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  2021 ARCHIVE

973> Σ 2021= 5-fold residue1 tributaries of 136 mice + covid-free posts
... 5umping we just got 2 live with > ain't a big deal in the scheme of things, in 1918-1919 the Spanish flu killed 50 million (of a total population of 1.8 billion), whereas covid has killed 5.4 million out of a population of 8 billion (7,945,592,388 2 B x-act, according 2 th countr on R homepage)... do the math, Spanish flu killed 2.777% of th population, covid has killed 0.067% of the population [ ... ]

972> 2021 residuals: ↄompi1ing a Σequential ream of dreams ∀11 in 1 place
... if u cd take a picture of your street then u were close to home + may as well walk. We were walking + saw a covid center (we didn't know if it was for tests or shots) + figured since we were gonna get on a plane the next day we shd go + when we got to the register we said "I'll take 1" (cuz we were embarrassed not to know wether it was for tests or shots). She said we had to be invited + we asked [ ... ]

971> dead mu5icians reb∞ting a numeric Xtension 2 micr0cosmic DC 4 Steinian arrangements V-a 1st + 2nd st
then 1ater in th nite (⊕ thi5 AM) R bedder-½ worked az a sorta f1oral D-ziner/artist (mixing in othr L-ements) dat made arrangements 4 Jimi Hendrix (eveN tho Jimi = dead) + we made a1bum covers 4 o1d music by dead mu5icians a1readE recorded in the '60-70s using fotografs 5um 1 Ls t∞k of b1dgs + arkitexture > we din't no who = R M-p1oyer ⊕ what = Economic viabi1i-T of thi5 work ⊕ [ ... ]

970> amphibious owLs + vi0lins washed 0ver by clean tel-X machenes w/ zer0-gr0wth
... a-parently this was where ppl left vi0lins 2 re$tring + when they were done they'd return them hear > we Xplained 2 Miles Davis dat R violin wasn’t there where we left it but another 1 was + he said it happend all the time, that ppl axidentally took the rong violin, acting like it din’t matter, dat vi0lins = non-Unique + interchangeable like a Unit of current-C > we l∞ked around th bathr∞m + found [ ... ]

969> Tributary #1: «Silver»—the silver plate inscribed w/ 25 w/ space enough for more if we dare or care
down at the river’s edge / we cut our veins + bled / our blood turned from blue to red / we’re singing so we’re still not dead / a silver river runs thru our veins / the silver lining comes w/ rain / a sliver of hope, w/ each sunset / for that 1 day we’d say we met / we came of age in the ’80s / when no 1 cared the world was engulfed in flames / after the murmuring rumors / were divined from the sky [ ... ]

968> Tel-a-foning 177 lbs of unPrimed I5BN in D.C.ember 2 cure-8 boox
ain't bin riting much abt day-2-day b/c as st8d in post #964 we'R gunna foke us m0re on livin' life rathr than scribin' bout it + foke u5 m0r on riting ISBN 978-1-940853-50-5 (⊕ I5BN az we'll callit hence-4th b/c we cant member th hull #) ⊕ mayB we aint hear in D.C. but in Puglia az plannd but dam, glad we ain't in Ital-E as #s halve dubbled 5ince we left... not dat they ain't dubbling in U.S. [ ... ]

967> the only thing standing between civilization + anarchy (where we were b4 + after 9/11)
This morning on the news I saw footage of a barge loaded with old subway cars, the redline express or whatever they called them. They were dumping them into the ocean 17 miles offshore... now that’s something to think about, all those fish and sea creatures occupying those cars that used to take millions of straphangers to work. I feel like I am typing on a time bomb. It says 0% remaining. [ ... ]

966> Tributary #2: «Niger»—who would of knnown that an Eclipse wd lead all 2 this?
25 trips around the sun / ½ our life we've lived as 1 / from Dogon country to the Cape of the Cat / a binary star in the same orbit + who would of known that an eclipse wd lead all to this? 2 pairs of lips engaged in a kiss / legs entwined like cricket strings / the violins drone /the triangle rings / in unison / from artesian springs + the motion we make when we spark a fire or pound the grain is all [ ... ]

965> when heads roll browse non-linear interaction types + fly 2 Spain on book day 2 get R 1st publication
They rounded the rest of us up (like wide-eyed cattle) and tried to assure us that there would be no more layoffs. That we were there because we were valued and all that crap, but what else are they supposed to say? It's like being on the Survivor show. Huddled around not sure whether to be sad for the others, or glad that it wasn’t us. I don't know what's worse. I guess I'd rather see things out as long as [ ... ]

964> hungree 4 N itinerant batch of hatch in loo of road-tripping the boot
... but in5tead, here we R in D.C. taking care of h0meowner i55ues dat piled up in R absence (such as a hot water heater that wint south... coming home 2 a cold shower ≠ fun) + continuing 2 unpack Rself from 4–5 messes in Bologna... Xferring stuff (11.56 GB of files + 1000+ Emails) from R laptop 2 R mother5hip iMac by hand b/c we don't trust cloud5 ± time machines 2 do it 4 us > watching [ ... ]

963> Tributary #3: «Columbia»—what was never lost can ever be found
born on the day he landed / on the river named for the man / now living in his namesake state / in the semi-colony of colon / a monument erected in stone / a fallacy of statutory rape / 500 candles on a birthday cake / cuz his ship rammed aground by mistake / what was never lost can ever be found / a country founded on dead reckoning / dead reckoning (x4) / extrapolated from shipwreck [ ... ]

962> Achtung, corralled w/ moronicron covidiots in terminal Z during draconian SSSS times
... chilling in the lounge getting a pretzel + a beer when suddenly another agent comes thru the lounge saying we need to leave the lounge immediately (there was no warning b4 this) + we asked «now?» + they said «right now!» so we hussled out along w/ the other passengers not sure what this was about, that maybe covid was detected in the lounge or whether it was about this manhunt underway > so [ ... ]

961> Tributary #4: «Dungeness»
coelacanth tales fall from the sea / see the sound pour from fur trees / salamander gills filter d-zzz / Dungeness crabs fossil easily / the Nez Perce didn't pierce their nose / but the Salish / flattened their heads in a vice / from the drawbridge alone u watch them spawn / no 1 will ever believe u back home / 5 x 5 the jet black horses swim / in the irrigation channel switched to main / vestigial fins blown [ ... ]

960> bunkered in N airB+B liebury in Bologna w/ elephant dung boox
got our negative covid tests, 1st hurd1e > stood in 1ine @ 1 pharmacy for 20-30 minutes whi1e the persun in front of us stood there ta1king w/ the pharmacist as if they was a psychillogical counse1or only 2 find out the tampone (covid test) were by appt only > waited @ another pharmacy + they gave us the (antigen) test, sticking that dam swab ½-way up in2 our brain > so we officia11y got the [ ... ]

959> in 2 the Lighthouse we 5leep 2 S-cape X-winds, covid + bNbs
... told us over the phone (no 1 was there when we arrived) the door was 0pen + 2 find a room (wich was a bad sign, that anybody cd just walk in off the street... completely unmanaged, basically a squat for day-laborers 2 crash in) > we considered going out the window just s0 we wouldn't b xposed 2 these brutes who were hacking + coughing + we heard 1 of them talking about a «tampone» (Italian word [ ... ]

958> reflected in the eyes of a dead man on a beach on the naive, super Sardinian west coast in a tempest
... R GPS (which we call Merkel (b/c it's a BMW), who precedes everything w/ «please», found this obscure route along 1 lane roads thru farmlands past a swamp w/ pink flaming0s + thru this janky old port til we got to this sketchy 1 lane bridge that said no access in Italian but there was no way we were going back or even stop + have sum 1 tell us we couldn't use the bridge so we just sped across + [ ... ]

