel loophole revisited, in Dogs we trust, Sursum Corda + KLM Royal
Back in Sept 2016 when we was 100% sure Trump was gunna elected for the 1st time we were reading about the great mathematician Kurt Gödel + how when he fled to the U.S. from Austria right before WWII he had to read the Constitution in order to take the citizen test + he was telling his buddy Einstein (who sponsored him to come to Amerika) that he discovered a loophole in the Constitution [ ... ]

795> For Factorial Times dial 1 × 2 × 3 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1
... where factorial = multiplicative Σummation of #s leading up to dat #)). This 1 we're also hoarding for hour one personal liebury, but u can view the dbook (PDF) online hear + we're gunna reassemble a selection of 144 {= 1 × 2 × 3 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1, 4! × 6, 12 × 12, 11th Fibbing Nacho #} pages from ∀ll 4 books into a (B+W) publishable "decomposition" book—4ier X-forms. Stay tooned. [ ... ]

794> 14 countries + 6 books along H–I–K–L–M (west of 15th)
... Djibouti, Somalia, Fiji, Qatar, Mongolia, Antigua + Barbuda, Thailand, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Sweden, Belgium, Kosovo + Palau. A bunch of these were just offices in nondescript buildings w/ no flags or signs out front... it's surprising that countries like Liechtenstein + Palau exist, considering they have populations of 38,749 + 17,900 respectively... sounds enticing right about now. [ ... ]

793> Shirley the squirrel + a pigeon hawk along H-i-K streets NE
... this morning we walked into our back room + saw a dark shadow flash in the corner of our eye + heard another loud smack against the glass right in front of us that left a streak of blood. We looked down to see if if the bird lived but what we saw was a large hawk standing on top of a pigeon in it's last throes of life, so the hawk must of been chasing the pigeon causing it to smash against our [ ... ]

792> A toxic testosterone-fueled intervention after not summiting Magic Mountain (Jan '94))
In addition to the stone in the mouth, one had to put a stone "así" he said, pointing down his pants. He kept repeating this to make sure i understood. "algun piedra? no importa que tipo?" I asked. It didn't matter, any stone. We crammed in more people, a young couple with 2 kids and "el tío" who shared the front seat with me, me sitting on the gear shift... 8 people in all. We drove on. Each time [ ... ]

791> Alphabetic EV SE prison summons coverage to put Herd of Birds on wax
Last night we were summonsed to go to a prison in upstate New York, we had no idea what for. So we went up there + checked in at the front desk + told her we were told to report there. She asked our info + looked us up + said to our bedder-½, “it says here to call your dad.” Our bedder-½ was starting to get mad, like “why did we need to come up all the way up here just to be told that?” + we [ ... ]

790> On the warpath w/ the Tourquoise Panther Love Machine + psycho hippie chicks (Dec 1993)
Then this big redneck that was completely toasted took my quarters and began racking the balls. So Brian and I are like "excuse me, those are our quarters" and even the other players standing around agreed, but the guy kept racking them. I was pretty toasted myself and didn't want to make a big deal of it, but Lydia hops off her barstool and grabs the pool cue from the guy's hand and takes [ ... ]

789> Walking w/ dead birds along F + G treets north reading Obioma + eating sushi in public
... we dig cephalopods bud sumping was seriously off about that dude... privileged white guy exploiting that poor octopus for his cause—to pass his legacy of white male supremacy over the natural world on to his kid. And to act like he just made that movie free-diving w/ a hand-held camera... does he think we're idiots? There had to be a film crew in scooby gear to capture those shots of him groping [ ... ]

788> Compounding déjà vu of flashing 11s + freeing the nose w/ loaded guns in 1993
The whole way driving she has her loaded gun on the dashboard (the law is that it has to be visible and loaded), which is weird to say the least... talk about a "loaded" object between us. I had a restless night sleep, had this disturbing dream that i was screwed on from the waist down and my head and torso could float around. Then i came upon the lower half of me and was really intrigued [ ... ]

787> Totem #9 phase loss shorts a triplet bus to the slaughterhouse school
We checked the breaker box but nothing was tripped. We went thru + flipped the various breakers (which are all labeled incorrectly) off + back on but nothing helped. It was (still is, now the next morning) weird, our oven (electric) doesn't work but our fridge + washer/ dryer work, ½ the lights around the house work w/ no rhyme or reason + same w/ the sockets... it's not a particular part of [ ... ]

786> iiiiiiiiiii... west with the night along C + D southeast
Every 1 knows who Amelia Earhart is but most don't know who Beryl Markham is (at least we dint)... not long after Earhart she flew solo across the Atlantic in a westerly direction, the 1st to do it that way (going from England to North America)... although she crashed in a swamp in Newfoundland before reaching NY. Quite the character, she cut her teeth as a bush pilot in Kenya + ran w/ the [ ... ]

785> A Bosnian Ishi walking along D + E streets north in a world devoid of humanity
... to be the last of your tribe (we were reminded of it while reading Earth Abides, about a character named Ishi who goes camping in the Sierra Nevadas + when he returns (to Berkeley) he discovers that every 1 is dead), the last speaker of your language (which incidentally was unique in that there were diffrent dialects for men + women) + then live in a museum while people gawked at u, watching [ ... ]

784> Life in the UCSC camper lot: the earthly ménage à trois that quaked our social awkardness awake
Then the people in front of us turned a corner and into a line of police. I felt something was wrong but kept following. That's what the adrenalin of protest will do. Then the cops started clubbing the people in front and then hitting us, i got elbowed in the face and saw M getting clubbed in the shins and drop to the ground. That's when i realized this energy was misdirected and turned back. So did [ ... ]