957> Tributary #5: «Pishon»—brood X keeps on carrying on
spring is sprung / the levee gives / the hanging garden yields vine-ripened fruit / ripe + red / take a bite / to stave off death / all hail Mary / 1st River Queen / cursed from birth by atomic submarines / the wive-tale kiss / the hair of the dog / the got-away fish / to keep from starving a mouse eats her own tail / from headwaters spring the same cure that ails / by mistake named for the river sign [ ... ]

956> babeling bottarga blow-up 2 beach-hop in malthusian weather on our 55th + 30 yrs w/ our bedder-½
... + we were looking 4 «malthusian» whether > once we got up seams we were looking thru the inner gears of all this machinery + what we were looking @ was not a tornad0 but a spining turbine > the cupple asked if we found the weather in Chicago (where apparently we were) 2 b malthusian + we said it was far from malthusian, it was b9 > then they asked what we were going 2 do in Greece [ ... ]

955> deer cerv0, 1 calamari sandwitch in Arbatax thrU the I's of Anima1s
there was a sign that said «strada chiusa» but there were cars coming + going 2 the closed direction + we just couldn't imagine they'd close the road w/o offering an alternative + the road was very scenic, lots of cows, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs + wild boars 2, thrU beautiful rugged mtns so we kept driving > sure enough th0, we got 2 a point (rite after a nother car had passed us) where the road [ ... ]

954> Tributary #6: «Gambia»—like climbing a ladder w/ only 1 rung
the only state that starts w/ The/ unless u count The Bronx / that banks the river for which it's named / that cuts the flow of neighbor's trade / out here in the fields / we farm our meals / we need to fight for water rites / every 1 needs to make ends meet / on holiday can we reach the beach? break bread, eat meat, smoke bud? it takes 2, to keep a zoo, survive the flood / no single song, can prove [ ... ]

953> Love in the time of covid in 3rd persun in 5ardinian bNbs
we eventually figured out how 2 get the auto-steer function off + startid figuring out all the fancy gadgets like built in GPS that directed us rite 2 our hotel witch otherwise might not halve bin easy 2 find as it was up in all these random nameless back alleys > we ring the bell + hear sum 1 inside saying, «chi è? chi è?» like we're coming 2 rob them + we're like, um, Derek, abbiamo prenotato una camera [ ... ]

952> the adventure of eclipsed nights + animals in motion 2 the apathy of habit + discontent of modernity
... alth0 they botched the translation in the above 1st clip, Marcello actually says «non è cosa de scrivere, ma come scrivere», which we interpreted 2 mean: «it's not what u write, but how u write it» (he uses infinitive form of the verbs, not 1st person) 11/14> walked again 4 exorcise, this time around the northern periphery 2 the area around DumBO (Distretto Urbano Multifunzionale di Bologna) as N X [ ... ]

951> Tributary #7: «Congo»—the deepest river in the world, so deep fish don't need eyes
wherein you'll find Swann songs / from Potomac to Mekong / a Dada db / baa-baa black sheep / lucid dreams / count by 3 / Patrol Boat, Riverine / a murder of ravens roosts still in the trees / no joy in the sunshine / Tristes Tropiques / shit-eating smiles are frowns upside-down / Africa's a long way from the hills of Ngong / the Congo's a far cry from the Mekong or Pagsanjan / playing ping [ ... ]

950> route-find'n on 0rient Xpress in2 margins of mined mind of mine
+ that guidebooks were cop-outs > we made it 2 the top + it was a busy pedestrian ma11 of sum sort + we had our shirt off + our backpack w/ ropes + gear > sum kid rammed in2 us + knocked us over + we said sumthing 2 him but they insisted they didn't touch us but just was ask'n us 2 crank sum tunes w/ our «dope sound system» + we to1d him it was c1imb'n gear on our back, not a sound [ ... ]

949> V Xzbit #5 from the P.0.V. of Dog 4 nature1 hi5tory
we11, now we'Ve gradu-8ed 2 the #5 > sp0se we'Ve a1way5 dug the #5 (judge'N by the 5cense.com URL witch we registered ~20 yrs ag0) but we renewed this ob5e55ion b/c a few week5 ag0 R bedder-½ ce1ebr-8ed 5 decade5 of rev01ution5 around thi5 p1anet + in a few week5 we ce1ebr-8 R 0ne 55th B-day + then in D-cember we ce1ebr-8 R 25th (5x5) anniver5ary > we a1s0 got 5 senses + 5 [ ... ]

948> Tributary #8: «Ayung»—yet another river that runs regardless of us
slipstream / the mean is somewhere in between / island + lake, or inland sea / between wake + sleep / in the backseat / meter ticking down / in the taxi / en route to see / what's already been seen / by a billion eyes / each time defiles / to detourrmine the change / the delta spans the range / nothing to lose / nothing to gain / river runs regardless of us / always did + always will / be that as it may [ ... ]

947> Commuting to the beginnings of sleepingfish.net (NYC 2001)
Today I almost got hit by an icicle falling from the roof the Dakota. Then I saw a red glove laying on the white marble steps of Lincoln Center and then saw a white cane in the recess of a cloister. We found a black silk cardigan on Fifth avenue and Bedder-½ kept it. I walk with Bedder-½ to 86th and Central Park West, through the park. Then she catches the C train north and I keep meandering [ ... ]

946> counter-clockwise completion of a radar-scoping circumnavigation of the 12 ports of Bologna
flâneured the last 2 gates of our perambulating porticos project—porta San Donato @ 2 o'clock + porta Mascarella @ 1 o'clock—thus completing the circle in 30° slices, sweeping counterclockwise like radar > UniBo + the «Jewish ghetto» pretty much comprise that NE quadrant > when we started the project we were scoping out the city w/ an eye 2 live here + after finishing it now we aint so sure [ ... ]

945> Tributary #9: «Oceanus» — a chameleon horse takes the whirlpooling river by the horns
the sight / of the sea / in waves / jogging your memory / of ancient lakes / in the bedrock beneath the stream / in the seam in between / holds your dreams in esteem / folding into the wave machine / caterwauling in concourse / for the love of horse / the prancing mare / the fountain's dare / can't resist the curse / the allure of Trevi's purse / the spectacled frieze / fossilized in grief [ ... ]

944> the major + vital shitsticks of gateless gates perambulating along the meridian from 3 to 4 o'clock
the above line is a meridian line (the longest in the world), a sort of fancy sundial that measures the progress of time throughout the year > in theory a circle of light appears on the line @ solar noon, but either we were a few minutes too late (even tho we were there well before 12:58, which is when the Inurnet told us solar noon was for Bologna (+ we chose today b/c it was nice + sunny)) or it's 2 late [ ... ]

943> viewing communist propaganda + fotos of food while perambulating the porticos of Santo Stefano
aptly enough (4 our bedder-½) the V Biennale Foto/Industria theme this year is FOOD + is spread across 11 spaces in Bologna so this morning we walked way out 2 MAST 2 check out the main exhibit which was about industrial design + photography ... the coolest thing about this exhibit is that u get 2 go in all these palaces + event spaces (all 4 free) that u might not otherwise get a chance 2 [ ... ]

942> Castiglione gate: the accidental velvety underground beneath the dune @ 6 o'clock
... they are empty, @ best they're only used 1x a week > these prepossessing spaces that cd be restraunts or bars or homes... then again, maybe they're bedder just being beautiful wasted space, but @ least they shd be converted to agnostic places so those that don't subscribe 2 the pre-scribed faith can enjoy them w/o feeling feeling they are standing in a massive 3D billboard ad 4 sum antiquated religion [ ... ]

941> Tributary #10: «East» — where no 1 is native but every 1 belongs
u can forget your name + do no wrong /as long as the jungle don't eat u alive / eat or be eaten, ain't enough to survive / all the people who couldn't fly, they died / it's laugh or cry but at least we died / trying to make it in the backseat of an apple-green taxi / P.S. Jumping from the C is practice for the GWB / or OD'ing on Drano on the G to Queens / but where do all the trains + drains go? At least [ ... ]