783> The dynamics of populations in the Anthropocene of lost + found slides along B + C north
Working on our 3rd 1-of-a-kind book project iiiiiiiiiii vol i but weave spent more time throwing stuff out then creating... sifting thru all the old scraps, books, newspaper + magazine clippings + randum stuff weave collected over the years in a big crate under our bed + decided to empty out + go thru everything, organizing them into categories to file away so they are easier to find + our bedder-½ [ ... ]

782> Our 1st 5.11 + 1st 1st ascent up Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places w/ Wile E. Coyote (9/93)
We had to do this harrowing downclimb to the ledge off and around to Neptune. As I rounded into the gully there was Harlow on the crux of Agent Orange, right on the exposed arete with nothing but distant mountains in the background. It was an intense image, like i was suddenly Harlow to an outsider, like "holy shit! That's what we do!" It was nuts. He looked like he was gripping the edge of [ ... ]

781> INT.0 the alphanumerics of DC's microcosmic psychogeography (1st st N/W/S/E + A st NE)
Not onely did we travel from 0 (point-land) to 1-dimension (line-land) in our 1-of-a-kind art book series, but we embarked on the alpha-numeric stage of our Microcosmic Psychogeography of DC project (which perhaps we shd now call the Alphanumeric Microcosmic Psychogeography of DC), tackling letter + number named streets. At the tail end of our last state-named (Massachusetts) avenue [ ... ]

780> iiiiiiiiii (vol i)—1, 0 + 100,000 linealisms of no 1 in lineland
—there's 1 "one" in lonely—when the 1-eyed cyclops asks the trapped Odysseus his name, Odysseus says it's "No One" so when they stab him in the I + the cyclops yells in pain his fellow cyclopsses aks who hurt him + the cyclops yells "no one hurt me!" so they ignore him + then the next morning Odysseus + his men escape clinging to the underbelly of sheep that are let out to graze— [ ... ]

779> Flinstoned in Moscow (Idaho) + Devil's Tower during Sturgis to see Phish for a ride home
I ran off to see Rushmore by myself. Even more dismal. A monument to man's decadence, arrogance, stupidity + wanton disregard for nature. All i could think about was what the mountain must have looked like before some assholes carved it away. They ate gross fast food + i sat in a silent protest refusing to eat. I left them again + told them i'd meet them at the car. Checked out all the Harleys [ ... ]

778> Liner notes + a horsey sea songs mixtape for ill Mare
the sea / like a blanket on the globe / she rolls on the beach to meet me / put my feet under + pull the blankets over + let her mystery keep me / the waves wash away the pain / over + over again / so deep + heavy / so cold + yet so warm / her voice just keeps on going / the sea is forever / as long as we will know / her silence just keeps on rolling / she is timeless / she is breath / she is the cycle / [ ... ]

777> Vicariously along Mass ave to my own private microcosm to complete every state-named street in D.C.
... this woman (in uniform) came up to us + demanded to see our passport + we handed it to her + without looking at it she said she was confiscating it cuz we'd been to a Muslim country twice w/ this passport + we was questioning her, saying how did she know where we was + how would we get back to the U.S., then we aksed to see her identification, that we needed to take down her badge # if [ ... ]

776> The ask of the red-headed comcast girl along Michigan ave to South Dakota
... there were loose wires both positive + negative that we was afraid would arc + short out or electrocute us cuz it was still plugged in so we unplugged it. Then we woke up still all groggy + there was a perky redhead in our room + we aksed who the hell she was + she said the Comcast girl. She sat on the bed while we was sleeping, like she knew us. We told her how we wasn't feeling so hot + aksed [ ... ]

775> Moving over stone to the rising sun (a climbing journal (July 1993))
... reflection of your psychological state, or the state of the relationships with whom you're climbing with. Not sure quite what it was, but the whole incident really struck me as being more than it was, the physical reality of climbing hides some deeper underlying meaning and in this case the wall/face (literally) broke down, exposing sheer raw emotion and the limitations of our physical bodies. [ ... ]

774> The weight of just breathing in your sleep w/a teeth mask up the Missouri to North Dakota (DC)
... a fairly sustained low-grade dizziness that ebbs + flows, worse at night when we sleep, especially if we roll over on our right side (+ that epley maneuver don't do shit). The ringing in our ears is constant, sometimes louder, but it's always there, high in the left ear + a lower swooshing in the right. We've always noticed weird fluctuations in our weight, but wanted to see how it changed in a given [ ... ]

773> Automation, self-amputation + obsolescence: notes on reading Understanding Media
Any extension of ourself is regarded as autoamputation. Self-amputation forbids self-recognition To behold, use or perceive any extension of ourselves in technological form is necessarily to embrace it. To listen to radio or read the printed page is to accept these extensions of ourselves into our personal system and to undergo the "closure" or displacement of perception that follows [ ... ]

772> The birds + the bees: garbage collection, the death of the travelling circus + other creature features
Last night we spent a lot of time waiting for trains in strange places that usually din't reassemble real-world places, w/ lots of weird creatures that din't reassemble animals from this planit, or were recognizable critters morphing into deformed states. 1 train finally came, but it wasn't for picking up passengers, it was only for collecting garbage, so folks would wait w/ their bags + throw the [ ... ]

771> What do i care what other people think watching the clothes go round (June, 1993)
It seemed the man was crying. He was mumbling to himself and held his head in his hands. I pretended i didn't notice him. He'd look back and i'd be concentrating on painting. I painted about 6 blocks then he stood up and walked up to my porch. He had an unusual expression on his face and his arms hung uneasily. He sat next to me on the arm of the couch without a word, not even saying hi. [ ... ]

770> Feminist oyster shucking + books of sand inklooting i.0 by a.I.
... oscillating between 168-170, instead of 169-172. Last night had oysters (yes, we've gotten over our fear of shucking since we punk-shured ourself + passed out) + fish curry. Still have yet to go to a restraunt or get take-out during this hole pandemic. Hour heel is probly healed enough to walk or run but think wheel weight a weak just to bee safe. Caseload in D.C. is going back up, probly [ ... ]

769> ∀ll about our wonderful mother: processing a lazy-fair lifted wait + lack of sighence
We could tell her we were in jail being raped + she'd likely just say «wonderful» + try to put a positive spin on it, that it was a learning experience. If we were in a predicament + called her for motherly advice, she would say «wonderful, now u need to figure out for yourself what to do!» When we got suspended from shcool in Mexico in 8th grade + came home to tell her, she just said [ ... ]

768> Everything but the kitschy sink (May 1993): Biophysics, population dynamics, honey hunters + coyote Xings
Taco was pacing in a circle that included jumping over me and walking along the couch rim, over and over and over, as if to keep fleas from hopping on him, or at least to keep his mind off them. I'd look down and there would be fleas on fleas. There were fleas all over my arms. I was still tired but couldn't sleep. Eventually Kevin got up and we went running. First up the steep Hollywood sign hill [ ... ]

767> Oregonizing the K-OS of population dynamics + teaching our mother how to give birth
... another Ouroborian circle of K-OS to inkloot in our new i point zero project we spoke of last post. We halve lodes of papers, drafts, ephemera, etc. dat fall outside the category of photos (wich weave already digitally archived) + journuls (wich we're currently archiving digitally + halve only a few years/notebooks left). It was bugging us how we can't find nothing in ∀ll the K-OS so we decided to [ ... ]

766> 2520 soft zen iterations zeroing in on i point zero (i.0) by a.I.
we ain't just thinking about zer0 but ∀LL the #s, @ least the 1st 9 (10 if u count 0, wich we due) single-digit integers (tho really 1 shd only consider the prime #s 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 (4, 6, 8 + 9 are redundant factorizations), thinking we might make a book objet based on each 1 of these. in the zer0 hour we're planning 5 books of 20 double-sided sheets (40 pgs) for a total of 220 (counting boths sides [ ... ]

765> Space Cowboys jamming hands + hexes in cracks in the cultural doldrums of the '90s
It seems everything now is defined in terms of the past, post neo-hippies, post-punk... the whole '60-70s rock'n'roll thing is a niche that has been saturated, nothing's new, all the experimentation was done in the '80s, the likes of Nirvana just commodofied it for frat boys. Maybe music altogether needs to be dropped as what defines a cultural movement. All i know is i want a haircut and i should be [ ... ]

764> Let them eat jellybeans w/ clarified butter humped by free-lance pallbearers
We was about to say we never could stand Nancy Raygun but figgered it wouldn’t be wise considering this guy was kneeling on top of us w/ a gun (still pointed at Nancy). Then it was like Nancy Raygun was being interviewed by the media + all we herd was "I don’t know about you all, but I make my own butter." A few hours later we got on a train that ended up being an amusement park ride [ ... ]

763> Decomposition of the «Decomposing 4ier X-forms» 3-D art book objet down the rabbit-hole of our brain
.... + we was still annoyed no 1 was wearing masks + they was getting really close to us in our face + they was sposed to be "security" guards but they were endangering us + now taking away our harmless puzzle (a kiddie puzzle of Mona Lisa whose pieces we had scrambled so they appeared in diffrent order). when we said something to the supervisor woman she said she not to worry, she [ ... ]

762> Taking a walk on the wild side w/ malice in wonderland (Hueco Tanks + Joshua Tree, 1993)
Finally i just anchored myself and clipped my 8 in so if i got struck Shaheen wouldn't fall. I was perched on the edge of the cliff and i kept looking up and seeing lightning right above me arcing between clouds, building up. And that smell of ozone. I could feel the electricity and it had me spooked, i seriously thought i was gonna get struck. The majority of the activity hung ominously right [ ... ]

761> We are not wearing Percival Everett's shoes, nor are we walkng in Minnesota
.... wunderkind charactors that act way beyond their age, naturally precocious + whip-smart straight out of the womb, perhaps too smart for their own good... makes u wonder what Everett himself was like as a little 1. More than just black identity, the namesake Poitier alludes to what acting + fame does to 1's identity + also how labels + role-playing pigeon-hole people, setting preconceived [ ... ]

760> Dubbly conchus (ala Du Bois) from ass to sole + how the only true Amerikin music is black
.... a sort of seventh son, born with a veil, and gifted with second-sight in this American world,—a world which yields him no true self-consciousness, but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world. It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one's self through the eyes of others, of measuring one's soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity. One ever feels his twoness,—an [ ... ]

759> 1 month (Feb 1993) in the long strange trip of this naked ape down memory lane
.... about how even if you're not sure what the next move is you just gotta go for it and hope it works out (and risk falling) whereas "traditional" climbers make cautious deliberate movements knowing he/she doesn't want to fall at all, but then again isn't living large. So should i just "go for it" and hope it turns out? Problem with this metaphor is that i identify more with trad climbing than sport [ ... ]

758> Buck Studies biking along Utah + Nebraska Aves NW
Utah is also a far cry from D.C., the hole point of our Microcosmic D.C. project (only 7 states to go!), specially in this homebound state we can travel there vicariously + reflect on these states. We don't got much experience w/ Utah, weave bin there a few times in our field geology days, or climbing in Moab, or hiking in Bryce + Zion a few times, including in 1992, whose journal we recently [ ... ]