940> Against Nature to Fellini's Rimini w/ frogs falling globally signaling an alien invasion
He found he was now incapable of understanding a single word of the volumes he consulted; his very eyes stopped reading and it seemed as if his mind, gorged with literature and art, refused to absorb anymore. He had to live on himself, to feed on his own substance, like those animals that lie torpid in a hole all winter... Things happened because they happened, and that was the end of it... 'My dread of the disease will bring on the disease itself if I keep this up.' [ ... ]

939> popping prosecco in Positano along the trail of the goats w/ boats
shifted from Ravello to Positano, on the stretch of road that perhaps b4 we said was the most technically challenging driving we've ever done, but now we're getting used to it (even tho we never drive) > drank the complimentary bottle of prosecco (we shd tell all hotels it's our bedder-½'s 50th b-day) in our room w/ a view then walked around + swam in the ocean even tho it was still a bit windy + [ ... ]

938> Tributary #11: «Piscataqua» — when nothing else mattered cuz we had each other
we shifted north / on fast moving tides / we slept on the water / near where witches abide / thru a skylight we could hear the moon / humming + drumming the old familiar tune / that was the summer / Princess Diane died / we watched the M tugboats / pull in ships w/ the tide / the salt heaped in piles beneath our view / that plows will spread on icy streets / to keep commuters from slipping / [ ... ]

937> An endless spin cycle being driven 2 reinforce memary 2 Ravello
weird how memary works... we've bin to the Amalfi area 3 x b4, in 2001, 2011 + 2016 but we remember the 2001 trip the most + the more recent 2016 trip the least... does this mean we'll quickly forget this trip? 4 eggsample, we've walked this trail b4 but we only vaguely remember it + our bedder-½ didn't remember it @ all > but maybe it's like meeting ppl, how we always need 2 meet ppl @ least [ ... ]

936> J hopped the A 2 Bahamas 4 corn rows + bluematter + rejection slips
But everybody is nice, and we listen to music a lot. One thing I’ll say (or predict), is that I’m not too impressed with the competency of their product. I’ve been testing it from the standpoint of an end-user and have discovered some major bugs. I try to download music and it locks up right in the middle of it, but I still get charged for it, etc … and you can go to places like Napster and download MP3s [ ... ]

935> fingerprinted 4 civic indoctrination 2 play poker 4 Pasolini on the way 2 porta Saragozza @ 8 o'clock
Poker night > 1st pizza from Beppe's, which we've bin avoiding (we didn't choose it) cuz evidently he's a wife beater, problem is it's the best pizza in Bologna > then we (5 professors + us) laid down the green felt, got out the whiskey + cashed in 4 chips... like the game Matt Damon lusted over in Rounders, but we can't be fleecing our bedder-½'s colleagues + b-sides we can't play poker 4 shit> of course [ ... ]

934> Tributary #12: «Sandy»—knowing in a heartbeat all this could end
u were 6 / i was 1 / 1 in 3.8 billion / when i was 5 + u were 10 / living in oblivion / we'd never met but i loved u then / when magma seethed beneath the skin / when i was 9 St Helens blew / our eyes met on the mushrooming plume / u looked north, i looked south / the world stood w/ gaping mouths / in awe at how all in a sudden nothing couldn't mean a thing / we watched in awe from suburban [ ... ]

933> crowning our tooth 2 San Felice + Sant'Isaia @ 9 + 10 o'clock (don't worry, it's not contagious)
had 2 tell the dentist about our minears so he didn't freak out when he saw our eyes spinning around in our head, that's especially bad when we lay supine on our back + especially if we tilt our head 2 the left + we also told him we'd rather not deal w/ any needles so no novacaine > he said taking the temporary cap off was the most painful part so if that was okay we'd be fine doing it cold turkey [ ... ]

932> Tributary #13: «Gila-Salt» — back home our rivers flow only when it rains + when it rains it pours
how can 1 see this river / w/ all this water in the way? asks the desert rat / on seeing the Rhine for the very 1st time / back home our rivers flow /only when it rains + when it rains it pours /ya ta hey, all these leaves are in the way / how can 1 see the sky thru all these trees? / the weight of the air is clogging our pores / it's no wonder we can breathe any more / this gestalten shrink / can't explain [ ... ]

931> publiɔhing manifesto part 2: ɔopyleft + the rites of writer's rights
far as how 2 run a press, we took a ɔue from Factory Reɔords, who never had ɔontraɔtual agreements w/ artists > only when Joy Division asked 4 a ɔontraɔt did Tony Wilson write in his own blood on a bar napkin that «The musicians own everything, the company owns nothing. All our bands have the freedom to fuck off.» + that beɔame the standard non-legal verbiage used on subsequent non- [ ... ]

930> Leaving a Mets game in the 8th w/ walking pneumonia
Our neighbors across the way keep hats and shoes on their windowsills. Fine Italian woman’s shoes complete with the wooden insert that keeps their shape and top hats on hat stands. We never see them. Their windows are about 3 feet from ours. So close that if our window and their windows were open at the same time we could crawl back and forth. Maybe their shoes and hat display are a reaction [ ... ]

929> hummingbird moth as preamble 2 a perambulation of Lame Gate @ 11 o'clock
went 4 a run 2 try to flush sum of the salt out of our system + then perambulated the porticos of the 11th slice, Porta Lame, wherein «Lame» means swampy, cuz guess these were low-lying areas, but now it's now a more contemporary part of town that houses the modern art museum (MAMbo), the Cineteca Bologna (a cinema museum complex including Cinema Lumière) + a lively farmer's [ ... ]

928> Tributary #14: «Red Nile»
shots fire out / from a fast-moving train / the methods are yellow / the motives insane / the rails burn, turning red / Tibetan or Egyptian, bring it back to the dead / a blue note is struck / from a red-gestured key / cop a hit, a feel, some booze / Lou felt the velvet in the wild west caboose / a court jester dances / to distract the king / off w/ their heads, the fat lady sings / forms the figurehead [ ... ]

927> Porta Galliera @ 12 o'clock: gate of the hostile fortress
now our starting pt = ground zero, the middle of the clock face > stepped in2 the thick of Saturday morning foot traffic — they close off the downtown streets 2 cars on the weekends which is nice > zig-zagged thru every street + alley we could find, using Independenzia as our main thread, in wider arcs, trying to form a pie piece shape > not a lot of rhyme or reason 2 the streets + lots of overlap, just [ ... ]

926> Hopscotch «4 selfless ½-alien ideas 2 dv8 + adapt, enlist 1 owl 4 poem file soon»
4 each of the chapter #s (binarily #ed, that also map 2 the I Ching hexes) we've assigned 64 characters, that farword spells «And ma, I 4 1 live 2 emit ½ loops + flow H-self 4 tides reversed on 8 set animal peels» + then can be anagramically remapped 1-to-1 to the alternate non-linear way (as shown above) 2 spell: «Thriver meme (4 selfless ½-alien ideas 2 dv8 + adapt, enlist 1 owl 4 poem file soon)» (nod [ ... ]

925> Tributary #15: «Ogeechee»—2 come up w/ a new form of currency
... diffrence between land + sea / the riparian delta ripe w/ DK / don't stand in 1 place too long / or trenchfoot sets in / black water's rising / bites the moccasin / the cottonmouth takes hold / of the fold in our jeans / transcribe the code, read the leaves / cut your losses, split the scene / forsake the gloss, provide continuity / it's all a wash, divining for gold / come up w/ a new form of currentsea [ ... ]