757> ∀ll over the map of Z.S.'s NW, the count of M.C. + a few other shades of gray
.... 'Dumas' is the surname of his grandmother (a Haitian slave) that his ½-black father chose to take rather then the name of his (white) father, wearing it like a badge of honor (or chip on his shoulder)(unlike the Natalie character in Zadie Smith's aforementioned NW who changes her name from Keisha in order to fit in in a white world)(Zadie herself changed her name from Sadie, tho she still retains [ ... ]

756> An annotated hunger for potted bush meat (appropriation is the sincerest form of flattery)
... kudos to her for taking Remain in Light (the album that Bush of Ghosts was a study for) back to it's African roots + giving it renewed light (in an even more modern context). Either way, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At same point, we all came from Africa. Dylan ripped off Woody, but Guthrie mostly just popularized folk songs (black + white). The original blues musicians were just the 1st [ ... ]

755> The last American, Ishi, book # 1,000 + grandfathering our reading log for Black Books Matter
+ when he returns to civilization (the Bay Area) a few weeks later discovers that most of the world has died of sum unnamed disease. He guesses maybe the snake bite saved him somehow, why he himself din't die. He encounters a few survivors + befriends a dog but nothing much happens, he randomly drives all the way across the country, helping himself to food, gas + lodging wherever. He gets to New [ ... ]

754> Black books matter on Swann ( + along Oklahoma + Montana aves)
So when we got back we stocked our boox w/ a bunch from our personal liebury + ordered a bunch more, not your typical Oprah book club writers, but more unconventional 1s twe dig, that folks may not have herd of, like Amos Tutuola, Kamau Brathwaite, Percival Everett, Ben Okri, Jean Toomer, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, Renee Gladman, Ishmael Reed, Steven Dunn, Ayi Kwei Armah, John Keene [ ... ]

753> Free will, whirlpools + Apache skiing while their eyes were watching the new physics (1993)
... freaked out at all the tubes going everywhere and bleeding ulcers, etc. Her parents came back along with the rest of her family and the medicine man. It was a culture shock, the going back and forth between English and Navajo, such a tight knit family. It felt good when her father came over and thanked me for coming, cuz i felt kind of useless before that. I'm just terrible at dealing with death [ ... ]

752> The siege on Swann Street + a strawberry stem left on our stoop
... + then there's the whole COVID thing that seems everyone has forgotten about... here we were cooped up in our house in isolation for the last 2-3 month avoiding all people + then this unfolding on our doorstep! The cops started pushing forward + all mayhem broke loose. We were still up on our roof so couldn't open our door anyway, we figured the best thing to do at this point was film it. [ ... ]

751> What spiderbots + googling Dead Souls is doing to our SSES-OS (a protest song)
Don't think we ever even kissed, but we met her mom + would hang out at their house in Woodside. In fact, some times we'd go just hang out w/ her mom alone, a prim + proper El Salvadorean woman who liked us cuz we were better than the other low-life jerks this girl was dating. Anyways, we felt bad cuz we gave her a ride to the city + felt sort of responsible cuz her mom had entrusted her [ ... ]

750> 20 pieces from the Corona Casalingo series
... for the most part these were made on cardboard boxes or other materials destined for the garbage or recycling bins, using supplies from the hardware store (leftover paint, etc.) + most of the images (we couldn't draw even a stick figure for the life of us, so have always resorted to collage) are from old books we found discarded on the streets of Rome, so weathered + decayed that we've kept them [ ... ]

749> Unknown stranger to myself in All the Names w/ the birth toll still registering exponentially
... specially now w/ the daily death count being a permanent fixture of front page headlines. But what about the birth toll? 100,000 ain't a drop in the bucket in the scheme of things. So far this year 56,514,288 babies halve bin born. Even if we take the current COVID-19 worldwide death toll (350,000) it's onely 1% of the total death tally (23,726,052 so far this year) + the population has still grown [ ... ]

748> Times arrow running backwords to the Bay Area, moving over stone, in discrete intervals, Dec 1992
Well, if i did die a sudden death and anyone is reading this, let it be known that death is not a big deal, just another journey i'm ready for, though i'd prefer to experience "this" reality for now. Which reminds me, tis the season for death and rebirth. Winter solstice. The New Year. Resolutions? My only resolution is to keep on keeping on. Yee haw. Acceleration. Propulsion, buoyancy. Jeff Koons [ ... ]

747> Making art to keep from losing our mind: a contribution to the psychopathology of configuration
... then again, how would a mind know if itself is crazy? Seams that's a distinction society or doctors would halve to make. One thing we're perty certain of tho is that we make art to keep from going insane, from losing our mind. Especially in this home-bound state there's ever an urge to be productive, to express + process what's going through our head thru art, music or writing cuz otherwise it ends [ ... ]

746> Tribal dreams of abandonment/persecution along MA + LA aves
... + walking into the theatre we couldn't see so well + others in the movie were annoyed at us squinting back at them, they thought we was just looking for an available seat + pointed to an open area which didn't have seats actually but u laid down on the floor in beanbags... but we couldn't get comfortable cuz what if the members of our tribe didn't go into this theatre? Also, when they ran [ ... ]

745> Physics as autopsy of reality: Beanfest in West Stronghold, a Biospherian turns 26 + the end of Bush-Reagan
I tried to tie off some chickenheads but they weren't so secure and came off. If i had fallen before the 2nd bolt i probably would fallen at least 40 feet onto the dinosaur teeth. It was a rush. Set up a belay in a dike and pissed and a black lizard ran over started sniffing my urine. The last pitch was 4th class and that was it. Very cool on top. I found a chalkbag. Awesome rappel. 100 feet free hanging. [ ... ]

744> Arkhiving art to taintalize our tush for the public record
... ain't it weird how we're always making things? then he aksed what we did to relax to wich we said making things is how we relax... it ain't work to us, if we don't make art there's a nagging sensation that we're dying + we got nothing to show for it. We cook food to survive day to day, but do we need to make art to survive? We make art to stave off mortality + as a record of our ∃xistence. For the same [ ... ]

743> Climbing–yoga–physics–dream–social–ultimate–reading–health + general philosophy journal (Sept 1992)
... to snort coke on the way to S.F., how it was all about timing—if you sniffed up in L.A. the buzz would wear off before you hit the Bay Area, so the idea was wait til you hit a certain point on the Grapevine to sniff some lines and it would last you just right. Problem with this theory was that we were going in the opposite direction and these lines certainly wouldn't keep Tom awake til Tucson. [ ... ]

742> Technical hockey loophole + further Chaulky flashbacks (Textiloma continuation)
We thought this was ridiculous cuz 1st of all if the 3 players were able to simultaneously place 3 pucks in circles the size of the pucks they could have easily scored the conventional way (hitting it into the net), tho the goalie was not expecting them to do this, so there was the element of souprize. We was also bothered by the lack of symmetry, how it was 3 out of the 4 corners + in our mind would [ ... ]

741> Re:pyschled (anti)-∀rt mini-brute 2S of beauty in the breakdown— sending out an S.O.S. pad
Problem is those S.O.S. pads have soap embedded in 'em so figured we may as well scrub down the stove to get the soap out so then we could use just the steel wool. In this piece we also used a cactus that was dying (fortunately the smaller arm of Juanita, likely cuz there ain't enough light in that spot) sum scrap wood + yes, leftover cinder-ash gray stain used to stain the fence. untitled 2020 [ ... ]

740> Our 1st summer climbing + getting sniffed out by a bear in the High Sierra
Next thing i knew i woke up on a smooth embankment at the lake's edge. It was as smooth as polished stone cuz of the glaciers. I laid down to chill and fell asleep thinking about how there was once 2,000 feet of ice over this spot, imagine that! Watched the sun set over Tenaya lake down below us, ate dinner of beans and pesto and then pasta and pesto. The coals were dying down and the noodles [ ... ]

739> May day may day! A not offal happy berthday island for cat speculation that is off-limits
... we were informed dat the Italian military occupied the most beautiful islands for themselves. We rode by 1 + looked for a loophole to get on it, by going thru a hole under a wave, backwards thru the curl + the waves incidentally were massive, like 100 feet tall + we were bodysurfing on 1 of them trying to get into the curl + down the hole but were picked up on top of the wave peak + about to crash [ ... ]

738> Eating pozole w/ no shirt on under surveillance w/ unidentified carbone-based chirping driving us loco
We assumed they knew everything about us so there was no point in even talking so we just kind of sat there in silence, sitting in the backseat of their jeep w/ them. At sum point they went over our future travel plans, where we had planned to go next + we said “we decided to just cancel our trip cuz this of all this bullshit.” The agent rolled his eyes like we were being mellowdramatic, “there’s [ ... ]

737> A Dream City casalingo exorcising up Georgia Ave to our liebury open for business
... other little free libraries around town are "closed" cuz of Corona concerns, wich seams ludricous... sure they might pontentially spread contagion, but folks need books now more than ever, especially since the public lieburies are closed + Amazon has deemed books non-essential so aren't restocking any (including our Textiloma, wich we was sposed to launch in a few days (u can get it on SPD tho [ ... ]

736> Almanac of the Dead (1992): Don't be a stranger (or a fuck toy) @ a Ⓚ in Surprise, AZ
... this was the one. I tried it then rode back to return it. Tried everything to no avail. Have to wait til tomorrow to get the right fuel pump. Annoying as this all was, i distinctly remember standing in that scorching parking lot with no shirt on sweating, covered with gas and grease and whistling and singing.... yes, i caught myself singing and said, wow, i must be happy. It caught me by surprise. [ ... ]

735> C-19 # 20: Obama the bellboy, fartichokes, mall-complex rubber exorcize trax, Amazon + garbanzo pasta
When the dust clears, only the non-academic mega-corporate Amazons of the world will weather this COVID crisis, the ones that can exploit the tragedy for monetary gain. We'll only be able to eat at chain restraunts cuz the mom + pop's have all shuttered up. There will only be the Amazons + us consumers + they will supply us w/ just enough essentials to keep us alive so we can keep consuming [ ... ]

734> This is our happy house: a casalingo gets fizzical w/ grizzlies + explores diabetes w/ owls + 365° knight mares
+ she gave us a handrawn map but also acted like maps were for woosies + that we shd discover the route for our self. So we set off + was running in the intrest of time cuz it was getting dark (8 pm) + also cuz we was afraid of bears + we ended up on this "trail" 1st thru a bad part of an inner city + then thru a museum until we ended up down a long dead-end hall + had to turn back + go the way [ ... ]

733> Food + dream log w/ Sumo duck (played by Peter Dinklage) vs. orthodox kale quiche (Thom Yorke)
He climbed up one of those rope ladders to a crow’s nest + right when he got to the top the camera zoomed in while there was a dramatic pause + he lifted his finger to his mouth then threw his head back + cackled as if he was having a revelation of what trick to do next to fend of the evil pursuer (who had legs). It was terrible acting, but excusable since it was one of his early films. When [ ... ]