924> Nimble sustainability: the ins + outs of indie book (+ music) publishing ala Calamari (vs. Tyrant)
wherein we feel sorry for ourself + elegize the bleak realities of keeping Calamari Archive afloat (consistently @ a net loss), «for any 1 stupid enough to want to start a small press» is how we usually framed it... but we figured this year we'd dole out a mid-(tax)-year progress report w/ specific intel that others might find useful, not just prospective indie press publishers, but aspiring small press writers [ ... ]

923> Taking an impression of our broken tooth w/ billionaire amplification sew G cd see her publicist
... we was like «hey, ain't u supposed 2 be dead?» + he laughed + said «sssshhh» > we asked if we were the onely person who could see him or cd every 1 but he didn't answer, just said he wanted 2 see his publicist, who was a doctor @ sum hospital, so in order 2 get in he'd fake an injury he said as he smashed his head against the hood of a car > he saw sum passerby + told us 2 get their attn + say [ ... ]

922> Riding w/ Rocker on the 7 from Tucson 2 NYC pre-9/11
We got to talking about how he wants to make a porn site demonstrating how you can use basic supplies obtained from any hardware store to convert your vacuum cleaner into a dick-sucking masturbation device. He calls this his “research”. He has also “researched” foreskin restoration, touting the benefits of having foreskin... he hasn’t surgically replaced his but he “plays” with and attaches [ ... ]

921> Tributary #16: «Rom» (where goats lick dam)
where goats lick dams / + streams are streets / skips the salty core / an age-old adage for levee foil / an arhythmic fluttering, 5 evil eels / plunged in hands too numb to feel / the olive branch, bifurcates / the electric turbine regenerates / in overflow, the circuits trip / a blip in the system, passed thru noise gates / the levees contain, spontaneous bursts / aderall'd water to quench your thirst / cascades [ ... ]

920> The death of a character hiking the Dolomiti above piss lake
... heading off down into a field of cows so we took it just to get away from the humuns > within minutes we were on this trail that went off in another direction w/ no ppl in sight > what's more we could look back @ the Tre Cime + had a better view from a slight distance then those walking right @ the base (this alternate trail is 101a btw, for any 1 interested ... the main elephant trail is, fittingly, 101) [ ... ]

919> The battlefield of Capulets v. Montagues eating donkey priest stranglers 2 ask the dust
Got a car + drove 2 Verona, Romeo + Juliet's town > the area surrounding Bologna is very productive + agriculture, reminds us of California > met our friends from Naples for lunch then walked around Verona, it's quite touristic, glad Bologna doesn't have this many tourists, not sure what else there is 2 see besides Giulletta's balcon which is a total scam (considering Romeo + Juliet din't exist) [ ... ]

918> Tributary #17: «Snake» means river in sine landgauge
we was reading Gertrude Stein @ the time so they probly don't make much sense, especially 4 those 2 young 2 remember Evil Knieval's pathetic attempt to jump the Snake river canyon in Idaho > supposedly the Snake river got it's name b/c when Lewis + Clark pointed 2 it + asked the local Indians what they called the river they made a waving S-motion w/ their hands that meant «river» but L + [ ... ]

917> walking the wall 2 get an «al dente» perspective + avoid root canals
went to the dentist 4 a preliminary consultation > 11 km away in the outskirting industrial zone > cd of taken the bus but not sure we're ready 4 that + it was a nice day 4 a walk, the same way we went 2 go 2 San Luca Sanctuary, but kept walking past that across the Reno river > ends up we need sum sort of «46 lithium disilicate (E-max) onlay» (we had them print the estimate in english so our [ ... ]

916> Tributary #18: residual «Fishkill»
the residue / of DDT / in the creek / leads to weak beaks / the squeegee squeaks / the windshield wipes / the grimey grit / into swiping hype / the oily film / above crawdad’s dream / whose says they feel no / pain / cuz they have no brain / somewhere under the rainbow / all the colors swirl / into liquid burl / run-off down storm drains / the song remains the same / somewhere under the rainbow [ ... ]

915> Our baloney has a 1st name, it's «porticoed dodecagon» > Our baloney has a 666th name, it's «hopscotched ...
boarded our Dolomite Air flight from Munich 2 Bologna + the overhead speakers were blaring «i believe i can fly» by R Kelly + we was thinking obviously they didn't get the memo about R Kelly + then we were told there was a «very bad» mechanical problem + that we needed to switch planes . . . fortunately there was another jet next to us way out in the peripheral graveyard of Munich Airport [ ... ]

914> Tributary #19: «Jordan»
... every night we sleep in the riverbed / the Dead sea is 1000 feet from dead / we’ve shared this bed for ½ our lives / the other ½ we slave 9 to 5 / the next 360 starts at 0 degrees / in the nexus ‘tween land + sky + sea / the scrolls are rolled + cloned into our bones / the text embedded in motherboards + phones / who needs vows when the water is crystal clear / just stick your tongue into my ear [ ... ]

913> a fugitive driving a plow over bones of the dead laying over in Munich
1st time on an airplane during the «pandemic»... tho guess it ain't really a pandemic no more, just a new mode of ǝxistence > of course airport + plane was packed > started 2 go in2 a lounge but full of maskless ppl b4 we opted to just find a quiet corner elsewhere > as compared to Munich where they took 1 look @ our cloth masks + said we needed N95 (which we have, we just switched 2 cloth [ ... ]

912> book/passenger locator forms 4 the final countdown according 2 patron saints
there's a reference to St. Cassian of Imola in The Confederacy of Dunces so we got 2 wondering why it had never been made in2 a movie... + evidently lots of ppl have tried, seems every 1 assigned to play Ignatius T. Reilly dies b4 they can finish the movie... John Belushi, John Candy + Chris Farley > even John Waters tried to make it w/ Divine as Ignatius T. (?!) but gave up, saying the movie was cursed [ ... ]

911> Tributary #20: "Anacostia"
the green line underground was last to be built / their river polluted to the hilt / tainted trains, a restaurant dearth / a humun stain on the face of the earth / oil spills, roots cracking the concrete / where bald eagles can't make ends meat / the land accosts us / the banks rob us / the taps deplete the clouds release / damned if u do / damned if u don't / the dams complete the damned quandary [ ... ]

910> Xquisite corpse x-ing the muddy Mississippi w/ no shades of gray 2 Graceland 2 scout out the big apple in Y2K
The second millennium was all about colonization and industrialization, capped by the information age. Now the world is populated, we are technologically advanced, what's left? Will people take a step back in values, going into a recession, or dark ages, or simply a re-evaluation? Population and technology is definitely growing unchecked, out of control. Maybe people will “regress” (or progress) [ ... ]

909> ALT TXT 4 a quantum ecology + a rat-chewed foundation 4 a bedder UI/UX
... body formed the seat 4 the person in front + we was looking around + noticing no 1 had masks so we put our mask on + a few other ppl followed suit > there was a massive IMAX screen displaying all the physics equations of the none universe > 1 was studying em trying 2 figger out how they all fit 2gether but there was a huge swath in the middle 4 special relativity that we din't understand (I.R.L. [ ... ]

908> Tributary #21: "Manú"
... rubber's a medium / like watercolors or film / anche questa canzone w/ Herzog at the helm / isthmus or taint, steel-belts or skin / measured in miles or by inch / deep as Mariana's trench / a trojan horse worms inside / a no U-turn sign u deride / in the name of art / derail the train / re-enact the rape all the same / justice will never be served / if 1 lives by the word [ ... ]

907> Asemic living in the hear + now in a fortnight 2 cull our liebury boox 4 Bologna
... time's a funny thing as it accumulates more + more behind 1, pushing 1 farword > how much of 1's life did 1 live in the moment? versus how much 1 appreciates in retrospect? 1 thinks about such things often when running, which is a microcosm of what we're getting @ ... not that 1 anticipates running, feels more of a necessary obligation that 1 nose wheel be thankful 4 afterword > while 1 runs [ ... ]