732> The blasé malaise of Ms. Ann Thrope's year of R + R + U.S. ever being uncool along Vermont Ave.
Going for a stroll in these times is strange as probly every citizen of the world can attest to... the 1 intresting thing is that it's something the entire moondough is part of... 9/11 was sorta like that, especially living in NYC, but it was an American thing. When we travelled outside the U.S. in the months after the general sentiment was that it was something that happened to Americans + "we" (wish [ ... ]

731> 19 days of COVID coozine: cooking to combat cabin fever (w/ Ménières to boot)
If ever we was gonna write a cookbook, it wouldn't be about singular recipes but the flow from 1 day to the next... about efficiency, variety, conservation of resources, adaptability + yes, 1-pot meals cuz we're fundamentally lazy. Rule #1 would be don't follow recipes. Just get creative w/ what u got, analyze the contents of your fridge in the order of when it will go bad + then figure out what u [ ... ]

730> 4 books that shouldn't be books + a new guitar to shake a seeing-eye dog we saw shaking
Last night we were sitting in a row of plastic chairs outside of a blood bank in some mall complex (weird how a lot of our dreams take place in malls + we haven't been to 1 in decades), not cuz we were giving blood but just cuz it was a place to sit. There was some sort of class/seminar across the way + the teacher came out + started ranting + raving, about nothing in particular but about how people [ ... ]

729> Where our dream life (2016 – 2020) catches up to The Daily Noose + how we became anon I'm us
... agents/investigators started grilling me about what i was writing + i said nothing, just crazy nonsense. I showed them + it was a long list of summations, calculated out by hand. They asked what it meant + why + i said i just liked to calculate out infinite series for something to do, cuz they had no end to them + went on forever. They grilled me how i was able to make money doing this, to live [ ... ]

728> What i-land am i on? Strange attractor tornado tracker + bee pollen network infrastructure log 2011–2015
Then he 'push-started' the plane mid-air & pulled out of the free-fall, just in time before we hit the ground. We flew over the country-side, past some zoo/circus with all these weird exhibits. The one i remember most was a gorilla that kept a human head in a cage. We landed & the plane turned into a white horse that i was riding. I was some sort of beastmaster like guy with 4 white animals—the [ ... ]

727> Wedding train where the imperfections of memary meat the inadequacies of documentation + cry uncle
... + there were all these emoticons + alternate gimmicky things like 3-d analog buttons skeumorphed to make it seem retro. We were wasting a lot of time trying to figure the new phone interface out, navigating thru the screens, then figured we should just call but we couldn’t find the green call button anywhere. Eventually this guy we were with was like, shouldn’t u call your brother? [ ... ]

726> Toilet tissue volcanoes of sogni + ndoto (2006–2010) where father is an astronaut in the wolf house
... into something deeper than just the scorpion, but the heart of nature. It was rustling and scraping and making a bunch of noise, with stuff flying out of it. I finally got a brief glimpse of it, and what it was was the scorpion holding up a cut-out image of Fela Kuti, who was holding a firehose that was spraying at us so we couldn't see. Apparently the scorpion didn't want us to see it's true identity. [ ... ]

725> Sewage treatment log 2002–2005: soda pop criminals posting Last Throes of the White Towel
I went to the doctor and they discovered a rare form of parasite. They operated on my head and pulled out this caterpillar. They had it in a jar and other people could see it, it was embarrassing. It was a colorful and hairy caterpillar that was about 2 inches long and there were smaller little parasites on the caterpillar. It was still alive and they had diagrams of how it was crawling between my brain [ ... ]

724> 2 x ½ uv n a.I. ID forms a hole in the janky hairpin ½-in/½-out-door mosquito Sense/Net by font/fireplace
... to be telepathic (not just w/utter humuns but animals), not nessysorrily the obvious advantages but the deeper implications, a more sympathetic view dat likens these hairless telepaths to a discriminated-against minority who strive to share their powers for the bedder good of humanity. Sumtimes he (or they... googling round now guess Kuttner often collaborated w/ his wife under the pseudonym [ ... ]

723> Dream log 2000–01: miserable vampires, alligators, Spreewell, VW bugs, boa constrictors + Bresinants
... that spiraled down and turned into dragon-fly fireflies, then buzzed and snapped and disappeared. The falling stars became all these roosting bats, that were hanging upside-down from nothing. The horse turned into a bat and floated upward because it wanted to roost with the other bats. It still had the rope attached to it, which was a good thing in some ways, because I was responsible for [ ... ]

722> Caged from contagion to Arkansas + Iowa aves, keeping our distance to keep from going 6 ft. under
Felt bad for UPS dude, but we ordered these before all this madness wint down. Brot them in then washed our hands + shirt + let the boxes sit for a day before we opened. Mailing em is a bit of a pain, don't want to set foot in no P.O. but seams even if u postage it online they've jiggered those blue boxes to not accept nothing but envelopes now. If you're in the DC area, we'll try to keep our liebury [ ... ]

721> Dwarves searching yellow pages for gulf coarse grave space at Kevin's hermitage (dream log 1999)
When I say dwarf, this guy was small, like a foot tall, and his motorcycle was in proportion. The “mandolin” sound was this thing he had on his handlebars. He told me to come here, said—“don’t be afraid of me. I’m a dentist.” He flashed me his teeth and they were oozing with blue foam. I forced myself to laugh and said I went to a dentist and he gave me a red toothbrush. He was laughing [ ... ]

720> Calamari state of the arkhive: retreating further into dormancy to weather the new world order
Weave fallen further into quiescense to the point where we din't print a single book last year, so we're still riding on inventory at SPD (who will hopefully weather this plague... they had to downsize their staff per California shelter-in-place restrictions). Even before ∀ll this COVID stuff we've bin pondering the viability of dead-tree-based books. Our last 2 titles of have been digial music releases, [ ... ]