906> 1 screen-writing Y2K coding cowboy @ IBM de-evolving backwoods in the waning dayzzz of 1999
... started to wander and I envisioned him going home to get a gym bag of automatic weapons. I looked around for any other signs that I should be worried about (as I staked out a get-away plan). Next to his computer was a note that he had evidently written to himself that said “That does it! As of this morning I quit my medication! I don’t care what anyone says about my homicidal tendencies! –T”. [ ... ]

905> Tributary #22: "Sacramento"
what are words to the dying dads / as they struggle on their beds of death / all the birds come spilling out / in the stale heave of their last breath / symbols used to simplify / information growing out of control / a spring sprouting from a barren plain / emanating from a deep dark hole / for every book needs another 1 / to unlearn what u just read / read it only to realize all we need to do is just forget [ ... ]

904> Reflecting on the journey of Calamari as we transfer the physical archive to Pittsburgh
So when u get Calamari just think the book travelled the high seas twice on cargo ships + humun hands unpacked + repacked the books from battered Bookmobile boxes in Detroit, Rome (2 diffrent places), NYC (8 places), DC (3 places) + now Pittsburgh + how when u buy Calamari going forward they'll be personally mailed by Garielle Lutz, not sum Amazon warehouse employee that handled the [ ... ]

903> I M icon man quitting B+H 4 IBM 2 pay 4 a brand-new used car under a volcano in '99
Ate a sketchy meal in the marketplace then continued on. The road to Anahuagan is now paved whereas it used to be a dead-end dirt road. The town is still the same, all the houses are made of wood and it's very poor. Of course the horse guys started chasing us from the very edge of town, a dozen of them galloping after us, offering us "a mount". We wanted to walk, but seems almost rude to deny [ ... ]

902> The Polysyllabic Spree 2 lighten the poolside load for Baloney
.... now, if such a column or book was written by John Cusack? 1 wd want 2 read that, by sum 1 as jaded + punk rock as the protagonist of High Fidelity, not by the smug author riding on coattails of past notoriety... maybe how Hornby had been, but not is now. The perils of being famous or popular, u got 2 keep living up to your reputation. 2 bad no 1 blogs no more about such things, at least that 1 [ ... ]

901> Tributary #23: "Tiber"
... augured in the murmuring clouds of birds / the Romans named it for the fluxing plume / mountains of pottery + bones left to exhume / don't forget to wash behind your ears / all the fears + tears / down the drain / into the sewer / side by side / ride Rem + Rom / left for dead / only to rise / again + again / there's tribes that have never seen the outside world / for whom Tiber is just a word / [ ... ]

900> Taking stock of Calamari for gonzo journihilists in war-torn countries in the '80s
... but again, it ain't the Hollywood leading man (Sam Waterson) but the sidekick Dith Pran, played by Haing S. Ngor (who had no acting experience) who steals the show. We looked him up after + he won best supporting Oscar, which coincidentally was handed to him by Linda Hunt, who had won it the year before for The Year of Living Dangerously. And although the wiki page neglects to mention it, [ ... ]

899> Caving the scroll to cyber-bowl a Himalayan miniature golf sushi strip club
... half-way through the second half, the power went out. It was kind of freaky. People didn’t know how to react. They started stomping their feet. The band started playing and the cheerleaders were doing cheers to what little light came from flashlights and emergency lights. The players were trying to get everybody to dance and be rowdy. Needless to say, we kind of snuck out. Crowds scare me. [ ... ]

898> Tributary #24: "Styx"
The voice @ the very beginning is Luigi Serafini (of Codex Seraphinianus fame) talking about the Fountain of 4 Rivers in Rome (where Gian was living when he died), followed by a sample from "The Daily Noose" off our 1st album, un (we wanted there to be a river-related snippet from Sound Furies' previous 3 albums on Tributaries) + that's Joseph Campbell @ the end saying "+ the waters flowed + [ ... ]

897> 20 interaxions @ a deli counter river-mapped 8 x 8 to a binary (Fu Xi) I Ching seekwinds
... the Fu Xi (伏羲 ) sequence 2 be a more elegant arrangement cuz it corresponds 2 a binary seekwinds (if u take yin = 0 + yang = 1). In fact, it was the Fu Xi sequence that inspired Leibniz (arguably the true father of calculus) 2 come up w/ the binary #ing scheme by which all computer technology is founded upon. The original I Ching numeric arrangement was based on the Hetu (Yellow River Map [ ... ]

896> 99 car-wrecked resolutions of marathon man before Y2K @ B + H
... worn in years. When he puts it on, a bone falls out of a crease, he doesn’t know where it came from (this much of is true, except the bone was a piece of a hangar.) His wife is a biologist and he asks her to analyze the bone for DNA. She analyzes it and finds only trace DNA that is not recognizeable as any known species. She carbon-dates it and discovers it’s 10,000 years ago. It’s a mastadon bone. [ ... ]

895> Losing the thriver meme thread 2 river change in a release psychle of living + dying in unknown landscapes
dolphin rind in skin sublime / so sue yr oats in father's suit / 4 sewing the flute, the trees, a lute, the leaves / in2 sliver linings fallen a cross the trail / peppe red in hail pink w/ blood / from pene traiting pigskin, flea-flickin' follies repsychled / back between cheeks to hike hobo tracks / we seam 2 bee letting a draft in2 / said quonset hut in Hueco Tanks goin over the beta in yr head before day brakes [ ... ]

894> Releasing a tribute to rivers, a dubble object of DADA EGGs + general Tributary liner notes
For the last Sound Furies album we posted 1 track daily for the 12 days up to its release on Xmas ǝve of 2020. For our next, Tributaries, we'll release a song a week for the next 25 weeks (in riverse order than the album) w/ accompanying liner notes hear on 5cense. Then on December 24, 2021 (our 25th anniversary) we'll release the album as a whole, as an anniversary present to our selves. [ ... ]

893> B-gin w/ earhorror 2 A-count 4 dbook DLs in a sorta dry July
After giving all dbooks away free during the pandemic, we put a paywall back up for most. We gave away well over 10,000 free dbooks during the pandemic, hear's the ruff # for sum of the books (our stats only show top 10 downloads per month, so there's probly plenty more than this): 4ier X-forms—5863 (not inklooting the 4 sub-books that went into it which also were downloaded thousands of [ ... ]

892> We were called morbid specimens müttering curiously in the magic gardens of Philly
... past the Rocky steps then back along the Schuylkill river then back thru the city center thru Rittenhouse square + then had shrimp + grits in Terminal Market + walked around there then back down to South Street (still no sign of any Zagars) + the Italian market on 9th street + little Saigon then back up, took the subway part-way back just to experience it. Our hotel has a pool (main reason we [ ... ]

891> Breaking in to show others how to escape NYC
.... squeezed thru the hole started to get bigger. We weren't so worry about the first small cubs, but they were starting to get bigger + we got worried. We started to run but then had to scamper up these cliffs that was hard to go fast + then we were climbing almost vertical + realized paying attention to the route in front of us was more important than just running blindly ahead. We downclimbed + [ ... ]

890> Meowing a dead links course to the Gowanus canal
+ then this person in a wheelchair accidentally fell into this crack between the wall + floor + fell 2-3 stories down into the luggage compartment below + our 1st reaction was great, now we're never gonna take off. They got the person quickly to a doctor + had to await status + then we were taxing across the runway + these 4 hoodlums were following beneath the plane harassing us + trying to [ ... ]

889> Dolphins, ostriches, pissing on hydrants, karmic gambling + marathon training for the book of dead
Then again, what’s the point? Who cares if people think you’re brilliant if you're dead and can't experience people’s reaction to your work, or see it in the final form. For every person that leaves a brilliant piece of art behind before they die there’s hundreds more great minds that are complacent enough that they don’t have to piss on fire hydrants. They take their works of art to the grave. [ ... ]