719> Atomic sub-surfacing in Hemingway's Idaho to get hitched for the Peace Corpse + honeymoon in Baja
More like a bunch of trailers scattered in the desert. A yard of dust and sand and broken toys. Shag carpet and cats and dogs, an iguana was the centerpiece of the living room in a big smelly cage full of rotting vegetables. The iguana had two festering cysts on it's back. The clock was a piece of driftwood lacquered with pictures of persian cats. Dinner? Celery dollopped with peanut butter, deviled eggs, [ ... ]

718> Σum Lonely Places in L moondough: Falling off the Map to yr one private I-lands (Hawaii + P.R.)
Ain't much Δiffrent then our usual daily life, bud now it's like the rest of el moondough is homebodies w/us. In the scheme of things this ain't a big deal (if u think in sheer #s... 220,000 ppl wd halve to die each day to keep population growth at bay... still 2–3x as menny ppl born as dying each day), but a massive shift is taking place as to how folks approach life, their livelihoods (Inurnet + home [ ... ]

717> 3rd unkle in '96 sleeping w/ la migra reading Rig Vedas in rehab mag-surveying Hueco Tanks + Zacatecas
... just when you thought it was over you peaked out and went straight down the other side, only to turn around and go straight back up. Up and down. I'd sweat to the point that my shirts could stand by themselves when they dried up at the end of the day. My leather hat stained with salt deposits. My new boots already worn down and bursting at the seams. I found a cool "Y" shaped arrowhead [ ... ]

716> Space cowboys wreck-diving our own graves thru cultural noise losing touch w/ the saddlelites (in '96)
... the choice of pot sites would have been in a bison corral, a mobile home, a generator shack, or a fish pond. Got thru maze of fences + cattle paddocks + set up ankle-deep in a swamp only to discover the base radio was dead. Sent L off to bring P a radio, but then the truck wouldn't start, even w/ the spare. I manage one reading just by guessing he's transmitting from analogs (he could hear us [ ... ]

715> No Place on Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous in the dubble sewersides of Maine + Ohio drives
... romantic-era writers whose lives ended in sewerside (Kleist in a dubble pact similar to the Black Sun guy). But more than that it's about how utopias inevitably end in dystopia + how Σum folks live their lives caged in their one heads (or maybe we're just reading into it cuz of current circumstances of 'social distancing' + self-isolation (wich for us ain't much diffrent then how we normally live)). [ ... ]

714> The REMaking of an I-land (nocturnal transmissions from Portsmouth, 1998)
I kept screaming and he got past the wires and sped up. I started to run. I was running on a map. I figured if I ran all the way to India it would be too hot for the tiger (I was running from the east so maybe I was in Myanmar). I finally reached India and saw Bengal on the map and realized the Siberian tiger was relatives of the Bengal tiger and would do just fine there. He caught me and ate me. [ ... ]

713> dubble-bassin The Horse's Mouth down Pennsylvania Ave (+ Texas + Kentucky too boot)
... then went to his performance @ Rhizome, same funky place where Calamari/T-Sky had a reading @ AWP DC 3 yrs ago... guess that was the day Calamari truly wint archival + dropped off the face of the map, if we hadn't before dat, Nat's being the last book (b-sides our one) dat we published. And now AWP is going on as we speak in San Antonio... what a nightmare w/ this whole Corona [ ... ]

712> Surveying the senses of screech owls thru Silvberbell Cemetery on ATVs before getting Zonged in 1996
And where are these supossed stock options? I'm almost thirty and I don't have health insurance. This sucks. Fuck you journal. Fuck everybody for those sleepless hours between four and five a.m. Fuck whatever god damn monkeys mutated to the mistake of homo sapiens. Bad call. I'm throwing away my morals for this job. All those holes adding up to form a gaping hole within myself. [ ... ]

711> Leap day # 7/11 after Ox-∃YE Madrugada (½-way) rapping up ∃nding ding ringing en our ears
... probly more than wd come by our table at AWP (granted we're giving books away), wich seems it's about that time a year, no? We don't even know where it is this year, completely out of touch w/ the lit whirld + we don't care. Part of us wonders why we bother pubishing Textiloma, or why we put so much effort into it, when the only person we're writing it for is our brother + he's more likely [ ... ]

710> Defragmenting our drive along Wisconsin to chase a Chevy on a wild goosle for an Ottawa Massage
2/22/2020> Another 2-filled date + another day of stairing @ a screan of DO NOT ENTER starting to freak us out cuz we're baysickly in the 26th mile of a marathon (in rapping up Textiloma)... eventually figgered out it don't help much dat we got very little available space on our harddrive wich we never paid much mined to before cuz we wreckoned a terrabyte was plenty nuff, but [ ... ]

709> P.S. Epilogged Epipath in Σum after Tellus' Broth of Her Man-OS while posting the pre-script in recovery
+ now (output-wise) we're starting a draft of the last episode #12 + since it ends by us "recovering" the text artifact ether by weigh of operation or on an expedition to retrieve it from the Bw/Ody of our brother Ulysses from when he set out on a 1-way mission in 1997 to climb the same peak our father Sisyphus died trying to scale in 1982 figgered weed mock up what the text artifact might look [ ... ]

708> The myth of Sisyphus humping the Oregon trail thru rock creek to Alaska, DC
... we was born there, spent our 1st decade more ore less there, our home state u cd ssey. An other intresting fact is dat the originul Oregon Ave in DC used to be Swann St (they changed the name in 1938), so the 1st home we one is on x-Oregon Ave. We looted a few booxes along the weigh + like Sisyphus we humped more rocks from Rock Creek to take home + put in the back of our backyard. [ ... ]