888> ½-red books for #888 in tribute to overflow river cultures + fixing dinner for 8 billion
A river book left in our boox that we'll keep pursuing past 50 pgs is The Golden Serpeant by Ciro Alegría. It concerns ppl living on the Río Maranon in eastern Peru where the highlands pour into the Amazon river basin, same area Herzog made Fitzcarraldo + Aguirre, the Wrath of God (both of which have a lot to say about rivers). It ain't a novel so much as intertwined vignettes about the ppl on the river [ ... ]

887> rubBEing David-Baptiste Chirot in memeorandom
... something of this porr bumbling down and outer--you know a failure o sorts--rather than seeing that to have survived at al inthe first place being cliniclly dead three times in the last six years--and wlaking about and making work and thinking and making alife--and moving foward--thats quite an acoomplishment--no matter what has happened i have kept on working--i dont think he understnd [ ... ]

886> Time-released chivas + visas w/in our ongoing mov/ideo log while maintaining 0.05%
Saw our mom for the 1st time since she died last summer. We were at her house in Mexico + these ppl were going door-to-door offering to paint houses + assign a name of a spirit animal. We said chiva (goat) but then said we better clear it w/ our mom since it was her house so we went down to this cafe where she was hanging out. She was laying on the counter cuz she was too big to sit in a chair, [ ... ]

885> Sleeping Plexus no. 6 w/ F-4 plane crashes + woodpeckers pecking our stove pipe
I tried to enjoy the circumstance, to take a step back and just be an observer, because it's not every day that you come across somebody as unkept and unhealthy as my mom. She's definitely far from ordinary. And this woman spawned me, egads! This can't be my mother. How did I turn out like I am? Anyways, she'll ramble on even if she isn't getting a response, new age mumbo jumbo drama junkie babble [ ... ]

884> June in July smelling pink papayas thinking no 1 belongs here more than U
... just when we were complaining about how the series doesn't go into the day-to-day collateral damage of the mafia (which was what made the movie so intresting), they're finally showing this sorta stuff, the consequences of organized crime on regular folk working regular jobs on the periphery. Not much else going on, starting to wrap our head around the idea of leaving for Italy in August + [ ... ]

883> Quarantine's Sanctuary (our 1st publication) U-hauling back across the states to AZ
... outer hull of the Λότκα-βολτέρρα.The barnacle hydra floated the seas in larval ontogenesis until they encountered a solid object, such as a Humpback whale or a harbor-bound oil freighter, and attached themselves, and once secured they no longer had use for their brains, their only need was to filter nutrients from the tides. Their brains atrophied and were digested for supplemental nourishment. [ ... ]

882>ctrl+V to W the 4/25 sound of sickaid-ahhs in the White-noised wing
... classic Cassavettes w/ Gena Rowlands... weird thing is Val Avery was in The Amityville Horror + we'd never seen him but were talking about how flat his character was + then he suddenly appears in Minnie and Moskowitz as a totally different character, like we'd gone down a Val Avery rabbit hole... got us to thinking it must be a thing where people watch movies consecutively w/ the same bit or [ ... ]

881> Brood X2—collecting + cooking cicadas 101
Some also say the black adults taste good, but we never tried them... seems if an adult made it to the tree and molted then it deserves to live, especially the pregnant females which some say are a delicacy. I "saved" quite a few adult cicadas that were on sidewalks or seemingly lost nowhere near a tree by putting them high up in trees, and a few (including one that hitched a ride home on my backpack) we [ ... ]

880>Foraging for a feast of Brood X magic sick-aid-ahhs
There's even a fungus that eats cicadas alive, turning them into sex-crazed zombies, 1st digesting their genitals + butt then "a behavior-altering amphetamine in the fungus takes over their brains and encourages them to ignore the fact that half their bodies are missing" + turns males into female impersonators so they can spread the fungus when other males try to hump on what's left of their fungus- [ ... ]

879> Alone in an armchair viewing Alone on the Wall + Crip Camp 2 clear the Q 4 more headroom 2 Quit
... there's nothing they can do about since it's private property. So the abandoned church has become a safe haven 4 the rats... spose that's what churches are 4. Haven't seen any cicadas yet. We saw holes in the ground that maybe they were diging in prep 4 temps 2 reach 64° + 1 night in Malcolm X park we saw dozens if not hundreds of rats, but no cicadas. Once brood X comes there'll be even more [ ... ]

878>Ice storms, covered bridges, red barns + why our 1st poem remains unpublished (NH, NYC + Vermont 1998)
... drove to Logan. Arrive at the airport at 8:30 to catch an 8:30 plane. Flight full of NYC–Boston commuter types, blue-suited yuppies like myself. Is this Derek? Dressed in a suit, "business travel"? It strikes me as odd, I'm 31, I have a normal job, people call me sir, but I still feel like a young kid. I don't feel like what my image of what an adult is from when I was a kid. Like how I looked at my dad. [ ... ]

877> A pigeon + D'J Pancake reflecting on girders + elevator shaft drops to put Residue on the street
... forever + our ears were popping + we had lots of time to ponder weather 4 floors was enough to kill us or just maim us. We hit the ground but we din't feel no pain + then next thing we knew we were laying in a hospital bed. We felt normal, but didn't want to check beneath the blankets to see if we still had legs. There were other victims there + we asked the nurse if every 1 lived + she said no [ ... ]

876>Turning 30, our 1st anniversary + going to NYC for the 1st time (Portsmouth 1997)
By the time we drove home it was midnight. When we got to our door it was bashed in. Splintered pieces hanging off the hinges. I entered cautiously in case someone was still in there. It smelled smokey. Nothing was stolen. But if it was the fire department how come there was no note? No sign of fire anywhere. And nothing missing. I'd left a rent check for $850 on the counter but it wasn't there. [ ... ]

875> 1 none alias in non-nomadland rounding-up ½-scene books + film
... like the Oscars—that they shd throw em bones for the sake of blackness—but this is the 1 year the 4 major awards were all worthy of black actors/films + this doesn't even count Steve McQueen's 5 movies that were called a series when a few of them cd of bin Oscar-winning movies in their own right. Then again, we've always thought it was silly that ppl give a fuck what the "academy" thinks. [ ... ]

874>OBJ-oriented shipping news as salt piles up in2 Opus 2 for $30k 9-to-5 (Portsmouth 9/1997)
They make these point-of-care diagnostic things for the medical industry. Plastic discs the size of CD's that had these intricate designs of capillary size channels and storage tanks. The idea being that you place a sample, such as blood into this one area. Chemical reagents or something in another. Then spin the disk around at certain speeds to have them go through certain channels and separate out and [ ... ]

873> Tribute 2 the Tyrant's tributary: liner notes + a mixtape 4 "Kanawha"
... we was gonna call the track "Styx," but we still like this idea of the river as threshold between the living + dead, land + sky. the 4-river fountain (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) is in Piazza Navonna in Rome + the Ganges + Danube are 2 of said rivers. the "spiked the font w/ your blood" line is in refrence 2 the 1st Tyrant Books release, Baby Leg by Brian Evenson, where each cover had Gian's blood on it [ ... ]

872>5-teague tearing the lack of wanderlust from the parking lot attendant's bog
we wd of ignored the signs but there were also signs saying it was a hunting area + we din't feel like being shot. welcome 2 this U.S. national seashore, where u can be a dumb-ass redneck + ride monster trucks all over the sand dunes + shoot animals, but where u can't hike or ride your bike. we rode as far as where we walked the day b4 + sat on the beach + 8 crackers + watched a pod of dolphins [ ... ]

871> Horse-out-of-H20 beach-combing trip 2 the amor4us coast weave called home 4 20+ yrs
... why is it weave bin on the east coast 4 sum 20+ yrs now + can't pronounce nothing + don't know where nothing is? we cd tell u every town along the west coast + know it like the back of our hand tho we haven't lived there since the late '80s (+ the '90s in Arizona). the coastline on the east coast seams so vague + nebulous, all the I-lands + capes + intra-coastal waterwaze. as we transcribe our [ ... ]