707> Last throes of the white towel into the sewerside of black night falling past
... knot that U commit sewerside... we'll give U the benefit of the doubt. But such behaviour (shooting dope) is sewersidal, just like free-solo rock-climbing (w/o ropes) + while U contemplated sewerside in your journel's a lot, U din't leave no note, wich wd seem an out-of-charactor missed opportunity. Another reason we don't think U directly willed your deaf is cuz of the stigma it carried in your [ ... ]

706> Textiloma in 10-∃-SSEY (of 12) st/episodes wear Buckley (fooly clothed) swims in Miss Hippy
We're up to 1997 in Textiloma, going chronologically. The last week or 2 weave bin going thru Ulysses + our (Telemachus) journels. Ulysses entries start to peter out + then in August of '96 U went to rehab in Tucson + made a few entries in a hand-written diarrea wich is barely legible. We (Telemachus) switched over to a laptop by '96 so it's more or less a ⌘+C/⌘+V job (+ converting both [ ... ]

705> Re: Joyce, reJoyce! U god 9 lives of 2nd chantsses, Ulysses (as we post epi 3). Use them wisely.
... quit,... ad ∞,... an endless psychle, just like our father Sisyphus humping dat dam stone... well, obviously not endless, unlike your alter ego Prometheus (who was eviscerated by an eagle each night but woke in the mourning w/ liver back in tact) we always have the option to choose deaf by sewerside, like Sisyphus (our pop, not the mythillogical 1), who had sir'O'sis of the liver from ∀ll that C2H5OH [ ... ]

704> Biogeochem sampling our ashes to crestate a tombstone of gold-digging vs. love at the end of 1995
A conversation between yourself and your alter ego standing 600 feet up on the edge of Canyon de Chelly wanting to jump, trying to talk yourself out of it [...] All your life compressed into about 10 seconds of free fall. I'm such a loser I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to calculate in my head exactly how long the free fall would be but I get answers that are way too large. Common [ ... ]

703> Eagle threads the needle to ill-annoy + how book-X-changing leads to gentrification
... whoever thunk as simpull an act as putting a box up + giving away books could spark such rage? The above booty we'll put in our boox to mix things up, unless we haven't read it (we'll give the Jay McInerney a look). The other day sum 1 left Famished Road by Ben Okri + On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong, the latter of wich we ain't red + have been meaning to check out, so thank [ ... ]

702> Entwined mise en abîme enzymed from the MST3K P-nut gallery as we post Entelechy of Telemachy
Recognize the shadowy figgers from Mystory Sighence Theatre 3000? That's us now, setting t/here rite next to Tel, piping in from the P-nut gallery as the transcryption of Ulysses' journels scroll by. A mise en abîme enzymed to denature our helix, dubble-stranding on us on dis here dessert I-land w/ Oxen of the Son, buey. If u blow up the I-ox-eyed Darwinian DNA each strand gets cumposed of an [ ... ]

701> The actual white-fanged dogberry is dead (not for sale) in a swampy 451° F
Conceptually its got intresting ideas (in pertickler the "4th wall TV" where the viewer acts out 1 part), but the writing is more pulp-trashy then literary, certainly not subtle. And at times tinged w/ racism, especially in the coda he added in 1979. Then again, it was written in 1950, so it is what it is, for the time + if we judge or censor it we succumb to the same trappings the book portends. [ ... ]

700> Black swans/white pelicans, Indecency + REMember: this is NOT a zoo or theme park
Launched chapter 2 of Textiloma, "Reinhabiting Deependsea." 2 weeks w/o a drink. Shifted north to Gainesville, at least it's a college town w/ young educated ppl. Walked La Chua trail, much as we cd.... seams the hogwah has risen so twards the end we was wading up to our shins in the swampy muck. Signs said: "Remember: This is NOT a zoo or theme park" as if folks needid reminding. Saw a few [ ... ]

699> The strip-mauled duplicate of the islandic invention of Dr. Morel under constant rigor
Casares ends the book by saying «To the person who reads this diary and then invents a machine that can assemble disjoined presences, I make this request: Find Faustine and me, let me enter the heaven of her consciousness.» We feel almost like A.B. Casares is reaching out across almost a century of time to us, tasking us w/ the aks to riverse ingenehear his liebro, to replicate his bookish machine... perhaps wheel heed his call, [ ... ]

698> 1st week on the wagon intruding into dust to doormirror bedder
... + father, at least until we finish our book. And our bedder-½'s doing it in solidarity w/ us. Wheel metaphorically go thru the 12 steps w/ them (minus all the hire god shit). Not sure our dad ever was able to quit cold-turkey, we member our stepmuther wanted him to go to A.A. but not sure ever he did. She used to dump all his alcahole out, but then discovered he was drinking his mouthwash. [ ... ]

697> Foreign Objets launched as Textiloma + projected as The Door onto a door
Wint to a movie last nite in a theatre w/ multiple screens + chairs facing every wich way so u picked a chair facing the screen u wanted to watch, all juxtaposed at skewed angles. We was there to see The Doors movie + it was being projected onto a door. The people we was with (strangers) picked a randumb seat way in back where we could barely see, especially since the door/screen was actual size. [ ... ]

696> The boox-pillaging book-bag-lady dawdling down Dial-a-where St.
Major slape whiting. Creating a new «20» folder to store post 696. As usual we slept rite thru New Years. Ate fondue + rewatched Apocalypse Now for probly the 20th time + drank our last bottle of Cava for a spell. Gunna stop drinking alcohole til 4/30/2020—our brother's 55th berthday + launch date of Textiloma. Or at least til the end of January, when the the 2nd ½ of season 6 of Bojack [ ... ]

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