870> Flushing pipes, snaking drains + filtering lint from tributaries to launch Residue
... in mixing/embellishment mode. bin doing a lot of spring cleaning/maintenance, changing filters, cleaning pipes, etc. flushed out our tankless hot water heater + snaked the laun-dryer ducts of lint. got a Brita water filter, new vacuum cleaner Hepa filters, etc. halving stream of conchusness dreams lately dat are hard to pud in words cuz they don't really halve plots. weave bin sleeping w/ a river [ ... ]

869> Job/house hunting on the Piscataqua w/ no clutch to live free or die making pneumatic valves (Aug 97)
... only way to get it going again is to turn the car off, put it in gear and then start in gear, "jerk start" it. Once rolling I'm pretty good now at shifting into other gears without the clutch. I plan my routes as to avoid stoplights or stop signs, driving around blocks, but it's hard as I don't know my way around and nothing is on a grid. For now I can prolong this clutch problem by milking it with clutch fluid. [ ... ]

868> Dante's eulogy: good grief, Carlo Gian! Where's my motorino? + other elephants in the room
it's from the p.o.v. of a dying homeless guy's dawg ("Mr. Bones") + we cant help but 2 think of G + his bulldog Rufus (also a bit dis-appointed 2 not hear Wainright in the memorial mix along w/ Stevie, Nick Drake + G'n'R)... at least Gian outlived Rufus, not sure who wd of wanted 2 adopt dat stinky beast. we never met the dawg he had b4 dat (Tiberius, if we member correctly) but we used 2 hang [ ... ]

867> Long Live the Tyrant
Another classic day spent w/ Gian was walking around downtown Rome looking for his motorini that he couldn't remember where he'd parked it the night before, reminding us of how Joe Strummer went on a bender in Madrid + lost his car (as documented in I Need A Dodge), which we undoubtedly talked about as we wandered around searching as we asked G to recount the details of the night [ ... ]

866> Sole-searching for mandala #8 along the C+O toe-path beyond a shadow of a doubt
... Ghosts was on the radar of living humun entitties (or search ingenes... from the stats we see the only traffic we get from search engines is really obscure, misspellings or randum jibberish, like last month these are the only strings that led browsers to 5cense.com (w/ 1 hit each): {barberini coat, malawian young girls fuked, particlescqm, pissing kid, popes walls in rome maps, shoulderjtt + voy inch manuscript american plants} [ ... ]

865> Making The Making of Crawdaddy-O while sleeping w/ chiggers, cockroaches + bouncing paychecks
Puffy red mountain ranges that make me look like a chipmunk. Pus crystallizes to amber globules like sap. Poison ivy all over my face and arms and legs. My balls and penis itch and I don't know if it's poison ivy that seeped into my soaked jeans or remnants of the chafing crotch rot. My whole body itches and is rashy and I don't know what's what—whether it's plant, bug or sun-related. Boo-fuckin hoo [ ... ]

864> Chasing rivers in the reel-whirled round-up of cheats + departures to finish last
... we of course watched it cuz of the title, but it don't have much to do w/ a river, perhaps the guy's neck injury stems from playing dead (for a movie w/in the movie) in a stream/drainage ditch @ the beginning or maybe "river" refers to the flow of chi w/in the fucked-up charactors? Afters such a bleak, disturbing movie we needed something lighter so rewatched Dazed + Confused (for maybe the 3rd [ ... ]

863> When Marsupial was born surveying swamps w/ recovering junkies + drag queens (June '97)
This was a common occurrence. Bill showed me where the handcuffs were, if people got out of hand, they would just handcuff them to the rail up front and radio the police. One time this guy got drunk, lost all his money, got belligerent and then jumped off the boat. They couldn't find him. They called the Coast Guard and they found him still alive. They took him to shore and threw him jail. [ ... ]

862> Yung Women + Her Symbols + LDS laced bird dreams forging the phake art of deception
We got a cuddlebone + broke it in ½ + the parrot started going to town on it, chomping on the chalky yellowish marrow in the middle. The parrot said "that's just what i needed". They ate the cuddlebone + was then able to fly. They flew over to a plate + scratched their beak on it + we tried to ask what they were looking for, "water? Something to file your beak down? We thought that's what cuddle- [ ... ]

861> Jay 11v q11v a stranger to myself crossing the Mississippi west-to-east to make a living in Savannah (May 1997)
Some special coating that makes a bad paint job look new (made of sea urchins amongst other things). She had me bring my car around the back. I couldn't take any of this seriously, but what the hell, I drove all the way to Atlanta and it's not like I cared if she ruined my paint job cuz it was already ruined. She buffed just a part of it (at this point I'm wondering if this is a scam to get people to do this [ ... ]

860> Shaving the back of a Hyperallergic mixtape economy of words
... we used to do w/ cassettes in the 80s (another thing the aforementioned documentary din't mention, the whole culture of DiY 4-track musicians exchanging cassettes, nor did they go into the bootleg culture wich was only possible cuz of cassette recorders... tho obviously any 1 can record anything now so ain't a big deal). Here's our usual "economy of words" chart for the sake of fool disclosure [ ... ]

859> Tao te Lin of a psychedelic trip to Egypt (a psychogeographic history of drug use)
... "Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around" + then in 2011 in our post about The Voynich Manuscript (a.k.a. MS 408) we were watching a youtube video where McKenna said he learned of MS 408 from Ralph Abraham, who was 1 of our mentors/ math professors at UCSC + come to think of it perhaps we crossed paths w/ McKenna back then as our fhesis at UCSC was on [ ... ]

858> Jab #1 + a Pontypool launch party for The Journal of Petromelum Officials in Boryslav
Had to wait (inside) like 30 minutes in line w/ a bunch of covidiots wearing their masks like chinstraps + standing a foot away. We were dubble-masked w/ cloth over a N95 + tried to stand there breathing as least as possible... ironic that the riskiest thing we've done all year was go to the hospital to get immunized. "How'd u get covid? Going to get our covid vaccination." Walked back along the canal [ ... ]

857> Anatomy lesson navigating the senses the month our brother died + we split to the east coast
... uncles are married to 2 women who are sisters, that kind of thing. Men talk about fishing and trucks, women in the kitchen making potato salad and pumpkin pie. We had to wait for the tide to go down completely before we could go clamming. There was this sand bar normally covered with 5 or 10 feet of water, but the water was rushing out of the sound, leaving it exposed. We waded out [ ... ]

856> I uɐ ɹou pɐǝɥ s'uᴉǝʇSuᴉǝ ɟo ½ ʇɟǝl ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇno/uᴉ suoʇʇnq ɹǝpuǝʇ ʇǝƃ ʇ'uɐɔ llᴉʇs ɯ'I
Just goes to show there's no point in doing nothing xcept being yourself + njoying the ride. Nothing can change the coarse of humanity so mayas well rise above + bee post-humun. No 1 can even trust what's going on in their one heads cuz a lot of it is stories we tell ourselves (fed by the media) to cope w/ this reality, cuz otherwise it's all 2 overwhelming for any 1 brain to comperhend. [ ... ]

855> Can't get Swope's ax out of my head + a supposedly fun book roundup for February
... when it was okay to be ridiculously politically incorrect. Guess we're on a bit of a Black History Month roll here, as the 2nd epsiode of Can't Get You Out of my Head focuses largely on Michael X (Abdul Malik) + Afeni Shakur. We're only 2 episodes in but reconfirms our thinking that u can learn more about humanity (post WWII) watching Adam Curtis then watching/reading anything else. [ ... ]

854> Hale-Bopp, malachite + albino burros filling our socks w/ soil in the mes before Chaulky died (Mar '97)
It was all wrapped up between two strands of barbed wire it was trying to jump through. It's front feet were hanging to the ground and there was a bare spot where it had been hoofing at the ground for what seemed like days. But that split second when I realized it was alive, this deer hanging there in a state of defeat, I'd give anything to know what was going through that deer's mind. Completely [ ... ]

853> A codamundi ate our Adobe dogument in D♭ miner is a story we tell ourselves to reconcile th past
Din't help our case when we said we were just typing in a document when it crashed, cuz obviously what we're doing is not exactly normal usage. We sent him the corrupt file (or rather he sent it to himself since he was still driving our computer) to see if his "technical team" could salvage the file + said he would email it back to us if he did. This was around 10 pm last night. We woke up at 1 a.m. [ ... ]

852> Covid-California dreaming of cabin fever, brain fog + another shitty east coast winter
She told us we'd like this guy, that he used to be in Kiss + our bedder-½ said which 1 + started to get into a conversation trying to figure out which 1 not by their name (Gene Simmons was the only name we knew) or instrawment they playd but by what kind of facepaint they wore, like, "the guy w/ th star over his eye?" This Kiss guy walks in + he's handsome + polite + it's weird to see him w/o his [ ... ]

851> Ranch of the French Repression, meteorites, X-files, The Thing? + other border-X-ings into no-man's land
Unlike our hosts, these were not friendly natives. As I approached the main house a young man reached for his machete, almost like they'd never had visitors there. Sure it doesn't help that I have a dark blue Trooper that looks like DEA or Federales. I told him what I was doing and asked for permission to sample on the property while he stood there fondling the blade of his recently sharpened [ ... ]

850> Trip log + analog moving images of our mother the fish before + after the honeymoon
... our memary of curtain events are informed (or @ least was reinforced) by watching these films. Crazy to think of all the millions of mom ents that slip by unremembered if they weren't captured + how randumb life kin be. Also crazy to think of mother as an individual before we were born, what she was like + how halving us changed her. Consider this clip of her paddling around in a pool [ ... ]

849> Olympic bush-whacking + wallpapering our walls w/ rejection + dead valves after the honeymoon (Jan 1997)
Rejection after rejection in both job-hunting and writing. And the bills are piling up, my printer cartridges go out or I run out of paper and can't afford to be sending out writings. The car's busted, that's still in the shop. We have to cab it to get groceries. Groceries go on credit. We walk miles to the movies and see lower-priced matinees and then sneak into another to get our money's worth. [ ... ]

848> I©oniɔ ɔulling of musiɔ from sɔenes of war (a nighthood ɔuring snake-dzzz from beds of our bedder-½)
.../sounds 2 use as starting points 4 new toons. Unlike the early sampling ©ontroversies that artists like Publick Anemone faced (where 1 sampled from tapes or vinyl) w/ digital sampling u can manipulate sound bites 2 the point where they ɔan never be IDentified + u can alter the pitch + BPM 2 fit whatever you're doing. Is this braking ©opyright laws? U tell us, butt 1st u gotta simple this, my bitpull. [ ... ]

847> Gaudí-tiled sky i-lands rapped in blackened butternut + riot grrrl barbed-wire
But to her involved in that scene, to any 1 immersed in any scene, u can understand why that scene is naturally what's most important. There's a certain communal aspect to music that goes beyond just those making the music to all the listeners + fans involved. Making music now as Sound Furies we don't belong to any scene w/ no fans so can understand why no 1 else is intrested in our music [ ... ]

846> Use or lose Mg dreams of corona mandala tattoos + the finite jest of culling the slush pile
We were waiting for the tattoo artist in ½-broken lounge chairs on the street + trying to figure out where the tattoo would go... we was thinking the upper arm but didn't know which + in the end desided our right sholder (the spot where u get shots (relevant cuz the mandala design sort of looked like a corona virus)). We aksed these strangers we were with where they were moving to + they didn't [ ... ]

845> 2020+ ≠ 404: subconchus sub-missions to let sleeping fish lie
Bin submitting excerpts from Residue to various magazines/journals... it's bin a long time since we've submitted anything, surprizing (or maybe not) how many zines/journals have gone under after 1 or 2 issues, how many of our old bookmarks give us a 404 error. We've been so out of touch w/ the lit world, specially not being on social media. Speaking of submissions, we opened up subs for Sleeping [ ... ]

844> 8½ residuals of a kajillion from a crocodile-infested swamp searching for covid advice
... they were saying we could just go to nofeeadvice.com so we were trying to get away from them acting like we knew what we were doing. We found a quiet piazza + sat down at an empty outdoor table figuring we cd just google the information but then more sketchy types kept coming up to us. This 1 guy attached himself to us w/ this string + tried to act like it was accident. We ran thru this market [ ... ]

843> Residue of riding unicycles w/ baked slutty Norma the talking gorilla
We were the 1st participant that showed up for a bicycle race + started to take a spot in the corner, trying to figure out how we would ride the race inside this small apartment. Evidently u were sposed to lift the front wheel up + ride vertically against the wall + it seemed easiest in the corner. Then this French girl decked out in flashy biker gear w/ a nice bike shows up + we told her she could have this prime [ ... ]

842> Long Day's Journey into Night of residual language acquisition in REM/ROM isolation
We were on a boat last night + started to see all sorts of wildlife: dolphins, white beluga whales, ducks, penguins + then we saw a goose w/ markings that looked Aztec but on closer inspection the markings spelled out: "I've seen this happen in other people's lives + now it's happening in mine". Sum 1 in the group joked that Morissey ripped this bird off... "guess he figured nobody would come up to [ ... ]

841> Red doc> corona score of formation to inform our residual diet
it's about these robots that take care of humuns cuz we've ruined the planit + the fat humuns just lay about in souped out lay-Z boy chairs having machines take care of their every bodily need, so it seemed an apt movie in current times. [...] The only thing is she looks nice the whole film, her hair clean + combed, but meanwhile the state of her apartment is going to pot w/ dead skinned rabbits laying [ ... ]

840> Posthumous Rorschach Residues of zen weeping elephants on the Richter scale
He had 52 of them actually (made during covid self-isolation) + it occurred to us we had ~50 dreams in 2020 so we're pairing them up w/ his images, both in chronological order as a sort of record of what covid, Trump + all this other craziness has done to our collective unconscious in 2020. Some of the dreams don't need much alteration, others we have to flesh out/massage to match the images + [ ... ]

839> SVSS AM shift "to PDX 2 weeks then WTF, then quit"(from flight logs of our father)
.... on his lap + he let us take the wheel to fly around Haystack rock (or maybe this is a story we told ourself) + another time he did the upsie-downsies + it made us throw up... seems even way back when we was a kid we had issues w/ our ears + motion sickness, definitely didn't inherit our father's ears, tho like having your own private island it would be cool to have a plane + fly yourself around. [ ... ]

838> In between the dada$tringed lines + behind the scenes of Mess + the oily film on the Potomac river
1). D seems to be the key our bedder-½ is most comfortable singing in, 2) our harmonica is in the key of D minor (we also tuned our Turkish drum we bought recently to D) + 3) this tuning makes it easy to play D minor pentatonic (D-F-G-A-C-D) + D aeolian (D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D) chords/progressions more naturally... not that we know shit about music theory but when we fuck around plucking [ ... ]

837> Welcome to the rivery jungle, moving pictures + the ever-ch-ch-changing water way of 2021
We talk plenty about books + music on 5cense-cum-The Daily Noose-cum-Life in the Blog of Ghosts, but we decided going forward into 2021 we're gonna try to keep track of the movies we watch cuz it's such a big part of what we do now... in lieu of travelling, eating out + all the regular things we all used to do pre-2020 we can just vicariously live life thru film. So we've created this viewing log that also [ ... ]
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